CBHH/CARE October 2021 Meeting Minutes

CBHH/ CARE Labor/Management Meeting

October 28, 2021 130PM



Attendance: Adam Castle, Eric Manriquez, Steve Wilking, Ryan Cates, Judy Ehrman, Brooke Newfield, Jim Pierce, Heather Tucky, Christina Anderly, Bill Copf, Misten Helleckson



  1. Overtime: CARE Counselors 322 hours. Housekeeping/GMW 21 hours. LPN 36.9 hours.
  2. Vacancies

Management/Program Updates

  1. CARE St. Peter: AFSCME positions have been posted, they are new. They closed recently and are waiting to get the list of applicants.
  2. CBHH Rochester: Jim-Joint commission survey will be soon, within the next couple of weeks. We have vacancies that we are trying to fill for AFSCME. HSTs mostly. Working on getting requests for postings to get them filled.

Labor Questions and Updates


Old Business


New Business

  1. Masking Requirements and Consequences for Not wearing correctly: Ryan-There was a report that staff would be reported if they are near a VA for maltreatment if patient gets COVID. Fred-Follow up email said there is still a process to see if maltreatment has occurred. I am not seeing it as a threat. We are mandated to determine if there was maltreatment. Ryan-DCTs own cbt says the masks don’t stop the spread of a virus so how can you say it does. Brooke-we have to go back to see what the CBT says. Ryan-We looked at it in FMHP and it does say that. Judy-It reduces the chances, but it isn’t an N95 respirator. Fred-We are taking several precautions. Ryan-To say where someone got covid is difficult to do so we don’t support blaming our staff. Fred-Doing a report doesn’t point blame, it isn’t our job to determine it. Just to report it.
  2. New supplemental Contract Language, $50 OT Bonus: Ryan-Contract language goes into effect. Want to make sure it will be happening. When will it go into effect for you guys? It happened with MSOP and FMHP already. Fred-Just got confirmation today. Brooke-We did, the language was ratified, and all job classes added will be eligible. HST LPN, MPAs and FSSS. We will wait for the communication, but we assume it goes into effect soon.
  3. OT Offering Process: Ryan-As a reminder, whatever process you are using, it needs to be done by seniority in care and cbhh.
  4. HUC Position: Jim-Leadership has approved to create it. Worked to get a PCN. Reclassification of HST that is vacant. 2nd Quarter fill. I need to create the 1768 and get to HR. It’s a reclass then has to go through an audit. Then to staffing specialist to post it. Judy-Continue to use the HUC? Jim-We will continue to do what we are doing. Any concern or issues, go to the supervisor on that. Steve-Did you have a description already done for the HUC? Jim-There isn’t an actual description created but I do have the OASI unit secretary from AMRTC to modify for CBHH use.
  5. What is nursing positions looking like?: Misten-We have had some issues happen which has affected our ability to have sufficient staff. We are working to fill vacancies that we have. We have one starting mid-November and more postings out. Inversing and overtime, they do tend to work well. We have been looking into agency nursing. Also reached out to forensic nurses to see if we can utilize them until north campus opens and that is not going to happen. We are trying but run into dead ends. Fred-The recruiting process is getting slower because we aren’t getting applicants right now. Even in metro areas, we are seeing decline. Misten-We also have recruiters to work on filling these. Steve-Is there anything you are looking at for recruitment and retention? In this area, other employers are catching up to our pay scale. You may start having a retention issue soon. Any other incentives being discussed? Misten-There is conversation above my head. We were looking at recruitment incentives in contract and the 50-dollar bonuses. That is as much as I know. Jim-In Rochester, major employers are looking at retention bonuses and recruiting bonuses. The federal prison is relaxing its requirements related to what they can award for accrual rates for vacation. Nurses can come in at a higher accrual rate and recruiting bonus. Then become eligible for retention bonus. Misten-This is everywhere, and we are working on these, but I don’t know where its all at. You can get adjustments to accrual rate by providing information to HR about previous experience. Southern would work with Liz Trandum for vacation accrual. Steve-If we don’t get ahead of this, we will have a much bigger problem down the line.


Wrap Up and Miscellaneous

  1. Next Meeting Scheduled December 23rd 2021

Adjourned at 2PM