August 2020 FMHP Minutes

AFSCME Labor Management MSH

August 20, 2020 1230PM

Administration Building


Attendance: Adam Castle, Ryan Cates, Steve Wilking, Alex Flores, Emilio Florez, Annie Jakacki, Scott Melby, Marvin Sullivan, Kurt Crosby, Denise Considine, Alli Kuhlman, Carol Olsen, Roxanne Portner, Becky Robinson


Reflection/Celebration: Scott-Started Shift in progress vacation and its going well. Roxeanne-Bartlett Hall as had 37 to 38 moves on campus. Thank you to the staff for that process. Scott-I met with new employees today. It was a large class and that was great to see.

Standing Agenda Items:

  1. Osha Information-Handouts
  2. 2.      Overtime Information-Handouts

Old Business



  1. 1.      Hazard Pay: Cates-Any progress on getting staff hazard pay? Denise-We have not had any information.
  2. 2.      COVID Issues/MMB Money: Cates-If someone is being told by a doctor not to come to work because a significant other has covid. Will they not be covered by covid leave? Denise-correct. Marvin-why? Denise-based on priority 1 and 2 staff. If you are not positive or have symptoms, you have to come to work. If staff has a doctor note that says they can’t come to work, we will work with that. Same as strep or something like that. Since new version came out, presumed positive, positive, symptomatic and seeking diagnosis. Marvin-if you have a doctor note that says you can’t because a spouse has it, I don’t understand how that doesn’t fit. Cates-any staff testing positive for covid? Denise-yes, we aren’t divulging private data. We have had positive in last month. I don’t know how many but I can get that information. Cates-Is there extended covid leave for executive staff but not line staff? Denise-no.
  3. 3.      First Report of Injury Report: Emilio-only have 5 thermometers that work. It is getting colder. Do we have plans to get new ones or make adjustments? Carol-I will follow up with dan and Ryan as far as equipment. We have asked command post to look at this and I will follow up.


New Business


  1. 1.      Update on FNH CNA Lead Positions: Carol-Wanted to consider a lead position classified as res program lead as a WOOC to see if there is a need for greater support. Determined it does and we would like to post 4 positions. They are expiring on the 13th. We don’t have 4 additional FTEs so if we have staff who currently work there and want them. We will move them into that position and not backfill. If we have one, we will have one. If we don’t get anyone, the staff will go back to HSSS. The program lead there is not SERP eligible. The wooc expires October 13th. Currently posted right now. Cates-general plan, not SERP. Carol-these are not additional positions. We can share the position description with you. Denise-posting will also say the requirements. I don’t know them right off the top of my head. Cates-if staff want these, does it go by seniority or choice by management? Denise-promotional, so we do look at seniority but I will check. I believe language says how we award promotional. Jakacki-goes off of point system, how will it be posted. Externally? Denise-we don’t have RPLS in forensics. Annie-only HSSS or campus wide? Denise-campus wide. Annie-what if SC goes for it. Carol-We just won’t fill the next vacancy in the nursing home. Cates-expecting to get younger staff in the position, what is the point of getting an inexperienced staff? Carol-I hope staff wouldn’t take a job due to retirement. You also have quite a bit of time until your retirement if you do take the job. Annie-why are these not SERP eligible? Denise-They are not in the statute. We just can’t make the decision, its based on statutory language. It does not fall under forensics statute. We can’t put it there. Annie-could you look into it in an upcoming session? Denise-there have been several classifications we would like to see in serp. Its not just up to us to decide. They have been discussed and we continue to bring them forward. Annie-ok, because I know they do the same work so I want to try to get them eligible.  Cates-Were we given emails of CAN posting? Carol-I don’t think so. We spoke about it a while ago and didn’t go forward. The intention was if it adds value, then we look to make if permanent. Recently, I would say we haven’t communicated that with you. Cates-no, but I thought I would ask. We need to be informed about this stuff. Our members sent us information and we had no idea. This has to be done. Carol-that is fair. I apologize.

Scott-AODS office engaged in anti-union activities. I asked for specifics. I didn’t get information. Get that to me. I followed up with the group 3 times since then. Please let me know of any information so I can follow up. Cates-I will get that to you.



  1. 1.      Staff Morale/Provider Issues in FMHP/FNH Leads: Kurt-Situations with patients being taken off of medications per providers order. Staff would also like to be listened to about these things. Providers meet with them for 15 minutes and that doesn’t give a good picture of what is going on with that patient. Our staff is continually put at risk. We feel like we are shut off. Carol-We will take this into consideration. I will work with Becky and leadership. We will see how we can help with staff morale.
  2. 2.      Contraband brought into facility: Cates-Blamed without cause. When there were drugs on the unit. The clinical director said it when patients go to Walmart. Only 2 staff go to Walmart and they felt they were being accused by Tracy Opie in front of the entire room. Marvin-one of the staff wasn’t even present for it and then was told by staff all over campus for being blamed for bring in drugs. This was handled inappropriately. Cates-I doubt its happening from staff. There is lax property control. People shop and come back without being searched. Rebecca-comment reported by Tracy. Did staff bring it up? Tracy followed up with each of the staff and she said there was not any blame, it was that patients were saying these things. Marvin-patients reported it was staff not even our building. Rebecca-her understanding it wasn’t her intention to blame anyone. She is open to feedback. Marvin-I haven’t heard that conversation. Staff hadn’t heard that either. Cates-Bartlett staff hasn’t let me know if she had talked to them. Rebecca-she spoke to 2 staff on Tuesday to remedy. Cates-we will follow up too. Carol-Searches aren’t being conducted well? No one is leaving campus right now. I assume with packages and things coming in are being searched. Marvin-3,4,5 years ago we change to just walking through metal detector. As counselors from day one we said it shouldn’t have changed in a secure perimeter. Should be patted down. Rebecca-we have revisited the pat downs on all patients. 11 action items form the critical incident review have brought forward. Marvin-Transition patients can come into Bartlett building without pat downs via an email. That message is still on the SharePoint on Security services. Rebecca-that is being considered too. For time being, it will stay with that. Carol-I support that we have to be consistent and in writing. Wait for all of the boxes to be checked before implementing. Marvin-are we letting transition patients into Bartlett without pat searches. Rebecca-we are and we are not conducting pat searches at this time.
  3. 3.      Reduction of Leads on Oak: Rebecca-a lead bid off and pcn vacated. We decided to shift it do juniper and then was offered to next eligible on list. Cates-any changes to oak that need only 3 leads. Rebecca-with adding a unit, we had to work with what we have. Cates-why from oak and not somewhere else? Rebecca-We looked based on least amount of impact on staff that had those positions presently. I didn’t want to change someone else’s job. Least amount of impact.
  4. 4.      OT/Invers Process Inconsistencies: Cates-I was told no process in place to deny mutual only if staff weren’t inversible. We are getting denials because they are on the least senior list. How are you denying the mutuals? Scott-I am not aware of denials. Where is it happening? Marvin-all over. Heard it on the hill, Bartlett, nursing staff. Just saying you can’t because you are inversible. Steve-not even the day of. I’m getting them where someone is denied for days in advance. Scott-details matter. I was not aware we are denying mutuals. Denise-if we have grievances, we shouldn’t be talking about it. Cates-two staff put in for early shift. Scheduling agreed, then 2 to 3 hours later, they said they would talk to aods office who said we won’t approve because you are in least senior list, if you don’t get inversed call us back. She didn’t get inversed so she was approved. Scott-I will look into it. Cates-Over assigning overtime so you have extras, is this happening? Scott-we did try to take into account high level of sick calls a month ago knowing that. Sick calls have gone down so we haven’t had additional need to cover. Carol-that was just as we were going into the weekend. Scott-Things have normalized since then. Cates-by contract, it’s by known need. There isn’t really a need if it done this way. Scott-we have a need to keep this place running.
  5. 5.      Hospital Coverage Shifts Complications:
  6. 6.      FNH Straight Lates for Some Staff: Steve-Working with Michelle a lot with this. A new employee started and the sup made promises that shouldn’t have. Working straight lates and not rotating. If you make accommodations for one, you make for all. Other staff want accommodations as well. Scheduling said they would try to accommodate. If you are hired for rotating, you work rotating or make accommodations for all. Let scheduling know that communications for accommodations with scheduling. Rebecca-I don’t think the new employee was guaranteed. They were told they would try if possible. They did reach out to other staff to ask if they want lates. Usually not a sought after lates. If they can’t accommodate for everyone, they would do it fairly. Steve-its more of when college is in session, but these came about in the summer months.
  7. 7.      FNH Mid Shifts Only Given 1 Staff: Steve-Specific staff getting straight mid shifts. Other people want them also. Once again making accommodations for mid shifts instead of rotating. Rebecca-I talked to Becky and she said they haven’t done mid shifts in a long time. She is unsure what this is about. Do you have specifics? Steve-I will look into it and talk to Michelle. Denise-FT or part time employee? Steve-I want to double check to make sure. Denise-there is a lot of things we take into consideration with scheduling and contract language. There is a difference depending on the status of the staff. Steve-Michelle knows a lot about this and she recommended to put it on the agenda. Continue for next month with Michelle.
  8. 8.      FNH .5 Told only work every other Weekend: Cates-A new hire staff was told this. They are used as fill ins so they shouldn’t be told that. Roxanne-.5 work every weekend. Last year we had tons of HSSS overtime and worked on filling our needs. Established the .5 for people who want to work weekends. Cates-I just wanted clarification. Roxanne-we do have .2s also.



Add On:

  1. 1.      Ironwood and Juniper Remodel: Emilio-We noticed safety issues where the units meet. Very narrow with set of stairs and the landing. Its almost dangerous to respond. Why isn’t there just a landing and replace the stairs. Patient doors are very small and the shield won’t even fit through. Any plans to open up more or is the going to continue? Carol-I will have to look. We had a finite amount of dollars. Doing these things took a lot of money. I appreciate your concern but the space we have is based on structure we had. It is what it is. We didn’t get enough money to demolish and rebuild everything. Emilio-supervisors brought it up to me as well. Carol-Becky walked through with supervisors as well Emilio-ICS will be dangerous. Only room for one person to run through. Rebecca-let me know if you want to walk around with Adam as well. Carol-bring this to Dan as well. Ultimately this is what we have. Then we can do drills and encourage staff to be safe. We aren’t moving walls. Emilio-I thought the remodel was for safety. Carol-it was but money is money. Demolition and remodel of 7 units costs a lot. Emilio-the hallway could be done in house. Scott-this would be a good topic for program safety team. Dan is ICS coordinator and can identify strategies and perform drills. Emilio-the units haven’t opened yet and I saw items on that team open for years.


Meeting Adjourned at 140pm