December 2019 MSOP Meet and Confer

AFSCME MSOP Labor Management

December 12, 2019

Human Resources Room



Attendance: Adam Castle, Molly Kennedy, Jamie Sheppard, Eric Hesse, Tim Lokensgard, Bonnie Wold, Michelle Sexe, Michelle Breamer, Paul Rodriguez, Troy Sherwood, Ryan Kern



  1. 1.      Follow Up Items
    1. A.     Inverse Numbers- Tim L-21 staff for 1st watch to 2nd 72.63 hours. 29 staff from 2nd to 3rd for 79.75 hours. 6 staff from 3rd for 34.5 hours.
    2. Overtime Numbers- Inverses for 186.88 hours. November 1461.25 total overtime hours. 12% of overtime were inverses.
    3. 2.      AFSCME included in MNA Contract-Hesse-Ryan-Denise was not present due to weather. I have no information. I will leave Denise a reminder.
    4. 3.      Atlas App-Tim L-No updates at this time.
    5. 4.      Payroll Code for new IOD hospital language-Hesse-Denise was going to look into it. Ryan-I will leave her a note.



New AFSCME Items

  1. 1.      Decision with wanted new positions-Bonnie-we don’t have any dates. Have not had a meeting with that group where we go over positions. Paul-had one last week. Not any discussion related to CPS. Hesse-was an open position that could have been appropriated. Tim-Not going to slide counselors into any WTA spots like we discussed. Not willing to allocate SCs into other positions. We would let you know if we were.
  2. 2.      2020 Legislative Agenda-Hesse-assuming bonding will be a big topic. Can we get a meeting set up to have all ducks in a row to lobby? So we can have all of the information. Meeting with crystal, Ryan and myself. First week of February for afscme. Paul-I can follow up so I can figure out how to do this. Tim-bonding is number one. Molly-what building? Paul-finish sunrise with magnolia room. Northern vocational of green acres between those for 50 beds. Michelle-area where health services too. Hesse-meet before February.
  3. 3.      Control Center shortage of trained staff-Hesse-3rd watch we have a lot of coverage from units. We have consistency on units so it should be applied this way as well. We don’t advertise like we do for a team. Tim-I will talk to DeAtley about it. We pull from utility post a lot. They get pulled but we will work on that. Hesse-if you could look at those people that got hired and are close. Hesse-bring incentives back for lead scores could help with volunteering. Bonnie-any ideas? Molly-somewhere in the middle would be good. Bonnie-if you have ideas, shoot them to me. Molly-when is next leveling? Troy-waiting on a list. We would love to work with you on that. Molly-let’s do it.

Management Agenda Items

  1. 1.      CPS Staff uniform Allotment-Paul-The allotment will be going up to 300 for CPS. Supposed to go to 300 when the new policy comes out. Michelle-you are allowed to use pants and shoes when covering CPS also. Paul-no date when this will happen but it will.
  2. 2.      Annual symptom screen for employees with a history of positive TB tests-Michelle-changed this year so we don’t do skin or symptom screening except for those who have a history of positive tests. We do blood tests for new staff. There is a link on the homepage as well. The responsibility is on the staff to do this.

Add Ons

Molly-is it an option to fax paper work on emergency medical trips? Jaime- I was told crew was waiting on the paperwork. Michelle-I will talk to rivers edge and see what they want to do but yeah, in the community that works. I will look into it.


Adjourned at 1220pm


See TB Test Form  Below