December 2021 MSOP Meeting Minutes

AFSCME MSOP Labor Management

December 9, 2021

Human Resources Room/Conference



Attendance: Adam Castle, Eric Hesse, Ryan Cates, Nick Weerts, Jamie Schwartz, Michelle Sexe, Steve Wilking, Bonnie Wold, Alli Kuhlman, Michelle Breamer, Troy Sherwood, Paul Rodriguez, Scott Halverson, Annie Jakacki


Follow Up Items

  1. 1.      OT Numbers Operations: 1st watch – 14 staff inversed from 3rd watch – 57.25 hours. (265.5 OT hours)

2nd watch – 26 staff inversed from 1st watch – 51.25 hours. (135.85 OT hours)  

3rd watch – 20 staff inversed from 2nd watch – 80.5 hours. (370.20 OT hours)

Inverse Numbers: 67 overtime hours for health services and no inverses

  1. 2.      Time Book Training: Alli-I will put the holiday cheat sheet on the SharePoint. I have been working on pay codes and what to use them for to provide clarity. I will send that out to the union to review. Eric-Is it possible to put that out once a year? Alli-Yes.
  2. 3.      Different Classifications Taking OT at Point of Inverse: Bonnie-I gave you a draft of the copy, review that. Met with Paul and Brenda and we are ready to go. Clinical staff meet with their supervisor before doing this. If its good to go, we can draft it up.
  3. 4.      Contact Numbers for HR: Eric-We asked about placing it in an auto reply. Alli-There have been issues with IT. We have a document put together. We just had a new staff start who will assist with MSOP. Waiting on her information from IT. Expect to see the document on SharePoint soon. The information will be on the reply email as well.
  4. 5.      OT Bonus for Security Counselors: Paul-We discussed it with management and not at this time. The draft you just got impacts it. looking at the cost over time as well. Making sure we don’t set a precedent as well. Eric-In order to do this, we need an MOU and there is blow up language if you want to do this short term.
  5. 6.      Local Hospital Coverage: Eric-Discussed changing the process to help inversing. Bonnie-Tim isn’t here today and he and Tim are working on. Follow up next month.

Management Agenda Items

  1. 1.      COVID Screening Expectations: Bonnie-Reminder to stay home if you have symptoms, not having sick leave isn’t a good reason to not stay home. Folks should be familiar with the process. Bonnie-Stay home if you have symptoms, if you fall withing the guidelines for covid leave, you will be covered. Jamie-There are people that test negative but have symptoms. Bonnie-If they turn out to not have covid but don’t have the leave, they can be reprimanded. Eric-There is a covid protection leave that covers that. Alli-Under osha there is coverage for seeking testing and if symptomatic. While you are seeking testing. Steve-But still sick and showing symptoms, you don’t fall under that. Bonnie-You then have to contact leave management but won’t get paid. It would protect you from being reprimanded. Steve-When tested and negative, you work with leave management if you don’t have sick leave. You may be protected.
  2. 2.      Paul-Green acres north is closer. Still running through list of punch items. Early next year. We will have a command post to move clients. We will then prepare for bartlett expansion next year. There is a tentative date but I want to be careful not to announce too early. Eric-Within enough time to give staff notice? Paul-That is not my plan. Sexe-We have all staff hired except for one. The lead is getting everything ready right now. Eric-Is there a plan for moose lake transfer? Bonnie-No. Paul-We want to make sure we have enough clinical staff. We have some applicants right now.


AFSCME Agenda Items

  1. 1.      Vaccine Mandate/Boosters: Eric-Any information about boosters needed to be considered vaccinated? Paul-Haven’t heard anything on that.
  2. 2.      Potential Exposure Notifications on MSOP Homepage: Eric-Staff asking why this has changed with the  notifications. Bonnie-Low risk only. High risk is the same. This is just general low risk. Ryan-Is it possible to put in there if you yourself have been exposed, you will be contacted personally? Bonnie-Michelle, can you take that back to Nikki? Michelle B-Yes.
  3. 3.      New Chairs for Officers/Workstations: Eric-There are a lot of broken chairs, don’t lock for support, etc. Troy-I will work with Marie and do a walk through of what we need. Nick-We had some under warranty that maintenance came to replace. Bonnie-Office chairs are on a schedule for replacement because they are expensive. We can also replace individual parts. Eric-Look at HIMS offices as well.
  4. 4.      CPS Nursing After Hours: Eric-There was a plan that was on hold. Michelle-We have met and will continue with nursing in the perimeter responding to ICSs. We reached out to A team and we will do triage training for A team so as we progress, that will look the same as in the community. Michelle S-There is a work group looking at how our clients can be more independent. We don’t have a home care at home. If you had to pay, where would you go. Nick-Unit staff calls moose lake on call? Staff would be uncomfortable doing that. More of an OD or supervisor thing. Sexe-Yes, and that has been fixed. Eric-what would the training entail? They have a full day already. Michelle-We haven’t talked about what the training would look like. Just looking at super basic things. Not breathing, or is it stomach pains, or other minor things that can wait. Red, yellow, green type thing. Eric-would a team be qualified to make the decision? Michelle B-That’s kind of what we are looking at. Bonnie-They are the first responders and don’t go outside their scope. Here is X,Y,Z. Just outlining it. Supervisors will be involved. Eric-Seems like you are asking SCs to make assessments that we aren’t qualified to do. Paul-Its such an early stage that we can’t even say that right now. That was at the last meeting so we can revisit this. Bonnie-Chris is very involved so he can advocate for them as well.
  5. 5.      Non-Disposable Items in Food Trays: Ryan-Kitchen workers are no longer using reusable items. Bonnie-It’s a supply issue, we can’t get paper products right now. Hopefully its temporary.
  6. 6.      Quarantine Procedures: Eric- changes and why or with what happened on Friday when the roommate was taken but unit wasn’t quarantined and allowed to move around the facility. Bonnie-I asked Dr. Barry. Michelle B-It hasn’t changed but this is different now because the vaccination rates are higher and instances are lower. Dr. Barry said that if there is a 2nd case, the unit would be quarantined. Its individualized. Eric-How many were vaccinated during the last outbreak? Bonnie-That is what helped us make the decision with the symptoms. This wasn’t covid related. Eric-Better safe than sorry. Safer to at least quarantine until you get the results? Michelle B-I can’t speak to what Dr. Barry said but we have locked them up for so long that we are looking at their overall health. Eric-no regard to staff health? Michelle B-absolutely, we provide what is needed to stay safe. Steve-If I were to call CDC and MDH, we don’t know if this is singular. When quarantining or isolating, you don’t know the spread. Michelle B-Only the one client was showing symptoms. We do a check of every other client on the unit and no other clients has shown symptoms. Eric-Before it was automatic quarantine. Bonnie-She mentioned the high rate of vaccination and the booster. Michelle B-compare it to public schools if there is a positive student, it isn’t quarantined and they don’t shut down the school. Eric-That isn’t congregated living.
  7. 7.      Bumping to Nights Notification: Eric-are we not giving 28-day notices anymore? Alli-I think so, was someone not given it? We can follow up on that. Eric-Will they get overtime then? They were bumped yesterday. Alli-We would look back to see if it meets the contract. Bonnie-We will look into it. Eric-Let me know on the follow up. Alli-We will have another bump coming up too.


Adjourned at 1240pm