August 2021 MSOP Meeting Minutes

AFSCME MSOP Labor Management

August 12, 2021

Human Resources Room/Conference



Attendance: Adam Castle, Ryan Cates, Annie Jakacki, Steve Wilking, Eric Hesse, Jamie Schwartz, Nick Weerts, Tim Lokensgard, Paul Rodriguez, Nicole Boder, Scott Halverson, Chris Hagen, Troy Sherwood, Heidi Peura, Alli Kuhlman



Follow Up Items

  1. Inverse Numbers: Tim-For the month of July. 1st watch had 30 staff for 102.32. 50. 2nd watch had 50 staff for 171.25. 27.  3rd watch had 27 staff for 135.5. Total 409.07 inverse hours.
  2. Overtime Numbers: 1160.90 Hours
  3. LPN: Nikki-131 hours with 2 inverses
  4. 1.      Health Services Staffing:  Nikki-3 open lpn positions. One is going through the 1768 process and 2 are posted. 1 in august, 1 in September. Two are going to straight nights in forensics. Some don’t like the changes happening here. We have recruitment and referral bonus to help. We also have approval to separate cps from St. Peter, so it is two separate work areas. Will ha e own RN supervisor. Worked with RMOS before covid. It has started back up. The group decided they didn’t want to meet with ICMS, last minute. We reached out to staff or input and send to Paul. No staff responded to him. Eric-how is this funded? Nikki-Part of the FTEs utilized. Some will come from within as well with the movement. It is budgeted for. I am taking 2 positions from the internal St. Peter as a whole. 100 clients are moving with that. The workload decreases. In perimeter has 205. Nick-they have been counting cps as well. Nikki-we are splitting those up. Nikki-one complaint nursing had was due to physical phlebotomy parts of the draw. I worked with forensics and they had a lab tech resign. We will be funding .5 FTE and forensics will manage our lab needs. They will no longer be doing the labs. Sometime in October.
  5. 2.      Lead Leveling Process Update: Heidi-Continues to move forward on a regular basis. We are very close to finishing. We will have it ready soon. The questions are drafted along with scoring. We are working on the details related to organization. Eric-I would hope to have a meeting? Heidi-that is the intention.
  6. 3.      Green Acres North Staffing: Paul-as part of the numbers we submitted to SMT, we asked for staffing of the site. CPS got its own health services. Looking at cps specific utility pool as well. I don’t have any numbers, but they are budgeted for. The numbers were freed back up. Eric-All new PCNs? Paul-yes. Tim-Waiting for the PCNs and then putting them out. Paul-still looking at effective recruitment as well. Eric-Specific responsibilities? Paul-It’s still one site for cps. Its own unit. We anticipate the end of the year, but it could be soon. Tim-Admin knows it takes a long time to get this stuff rolling. We will have people moving around. I hope to start the process now, but we will then hire off the street. Paul-Most of construction is still on schedule. There was glitch with the lighting, but it won’t delay. There is still a lot to do inside. Still looking at the end of the year. Eric-Will there a be a little training for those who haven’t worked at cps before? Paul-Didn’t think about that but we can sure look at doing that. Tim-I think we could send some on heavy days to start learning. Paul-If there are things you can think of, that would be good.
  7. 4.      Time Book Training: Alli-I followed up with Denise. WE haven’t had any movement on it. she is still collecting information on it. She is still taking the lead on this. WE will continue to push on it. we have been short in HR lately. Feel free to address any issues with supervisors in the meantime.
  8. 5.      Supervisory Duties Being Pushed onto Staff: Eric-A comment was made it was to give opportunities for advancement. IF that is the reason, why are we not advertising it more? Troy-When we do lead meetings, we are going back to joint. Eric-if seems that general feeling is that it is being cherry picked. If it is truly for advancement…Tim-we would like to see the leads be the leads. We are talking about paper post orders in the units and modules that need to be updates. That is what we want everyone to know. We had deficiencies that we have identified and will come to the lead group. Troy-leads would know the skills of the people in the unit stations. If you have people on your team, you can delegate. Eric-it’s the specialized duties offered, not just job duties.
  9. 6.      Quarantine/Isolation Wing Start Times: Eric-Now with delta variant going around, do we want these to come in at same time. Tim-If it comes to a bunch of people in quarantine, we may revisit. Right now, I don’t think it’s necessary. We will hold at this until…Eric-you did it with regular virus and now the delta is becoming prominent as well. Tim-For right now, we will stay where we are at and adjust. Eric-If it does open up and you decide to change the start times, could health services be included as well? Nikki-I don’t see that changing because they aren’t staffing the quarantine unit.


New AFSCME Items

  1. 1.      COVID Remobilization: Eric-We seem to be remobilizing with masks and groups. Nikki-I don’t think clients are wearing masks. We aren’t ramping up right now. DCT has now started meeting twice a week again on how we will manage the mandates. Right now, there aren’t any changes. Staff are still distancing and wearing masks. Working with MNOSHA standards as well. Paul-I believe we shuffled groups around with changed the group size. We didn’t have to do anything in cps except change rooms.
  2. 2.      Governor’s Mandate: Eric-Will the testes be on site or provider? Nikki-We had a meeting this morning. We are waiting on mmb for how this looks. None of us want to set up staff testing stations again. We are looking at options to have a vendor do it, home kits, who keeps the information, etc.  Eric-Paid by the state or the employee? Nikki-There cannot be a charge to the employee. Eric-Considerations if people have cultural or religious belief system? Nikki-MMB as well. Eric-staff refuses vaccine or test. Discipline, etc.? Nikki-MMB has not said anything about that yet. Alli-we need to wait for direction from MMB on all of that. We will share if we have more information. Steve-Will patients or clients be mandated for vaccine/testing? Will demobilization reduce outings, etc.? Nikki-We have not decided to mandate clients. Vaccination rate for clients and patients is 91 percent. Staff is around 57 percent. No decisions to decrease outings yet. Clients may be required to wear masks. Steve-Covid testing or prevalence testing? Nikki-For the clients in MSOP, if there is an outbreak, we would look at point prevalence testing. Managed separately from governor’s mandate. Ryan-If they refuse and get tested, will it be on state or own time? Nikki-I don’t know yet, but I believe it will be done on our time. Ryan-if they test positive, what does that look like? Nikki-That will fall under covid sick time and be out for isolation period. 10 to 14 days. They will need to use own sick time. Alli-if you exhaust your sick leave. There is a pay code to use that has not been established yet. Ryan-anything about using comp or vacation leave? Alli-That has not but I will look into that. Jamie-can we refuse to work with staff not vaccinated? Nikki-How will you know unless they share it with you? There are some vaccinated that still want to be tested.
  3. 3.      CPS Staff Doing Mailroom Duties: Eric-I received an email that counselors are dealing with the packages. Paul-I would have to check with Michelle. We are looking to move it to the warehouse so this would be a limited time. CPS has a lot of property so it’s possible we have surges. We have 2 people working back there right now. When it moves to warehouse, we hope that is alleviated. I can’t give an end date. Nick-Maybe just some follow up to explain why? I think they were just sent instructions. Paul-It may have been if you are asked to help.
  4. 4.      Temp Reassignments and Not Following Contract Regarding Them: Eric-staff from 2 east that have been temporarily reassigned. The union hasn’t seen any more on extending it per contract. After 5 months you need to request. We would like the contract followed. Tim-I will check on transport staff. I apologize if I missed it. 2 East staff were placed on the utility pool. Eric-we would like the contract followed.
  5. 5.      Out of Class Process: Eric-I know there isn’t any process contractually, but it seems like when there is an opportunity, people feel left out. Troy-The one that just occurred was an emergent need. HR needed some help and other things developed so we have to get someone to help. We needed to get the 3-day window of training. We talked about posting it, but they wouldn’t have been able to train. Looking at 4 weeks for this. Nick-HR is chronically understaffed. Eric-I have heard a lot about this one. Troy-It was already an OASI position, so it was lateral. Tim-Just like if we had a staff on nights saying they want nights, then there is a dead bid.

Management Agenda Items

  1. 1.      Health Services Staffing:
  2. 2.      Program Security Audit Follow Up: Tim-We will be looking to security staff to do follow ups on looking at paper post orders. Troy-Trying to clean things up where we have been lax. Paul-CPS is looking at doing its own program audit as well. We will be doing it next year.
  3. 3.      Troy-We had community counsel have a meeting with 9 clients from moose lake that are coming down. It was satisfying to see how far we have come. Clients said moose lake is security, and St. Peter is therapy. There are some that are defiant, but most want to see us move forward. It was nice to hear that from clients about where we have gotten. Tim-They also said, “don’t even think about coming down here and doing that.” Paul-we have had meetings about the stuff going on in moose lake and there isn’t a lot of interest at all. Even in moose lake, clients don’t want anything to do with it. Tim-I think one or two in the perimeter is all we have heard. Paul-in moose lake it was mostly family members. Tim-we also have more of a secure campus down here. Eric-OSI meetings with the lead group has decreased as well. Troy-OCEANS has been keeping them busy.


Adjourned at 1245pm