CBHH/CARE Meet and Confer 07.28.23

Mental Health & Substance Abuse Treatment Services (MHSATS)

 CARE-St. Peter and CBHH-Rochester

AFSCME Labor/Management Meeting


Virtual Meeting Location: Microsoft Teams and Labor will attend CBHH Rochester


Friday, July 28, 2023 --- 1:00pm


Attendees:  Ryan Cates, Eric Manriquez, Erin Wiederich, Maria Talamo, Elizabeth Howe, Adam Luberts, Jennifer Erickson, Melissa Goldschmidt, Fredrick Bettner



AFSCME New Business:

  1. OT concerns-Labor asked how the overtime has been going at Rochester.  Management said that they’ve hired quite a few of people, RNs, and LPN’s so they only have a few shifts that were posted for overtime. They have been working very aggressively to get people hired. Two people put in their resignations on NOC shift so a couple inverses to cover those but the inverses becoming more and more rare. They still have a few HST’s and OASI they need to fill. Working hard and getting interviews but overall, the overtime is going down.
  2. New Employee Orientation-Labor has heard of a few issues with the orientation, scheduling being one of the issues. Management said that they have revamped the process with orientation and scheduling was an issue in the past. All new employees do the first 3 weeks of 8-4 M-F to try to account for all the new employee trainings.  Then new employees get access to atlas after that so they can access they schedule.  They also have a new nursing practice committee to improve orientation.  They are looking at content so they can apply the trainings in the setting.  The RN Senior has done a great job at getting packets into new employees.
  3. Union Time during Orientation-AFSCME wants to get to time to talk to new members when they come on during orientation. Haven’t hired an AFSCME member since April but will get AFSCME an invite to talk with them in the future. The chief steward of the work area, the vice president, and the president will all be included in future invites.
  4.  Schedule Posting- Labor brought up that posting of the schedule has been brought to our attention of being a problem.  Management said they’ve been posting the schedule every Tuesday by 3pm consistently for the past couple of months. Labor asked if the MHPA schedule has been changed.  Labor had heard MHPA were being allowed to self-schedule but not allowed anymore. Self-scheduling hasn’t ever been allowed according to management. The schedule that is generated in atlas is generated from what the person who vacated the position had for a schedule then they get a chance to put in their input on what they’d like to work and try to get atlas reflect what they want.  Encouraged to talk to Adam with any schedule questions.  HR is willing to look at specifics so she can make sure contract is followed.
  5. Staffing Levels- Labor asked about how the facilities are staffing.  If they are at minimum staffing, staffing based on acuity, or if there aren’t enough staff to fill the number of positions you have allocated to the facility.  Management said that they try to keep staffing about 6-6-4 schedule. They also said that they need 2 licensed positions per shift then can job classifications can be interchangeable after that.
  6. Phone call from a concerned member-There is some concerns about a staff member returning to work.  Management said they are putting together a plan to support the employees. EAP for both or if they’d like to speak with management directly. We have a nursing meeting setup as well to see if there’s anything we haven’t thought of.  Trying to support employees across the facility. No one should ever feel unsafe in the workplace.  Treat people dignity and respect. If such behaviors occur will not tolerate them.


St. Peter

  1. New Employee Orientation- Management said that AFSCME will get an invite for meeting with new members for 15-20 minutes.