August 2020 MSOP Meet and Confer

AFSCME MSOP Labor Management

August 13, 2020

Human Resources Room/Conference



Attendance: Adam Castle, Nick Weerts, Bonnie Wold, Michelle Sexe, Troy Sherwood, Tim Lokensgard, Michelle Breamer, Paul Rodriguez, Ryan Kern, Nikki Boder, Eric Hesse, Annie Jakacki, Ryan Cates, Denise Considine



Follow Up Items

  1. A.     Inverse Numbers: Operations: Tim-42 staff on 1st watch for 120 hours. 16 staff on 2nd  watch for 58 hours. 24 staff on 3rd watch for 137.5  hours. LPN: 0 Inverse Hours.
  2. Overtime Numbers: Operations: 1125.5 Hours LPN: 30.5 Hours
  3. 1.      Security Counselor Lead Leveling Process: Denise-No update. We will continue to push back to get an answer.
  4. 2.      PPE Supply: Michelle-very good in every area and have 80 percent of sanitizer. Nick-Lysol and bleach? Will we ever have that? Michelle-I am not sure on that, I can ask Darnell. Nick-we got word that bleach isn’t obtainable from the distributor. CPS we have vocational workers bleaching things and they haven’t had any either.  Bonnie-ok. Bonnie checked with Darnell. Bonnie-We have in stock and are able to get bleach, however the Cavi wipes are still out of inventory at the vendor.
  5. 3.      Health Services ATLAS Update: Michelle-still having trouble communicating with the atlas people. They (Atlas) are rotating the schedules and I asked for a go live date and haven’t heard anything back yet.
  6. 4.      Health Services Staffing Update: Boder-We have 2 RNs to return. One will be back at end of the month. The other is on a one-year leave. We have authorization to hire for the one-year medical leave. Then, we will be full. We will resume first watch coverage beginning September 2nd  if both night shift nurses are back full time.


New AFSCME Items

  1. Covid Unit Timeline: Eric-Discontinue toward the end of summer? Michelle-last I heard was there isn’t going to be any changes until the fall or longer than that or foreseeable future. Bonnie-we continue to meet with command post. Paul-we don’t want to end it and then find out we have to resume. Michelle-with flu season coming up, we will probably resume.
  2. 2.      Hiring Pool Questions: Eric-is there a hiring pool? Tim-yes, with 4 or 5. Eric-what is the rational with where they are now? Tim-went to 2nd watch to cover for WOOC. They are not bid positions. If staff have questions, you can send them to talk to Tim. We are waiting for open dead spots and then move The Hiring Pool employees into that. We will continue to hire into the hiring pool and adjust days to meet the facility needs. Eric-So that is fluid and can change? Tim-yes. Had 6, then 5 and determined some could stay and some could go to other watches depending on vacancies. We don’t have many open at all. There will be some down the road. A few staff have left. We are going through the bid process with some positions currently. When we get to a dead bid opening, the most senior out of the hiring pool will go to that open spot.
  3. 3.      WOOC Process Questions: Eric-how does that process work? Some are posted to everyone and sometimes they don’t get posted to everyone. Denise-it does depend on the situation and position. If its specialized or immediate need, they may pick a person. Typically, we do like to put it out to everyone but sometimes it doesn’t work that way depending on the need. There have been some recently because of those reasons as immediate need and specialized. They would have needed to train someone to get into those spots and we just didn’t have that time. Bonnie-I agree. Sometimes you can’t.
  4. 4.      SNV Process Questions: Eric-There is confusion on the process. Tim-when the schedule is posted at 28 days outs. That is when vacation calendar closes. Once a schedule is posted, people can request vacation for the posted days. On weekends we are usually down to nothing, so they won’t get it if that is the case, but you can still request it. I’m not sure of the 24 hours. Within 24 hours, they may not grant for the next watch when the schedule is built, if the numbers do not allow for it. Within 24 hours, ODs may say “no, come in and maybe you can get shift in progress. This is their prerogative. Denise-if the calendar is full, they may not grant it due to what is going on. Tim-SIP depends on what numbers are at the time. Every OD has their own preference. For SIP, you must be at work. SNV before shift shouldn’t be happening unless the numbers allow. Bonnie-we will follow up with the ODS.


Management Agenda Items

  1. 1.      Reclassification of the Management Analyst position to a special services position at CPS: Michelle Sexe-Management analyst submitted resignation. We worked to reclassify the position into a central services administrative specialist senior. It is set to come down next week and to interview to get someone as soon as possible.
  2. 2.      Mask Compliance: Bonnie-Compliance is at 98 percent. 109 were staff observed from all classes. Paul-We are at 85 percent in CPS. Staff were observed across all classes. We have put up signs as reminder to staff. Staff were across multiple divisions. We sent broad reminders to everyone about the expectations. There are also signs saying “masks are required” Please remind staff they need to be wearing a mask no matter what the class or division is of the staff. Bonnie-The numbers go to Nikki, who also reports those numbers up the chain.
  3. 3.      8 Hour Shift and Inverses: Tim-Had an uptick of staff coming into OD office right after shift change. They come in a couple minutes, 1 to 2 minutes after the shift asking for inverses due to coverage not making it in. I’m concerned that staff aren’t getting to posts for shift change. We moved to these shifts because of covid to ensure proper distancing but I would like to talk about solutions. Eric-Has management done an audit of percentage of who comes in late or talked to those people instead of a broad stroke? Bonnie-Its not the ones that are late, these staff are coming straight up through the door. No way they can get there on time to have a shift change. That staff is inversed and we will go through the inverse list quickly when it’s a minute or two. We are asking for your members to lean on each other to get people in earlier. There are a lot of staff that do come in early. There are also those who come in straight up. They are not technically late but there isn’t a shift change. We need your help to comply. Eric-we can talk to our members so we an keep straight 8s. I have heard most of us like the straights. It only goes so far. If it’s the chronic people, it doesn’t work for only us to talk to them. Bonnie-Performance review time would work. Paul-Lets hope this works so we can keep it. Our goal is for people to keep it, if that is what they want. Together we can get enough to comply. Eric-I have been talking to people about showing up early or leaving early. Nick-is the expectation that if I’m working overnight and one staff has showed up, does the 2nd person stay and wait? Waiting for full staff until both head out? Bonnie-Yes, if a person doesn’t show up, you don’t know. You can even call the OD. You shouldn’t be leaving until your relief is there. Nick-I also don’t want to cause bigger problems. Bonnie-The least senior has to wait but the unit has to wait until the coverage is there.


Add Ons

  1. 1.      Hospital Coverage quarantine: Adam-Staff are wondering if it is possible to get N95 for hospital coverage. Clients are placed in quarantine when they return from the hospital.  But staff that have covered for a couple of days in a row just get placed back on units with no extra precautions. Should staff be taking extra precautions? Nikki-There is nothing additional because we have the masking in place. Typically, the client doesn’t have a mask on in the hospital so that is why they are quarantined. Staff shouldn’t be in the room during aerosol procedures. They should be outside of the room.  Adam-So, the staff are at risk because the client isn’t wearing a mask. The mask is to protect others. Nikki-There are no additional precautions needed if staff are wearing their procedural mask. There is a waiver if you want to wear the n95 if you want to do that. https://workplace/dct/IP%20Guidance/6.2.20%20Memo%20re%20Mandatory%20Use%20of%20Procedure%20Masks.pdf

The only time is if a client is receiving a ventilated procedure or swabbing. That hospital staff should have an N95 if they are staying in the room for the procedure. If not, it isn’t needed. You can have an N95 without a fit test, but only with a waiver.

  1. 1.      Troy Sherwood-We needed some changes in leadership. We developed a plan of moving Troy Murphy to scheduler role. He will be training with JR and Deatley. We are moving Marc Zika to 2nd floor of Shantz. Mike Boaheng is going down to 1st floor of Pexton. OD Courtland will go to 2nd floor of Pexton managing the unit and will pick up Job coaching and NEO. Jamie Deatley will return to 3rd watch OD. Hartman will be out for a period of time. Which we learned after this was determined. Could be 6 to 8 weeks. We need a supervisor to take her place. Steve Sturlaugson has accepted that responsibility as of Monday, temporarily. We will reevaluate every 90 days or when people return. Eric-Displaced staff due to covid go to Troy? Is there a new point person? Troy-yes, but no answer yet. Staff will stay with the unit they work as who their supervisor is. Your supervisor will change if they were moved to a different unit.


  1. Michelle Breamer -August 20th we will start with dental exams at CPS to help with movement in and out of perimeter.  This is a trial and we will see how it goes.


  1. Bonnie Wold-With construction on the hill? How is the exit going down at lower access? Adam-I think it is going well. Seems to be going smoothly.  Bonnie-I talked to Hagen’s group and they also said it was going well. It may end up being permanent.


Adjourned at 1240pm