CBHH/CARE Meet and Confer 2.23.23

Mental Health & Substance Abuse Treatment Services (MHSATS)

 CARE-St. Peter and CBHH-Rochester

AFSCME Labor/Management Meeting


Virtual Meeting Location: Microsoft Teams and Labor will attend CBHH Rochester


Thursday, February 23, 2023 --- 1:30pm – 2:30pm




  1. Introductions if applicable


  1. Reports
  • Overtime
  • Vacancies


  1. Management/Program updates
  • CARE St. Peter – Naomi Ochsendorf or designee
  • CBHH Rochester – Jim Pierce or designee


  1. Labor questions and updates
  • Old Business
    • CARE St. Peter
    • CBHH Rochester


  • New Business
    • CARE St. Peter

-          NEO

-          Distribution of Pay Codes

-          Staffing

    • CBHH Rochester

-          Schedule

  • Mutual exchange-Labor would like to make sure that mutuals are going thru atlas because it has the appearance that members are scheduling themselves for the shifts that they want. Management has been approving/denying mutuals with a paper copy of the mutual when atlas isn’t working properly. Labor is getting reports that it appears that mutual exchanging shifts has the appearance of self-scheduling and request that management clean up the process so that it no longer has that appearance.  
  • Offering time off by seniority and offering available shifts to part time employees by seniority- Labor asked for clarification on how the overtime is getting distributed and told management that the part time people should get offered the extra hours until they reach the 40 hours a week straight time and then it should be done by seniority once everyone is at fulltime hour status.   Any extra hours past the 40 hours are offered by seniority at time and a half.

-          Update on training- Labor asked for clarification on what the MHPA’s responsibilities are and if they are interchangeable with HST’s for inversing purposes.  Management said they are interchangeable.

-          New Employee Orientation-Union brought up that they have the right to talk to new employees contractually.  HR hasn’t gotten any update from learning and development since the last meeting but will do some following up on the discussion.

-          Distribution of Pay Codes-Labor asked if there could be a cheat sheet for pay codes that could be distributed to each program as they are getting confused when entering holidays for cash or comp time.  Management agreed to get a cheat sheet together that could be distributed.

-          Annual Skills Fair- Management is working on getting the agenda for the fair together and will send it out in a timely manner.




  1. Wrap up and miscellaneous
  • Next meeting scheduled: April 27, 2023 Labor plans to be in St.Peter