December 2018 MSOP Meeting Minutes

AFSCME MSOP Labor Management

December 13th 2018

Pexton 200



Attendance: Adam Castle, Ryan Cates, Eric Hesse, Jamie Sheppard, Molly Kennedy, Michelle Sexe, Troy Sherwood, Paul Rodriguez, Bonnie Wold, Michelle Breamer, Denise Considine, Andrew Cole



  1. 1.      Follow Up Items
    1. A.     OT/Inverse Numbers- Bonnie 10/31-12/3 2nd watch 7 staff for 18.75 hours. 3rd   3 for 23.125 hours. 1st watch 20 staff for 61 hours. 174 ¾ overall.
    2. B.      Spiritual Services-Troy-With the facilitators schedule being set. We have to stay with what we have. Staff should radio out for resources if more staff are needed.


New AFSCME Items

  1. 1.      CPS Staffing-Molly-3rd watch had meting that they are spread thin with the minimums. I have been emailed the hours of which they are alone. Mostly at peak times. I told them to let me know when times are uncomfortable. Michelle-Lanin is meeting with Quay about having a work group. Hesse-you are pulling from Tomlinson, outings, Etc. so it’s leaving them short. It leaves them alone for hours. Seems that after we had this conversation. Michelle-so staff that aren’t on outings are part of the 6. We moved Tomlinson around. We can go to staff and say we are just spread thin. Molly has information and we can use that. Paul-but we will look at it with your numbers.
  2. 2.      Reducing Staffing and Training-Hesse-with AP restructure training it was brought up we want everyone in there. So units were encouraged to leave the units at 1. We could have had a pool for that. Jamie-there were a lot of extra staff. Molly-so they were having multiple people go at once. Troy-they has been a large push to get this training in. we are through that and we have 80 people left and Eric will coordinate that. We can have him work with the OD how to shuffle that.
  3. 3.      Loudermill Hearings-Hesse-recently with loudermill hearing we were told we don’t need to be notified of the result. We were always notified. In this case there wasn’t but we would like one. Molly-I have been talking to Andrew and Melissa. By contract they had said they don’t need to give us one. If we don’t get notified how do we get the outcome? Hesse-we wouldn’t know if we need to grieve. Denise-we have been telling people it needs to be verbal after the meeting and if there is more it needs to be sent out. Bonnie-The purpose of a loudermill. Until that time I’m not sure the staff knows the purpose of it. It’s to bring up any new information that wasn’t brought up in the investigation. Denise-anything that could change the outcome. Cates-we don’t know the investigation reports about what was in it. Denise-he or she would know what they said or have anything else. Cates-It’s their process. Bonnie-I’m not saying they can’t have it but just saying I’m not sure if they know the purpose of it. Molly-a lot of people think too they have the opportunity to talk about it, they may be able to articulate better about what happened. They might think that denying a loudermill may feel disrespected if they don’t go. Bonnie-I’m just asking to better educate the employee before they get there. Denise-it’s for new information and usually have a union rep. just ahead of time say this is what happens. We go over the process too when they get there.
  4. 4.      Lead List-Hesse-does this follow under the routine service? Supposed to be state seniority. Someone didn’t get the lead spot because it was given by class. But if its routine service promotion and not interviewing for it, it goes by state. Bonnie-afscme fought for the class. Molly-we are saying to shuffle it out before it gets to that point. Denise-is it class or state? It would be by state under that. Michelle-this happened a lot in the past and this was an issue. Bonnie-historically it has been class. Historically, the understanding on the campus has gone by class. That is a question for Mel. Michelle-there was a time we did go by state. Hesse-creates an issue when someone looks for the contract. Denise-reading supplemental on seniority will go by class. Denise-historically class seniority.
  5. 5.      SVN Procedures-Hesse-some ODs are giving mid shift SNV without going through random because they feel bad for them because they never get it. Should be done equally amongst everyone. Molly-just pool them together with the correct shift.
  6. 6.       AP Program Restructure/Weekend Groups-Hesse-Staff members said there may be weekend groups by counselors. Troy-there has to be a clinician for treatment hours so no, that isn’t happening on weekends. It’s going to be more of what’s happening in the facility for the day. During the week there will always be a clinician for these except Thursdays. Nothing on weekends. I can’t say never but not for now.
  7. 7.      Staff Outcomes Discussed at TC Groups-Hesse-during TC group, 1 west clientele were told the 3 non certs were fired. Clients were asking about it. When one of the staff got back.  A client went up to the staff and said “how did you get your job back? Maybe just go back to operations, clinical, and supervisors not to allow this information out. Troy-yeah, we can do that
  8. 8.      Physical plant merger catalyst-Bonnie-There will be a home page announcement for DCT. Not a lot of info but they did push back the roll out date because there was a lot involved. Date is TBD. Denise-we don’t know why. A lot of things went DCT wide instead of each facility. We were just told this is going to happen. Hesse-this is unique because we have different policies and procedure at two places on this campus. Bonnie-we do have a small group of expertise here but also have plumbers that are shared already. Hesse-GMW, ESS will still be required to use uniform? Bonnie-No, so if they want to wear what they had, they can. Maybe that will change though. Hi Vis will stay but for trades I don’t know. Denise-if you have questions, get them to us and we can get them forwarded on how this will work. This is because it is unique here. Hesse-extra training? Bonnie-yes. Hesse-is it because of the budget? Bonnie-No, it’s more efficient
  9. 9.      Warehouse merging-Bonnie-with the merger of the plant. Patty was asked if you want to stay or not. She took GMWs. That left warehouse needing supervision. We had a meeting with Carol and Scott and they support that. Trying to figure out logistics and finances. Molly-also the corrections and retirement issues. Bonnie-these are things we have to figure out but titles isn’t something we want to change. There are a lot of things to sort out and we don’t know when it will happen.
  10. 10.  Visit Hours-Hesse-Apparently they were changed to start at noon. But they come in at noon so there isn’t time to get their things. Troy-could have been an oversight. We will look at that. Bonnie-people that don’t need supervision is until 9 but I will look at that. Hesse-830 is kind of close for staff that work until 830. Bonnie-we will look at that. Hesse-apparently the website isn’t accurate as far as times and tiers. (Bonnie wrote this down) Jamie-Also the HR site isn’t linking correctly for the retirement links. Denise-ill follow up

Management Agenda Items

  1. 1.      Mantoux Readings need to be completed-Bonnie-this one staff will be locked out on Friday if they don’t get it. Can’t work tomorrow because if it’s given today, he can’t have it read until Sunday.

Adjourned at 1235pm