December 2021 CBHH/CARE Meeting Minutes

Mental Health & Substance Abuse Treatment Services (MHSATS)

 CARE-St. Peter and CBHH-Rochester

AFSCME Labor/Management Meeting


Virtual Meeting Location: Microsoft Teams


Thursday, December 23, 2021 --- 1:30pm – 2:30pm




  1. Introductions if applicable


  1. Reports
  • Overtime
  • Vacancies


  1. Management/Program updates
  • CARE St. Peter – Christina Anderley or designee
  • CBHH Rochester – Jim Pierce or designee


  1. Labor questions and updates
  • Old Business
    • New supplemental contract language- How is the $50 bonus going? Are more staff volunteering for OT?

-          Ryan: Wondering if we have any takers helping with voluntary language vs. inversing?

-          Misten – AFSCME wise, they pick it up and they had been prior, less frequent, one area that we are ok for our staffing numbers, I know they appreciate it. Christina- AFSCME staff were aware of the bonus before we were so we muddled through it the first pay period, but worked through it.

-          Ryan – thank you for the responses.

  • New Business
    • Covid Issues- PPE/eye protection. What are options for eye protection? What are the requirements for our members to wear PPE?

-          Ryan – are you looking for more options?

-          Christina – we have a variety of options – homemade with foam from a year ago, face shields and then the actual goggles, currently have the option, unless doing wound care – goggles. Glasses – just ran out and are reordering.

-          Jim – about the same, no issues of supply. Marshall sent a memo.

-          Liz – email communications between AFSCME and executive leadership to clarify initial questions that can also be referenced.

-          Ryan – new at Forensics, just thought I’d ask since so we know. Are staff able to bring their own or does the state have to supply?

-          Liz – Marshall’s memo did indicate it has to be state provided eye protection.

-          Jim – side shields… staff that wears glasses, but need to wear the approved googles that go over the glasses, required to wear them. Going to see that from some members, they think it meets, we have to be consistent across the board.

-          Ryan – wanted to make sure we know what the expectations were.

    • Staffing-

-          CBHH- What is the staffing situation. What is being done to improve staffing? What can be done to retain staff?

  • Heather – we are keeping our census at 11, cap is 13, and people are roster adjusting if they want. I requested volunteers to cover the shift. Or they are doing the call outs or the over time. We have a MHPA starting January 5th. And another starting after that.
  • Judith – how many contract people are coming in?
  • Heather – I asked if we could get two HST/CNAs through the contract, but I haven’t gotten anyone yet.
  • Judith – are we posting those positions?
  • Jim – all our vacant positions are posted. Using our external postings to fill multiple vacancies. Very difficult to get any candidates.

-          CARE- How serious is the staffing shortage? What can be done to retain the staff that are currently working at CARE St. Peter?

  • Ryan – anything being done to entice people to come into the door.
  • Liz – HR has developed recruiting plans to try to advertise and get applicants, HR has been strategically developing resources to have dedicated work towards recruitment as well. Pam Bajeri, former MHSATS Nurse Executive is also working with HR for nursing specific recruitment, and a career event for CARE St. Peter is being planned.
  • Ryan – retention incentives for those still working?
  • Liz – That is being managed at the DCT Executive level, I know leadership is reviewing to see what can be done. Also aware that AFSCME has requested for CARE St. Peter specifically, what retention incentives can be shared with staff currently staying with and working there during this staff shortage and Management is working on that.
  • Ryan – for Care St. Peter specifically – how serious is it?
  • Christina – critical shortage, looking for staff that are willing to reassign. Only have 1 RN currently. AFSCME staff are looking ok, been able to fill vacancies.
  • Ryan – mass leaving of nurses?
  • Christina - We haven’t been able to fill our vacancies that we’ve had for several months.
  1. Wrap up and miscellaneous
  • Next meeting scheduled: February 24, 2022