CBHH/CARE Meet and Confer 08.25.22

Mental Health & Substance Abuse Treatment Services (MHSATS)

 CARE-St. Peter and CBHH-Rochester

AFSCME Labor/Management Meeting


Virtual Meeting Location: Microsoft Teams


Thursday, August 25, 2022 --- 1:30pm – 2:30pm





  1. Introductions- Jim Pierce, April RNS-Rochester, Judy Ehrman, Steve Wilking, Matt Stenger, Ryan Cates, Fred Bettner, Jonelle Gressman, Adam regional nursing supervisor, Bill-LADC supervisor St. Peter


  1. Reports
  • Overtime
  • Vacancies
    • 13 vacancies in St. Peter CARE
    • 14 vacancies in Rochester CBHH


  1. Management/Program updates
  • CARE St. Peter – Heidi Holmes or designee-no updates for St. Peter
  • CBHH Rochester – Jim Pierce or designee- St. Peter- Confirmation of RNS, recruiting for mental health professionals, recruiting more nursing staff

Rochester-has been using contract nurses to fill in the gaps, working through the growing pains of having more patients along with the more staff.  Management feels like they’ve turned a corner and things are getting better in terms of having staffing. 

  1. Labor questions and updates
  • Old Business- Training/Class/Assignment -Labor wanted to make sure that new staff are getting an assigned person to train them and not taking them off training early or put the training aside to cover the day-to-day activities.  Management responded with they believe training for direct care as far as CBT’s and mandatory trainings are getting done, as well as doing skills fairs.   Core 4 training is just about done with all staff.  They were able to do Core 4 training off site so were efficient with they time as well as providing coverage in the facility.

New Business

    • CBHH

-          Schedules-

-          1.  -Labor wanted to make sure that changing schedules within 14 days without notice isn’t happening and if it is happening that people are getting properly compensated for it. Any schedule changes within the 14-day window should be paid as overtime pay.  Management stated, “There was some work comp stuff, so we had to accommodate the needs with that person’s schedule.  They also said that Core 4 trainings with NOC staff had to change their schedules around to accommodate that.  Error on management side

-          Management claims Atlas can be difficult to use and so we ask for input ASAP from line staff and then try to fix it accordingly.  Management requested more specific examples so they can research it a little more to have a better response to the specific incidents.   


-          Vacation Requests- Labor would like all vacation requests to go thru atlas and responded to by contract on the approval or denial vs. verbal agreements.  Then if labor should need to go thru the grievance process there’s clear documentation.  The ten-day notice has not been followed so that’s why people are asking to get the approval.  Management has still been using contract people, thus waiting to complete the schedule then approve vacation.  Labor would like contract to be followed and requests need to be adhered to in a timely manner so people can plan then you can add more spots after that.  Otherwise, management is eliminating vacation for that day. 

    • CARE

-          Offering of full-time positions-The posting that was made that was recalled and then reposted.  Labor would like to know why management isn’t offering fulltime to people that are already here? If members want to work fulltime, could they get them? CDPA positions are only 2 fulltime but we only really hire mostly .8.  Haven’t been able to offer fulltime in the past.  Labor brought up that most people are more likely to look at fulltime in terms of recruitment.  Management only able to add hours if can bill for the, must pull money from other positions.  Appreciate the feedback.  CDPA’s haven’t too difficult to recruit.


  1. Wrap up and miscellaneous
  • Next meeting scheduled: October 27, 2022-next time we’re in Rochester will be in December…FYI
  • Adjourned at 2:14pm