August 2022 MSOP Meeting Minutes



St. Peter – HR Conference Room – Microsoft Teams

August 11, 2022

12:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.


Jonelle Gressman, Tim Lokensgard, Michelle Breamer, Troy Sherwood, Michelle Sexe, Paul Rodriguez, Eric Hesse, Nick Weerts, Steaed Doehring, Matt Stenger, Ryan Cates, Erin Wiederich, Karen Holicky


Jonelle Gressman Is filling in as the HR consultant for Labor Management because MSOP does not have any Human Resource staff.




  1. Inverse Numbers: Operations & Health Services

Operations for June

  • 1st watch inverses - 21
  • 2nd Watch inverses - 25
  • 3rd watch inverses - 25

For a total of 296.25 Hours


Health Services for June

  • CPS – 0 Inverse hours
  • SP - 0 Inverse hours

For a total of 0 Hours



  1. Overtime Numbers: Operations and Health Services

Operations for June

  • 1st Watch
  • 2nd Watch
  • 3rd Watch

For a total of 3414.25 Hours.


Health Services for June

  • CPS -
  • SP –

For a total of 88.75 Hours


Labor asked if there’s been a sharp increase in the number of Inverses since the opening of Bartlett?

Management responded that they don’t have that information, as Bartlett has not been open for a full month.


  1. Vacancy Rates: St. Peter Total / CPS Total / AFSCME Only / Security Counselors Only

v  Saint Peter Total – 22.2%

v  CPS Total -

v  AFSCME Only -25.5% (Estimated)

v  Security Counselor – 17.2%

v  Security Counselor Lead – 15.4%

Labor asked about the number of recent applicants – There are 13 applicants starting next week with 8 going to FMHP and 5 going to MSOP.


  1. Time Book Training:

Labor asked why it needs to go thru DCT and not just MSOP?  NEO is DCT wide…So management thinks it should go through DCT. Labor – Staff have been disciplined over not filling out timebooks correctly, and if there isn’t training on how to fill out time books correctly, this shouldn’t happen!

Management – It is more of an issue when staff don’t even try to complete their timebooks, that is when staff should be talked to by their supervisor. If a staff attempts to fill out their timebook and make a mistake, supervisors should not be giving discipline. Labor – Would like to have some training developed for staff, so we do not continue to have this issue. HR – Will investigate what is being taught to people at NEO. Management – They are teaching something at NEO, staff learn some aspect of how to fill out a timebook. Nobody in the room can remember exactly what type of training we had during NEO on timebooks, because it has been a very long time. Management – Tim volunteered go to NEO and see what they are teaching new staff. Labor – Asked for disciplines to stop until DCT can decide what to do.  Management – Agreed to consider it.

Labor would like to remind members to at least attempt to complete your timebook.


  1. Local Hospital Coverage:

Labor – Where are we at with the laptop/tablet? Management -Moose Lake was doing a pilot project with the tablet and it did not work. There were a lot of issues with IT not being able to have multiple user log-ins. We will have to figure something else out.




Management - Bartlett opened on July 20th currently there are 23 Clients, the total capacity is 36 but we do not plan on moving any more clients into the building until we increase our staffing levels. Labor – What is the target as far as staffing levels before more clients would be moved into the building?

Management – We will need 5 more Security Counselors and Several more Clinical staff. Interviews are currently being conducted for a Group Supervisor for Bartlett. Management – Feels that everything is going well at Bartlett with the clients, besides some growing pains. Management asks labor how they feel everything is going at Bartlett and Labor agrees things are going well considering it is a new unit with a lot of new clients.



  1. Unfilled Shift Bonus Memo Clarification-

IF you’re inversed and you get someone to come in for you then the person that takes your inverse gets the bonus ($150). Management stated that only one person will receive the bonus. Labor would like an updated unfilled shift resource guide on the bonus for management and labor to reference when doing timebooks. 

  1. Having Security Counselor Lead experience no longer qualifies toward the minimum qualifications listed to apply for a Group Supervisor position.

Minimum qualifications for a Group Supervisor used to list that having a minimum of 2 years of Lead experience met qualifications to apply. HR says that the new minimum qualifications came from MMB and align with other agencies that have the Group Supervisor position. Labor brought up that it’s assuming that AFSCME is not professional enough to be Group Supervisor. Labor points out that almost every Group Supervisor and even Management in Higher positions that currently work on the Saint Peter Campus were promoted after being a Security Counselor Lead. Security Counselor Leads supervise client workers, why doesn’t this count? HR -doesn’t have an answer. Labor asks what is the point of being a Lead other that the pay step? HR -doesn’t have an answer. Management – Being a lead would qualify for the AGS position. HR – AFSCME staff work at a Paraprofessional level. Labor points out that this change is going to hinder Security Counselors ability to grow professionally within the organization. HR – Agrees to speak to other Human Resource staff in higher positions about it.

  1. Update on the HR representative for MSOP. 

MSOP does not currently have any Human Resource staff. HR consultant suggests that staff should email the generic HR MSOP email address to get a response. Labor shares concerns about staff not getting a timely response/any response when they use the generic email address. HR will bring concerns forward - Franek, Kimberly J (DHS) may be the HR contact person for now.

  1. Update on adding the 2nd watch vacation slot.

Management will get an announcement out and a date in the future to allow for fair response…..We are looking at a September 1st date for submitting spots and opening the 6th one up

  1. Radio Transmission Quality.

Some radio transmissions have been hard to hear. Management agrees and will try to identify the specific radios and replace them. Also, the Facility is currently looking into the replacement costs for new stations due to the fact that they are old and the quality is not great. Management will continue to monitor.





STEP 3 GRIEVANCES – There are no Step 3 Grievances.