August 2018 MSH Meeting Minutes

AFSCME Labor Management MSH

August 16th 2018 1230PM

Administration Building


Attendance: Adam Castle, Matt Stenger, Crystal Kreklow, Ryan Cates, Emilio Florez, Kurt Crosby, Scott Melby, Carol Olsen, Lisa Vanderveen, Scott Melby, Alli Kuhlman, Denise Considine, Michelle Chalin, Jodi Culver, Jake Schoeneker


Reflection/Celebration: Stenger-happy that radios are now split. Not as much radio traffic.

Standing Agenda Items:

  1. Osha Information-Handouts from Alli
  2. 2.      Overtime Information-Handouts. Melby doesn’t have the information. He is waiting on scheduling for more information. Not a lot of inversing right now. Chalin-there is a lot of inversing in nursing. Increased observation status. Lisa-Not a lot at CRP. Melby-Taking a month off from hiring. We have filled all of our vacancies.

Old Business


  1. 1.      2 Way Radio Update-Melby-checked in with Wills at safety. Had bearcom here yesterday. They didn’t get as far as we would have liked. They are close to programming over the air but are trying to figure out the best way to do that. Advised to do small group at a time. Man downs aren’t working like used to. Operating on channel 11. If you hit man down, it broadcasts over channel 2. Master will hear it and initiate but it isn’t working as supposed to. Doing radio training basics making sure everyone knows the capabilities. Last two weeks, problems are being tied down and finding a lot of user error. Matt-when rovers are out checking, they are on different channel. Melby-there is a lot of traffic. We switched to cut down on that. Master control is announcing to all so we know it’s been cleared. Emilio-rovers should be on 11 now until further notice.
  2. 2.      Construction-any questions/concerns-Melby-For the last couple weeks there has been a constant rumbling. Finished today with all of the material. In canteen and shop was delayed for a period of time due to blue print issues. Building is old and things were done without updating the blue prints. Not a lot of change from last month. Cates-rumor you ran out of money? Scott-no. Construction takes so long. No estimation on date for library. No dates on construction Joe newsletter. Kurt-with the speed bumps, staff are very frustrated because it holds us up. Scott-they are there because of construction company fears and seeing staff on cell phones etc. Cates-those are used to stop people, not slow people down. These are rated for 2 to 5 miles per hour. The ones we normally use are speed humps rated for 10 to 15 miles per hour. Kurt-staff shouldn’t be looking at their phones. Scott-they want to slow it down and in winter we can’t have any. I will bring this back about the “speed curbs.” Kurt-any idea when the gate will be open? Scott-I am not aware of a date.



  1. 1.      Vacation Date/Time Stamp-Cates-others cant see date and time to see if they were distributed fairly. Jodi-when atlas does days off or job to job. Part of that is cancelling and reapproving leave. So we are concerned it won’t be accurate, it will look like you were given it yesterday. Its part of the program. You wouldn’t see the original date. I will talk to atlas to see if I’m missing something. Kurt-can they change the way it was programmed in? Crystal-show an original approval date. Jodi-I will talk to them. I don’t want to rebuild a process because then we will have another issue. Ill stay consistent with what msop is doing over there as well. Crystal-we have talked to them about it to.
  2. 2.      Overtime Rescinding-Cates-Local maintains right to rescind overtime. SODs saying they can’t. This leads to them calling in sick. This will make their job more difficult for everyone. When I was talking to a staff. OD called and asked if they want OT. Staff said yes and called home to make sure. OD then said they cannot rescind. Scott-we need to make sure we do it properly to benefit everyone. When someone accepts then take it from someone and then we need to go and ask others. We don’t want to say do as you please. If we make a mistake, I will hear form you guys as well. We have talked about this for years and there is nothing in contract. I know there was game playing going on at one time. Cates-someone calls in two days later that they can’t do the overtime, what will happen. Scott-I have spoken to the ODs and they need to let me know what happened. Cates-will they be reprimanded. Scott-I am not saying that. Unless it becomes a performance issue. I don’t think it has been yet. Kurt-It puts staff in a bad spot when something does come up. If there is a way we can tell them something. I don’t want them to feel stuck. It has happened that puts staff in jeopardy. If we can come up worth something with you guys…Scott-I just want to run this place. I don’t want it a performance issue. Matt-if you constantly have someone that takes advantage of it. Then yeah, but if it’s not a problem. Then it could be case by case basis. Scott-our practice is mirroring what you guys are saying. There is nothing in contract that says anything about it. I can talk to ODs on how it looks and sounds. It’s a short conversation. We don’t charge people for calling in for an overtime shift. Crystal-if you pick up an overtime shift and need to rescind. Rescinding is not allowed for an overtime shift. The OD can’t stop you from doing it but it will be looked at on individual basis…to be clear. Scott-yeah, that’s basically it.
  3. 3.      Transitions/Scheduled turnaround-Cates-complaints getting excessive turn arounds. Jodi-scheduling has a loop. We have a lot of turnarounds. Then we hear, I don’t like lates before my week off. It loops around like this. Old business I don’t like turn arounds then it goes to I don’t like lates before my weekend. We have a lot. We will try to do 0 to 1 per pay period. If you see 2, talk to me. Everyone wants something different. Crystal-pretty consistent that everyone was saying they are getting turn arounds and lates before weekend off. Jodi-it’s not really possible to get turn arounds and lates before weekends but if you see that happening let me know.

New Business


  1. 1.      Hospital Coverage- Scott-policy is up for review. Some want for us to write we will always have two in hospital. We can’t do that. There are times we won’t have that. If someone is comatose or bedridden. Generally we start with two staff and if we go to one that is because of the needs of that patient. Then we contact management. Kurt-I understand that concept. Last winter in Rochester there was one staff at all times. Problem was we have level 5s going on outing whom relapse and attack family and staff. Corrections take inmates with cuffs and have two COs. Why take that chance. If I go to the bathroom and I can’t expect the hospital to cover or to wait for someone. We work in MIND until they get out. If they have a bad episode. Accusatory things. Staff in unsavory position. It think it’s because its financials. That’s the wrong place to do it. Should be a standard procedure. There are people in Bartlett on 1 to 1s. Especially in dark room. Its puts us all in risk. Cates-we get false accusations all of the time. Matt-any way we can put in policy two staff unless “this and this”? Scott-we have the same concerns you do. I don’t take safety lightly. I have had people say we don’t need two staff. It’s a balancing act. We are reserving ability to use discretion. Matt-I don’t know who would call and say we don’t need two. Kurt-I bet that person didn’t want to be there for other reasons. We all know what kinds of things can happen here. Some don’t. Crystal-I would rather someone be unhappy because we have too many staff than a family complain because they aren’t safe. Scott-I’m letting you know the direction the company is going. I’m not discounting your concerns. When we go with one staff, it is carefully made. Jake-We should also know if there are visits that are going to happen when we are covering. This can make it very uncomfortable as well. Kurt-someone making that decision for one staff isn’t in that room. In the grand scheme of things. 2 staff can keep a situation a lot safer. It’s not right and I think it’s a financial issue. Our patients deserve good care. Lisa-it’s financial but it’s an appropriate use of resources. I can count 2 to 3 cases with one staff. It made sense. It was the appropriate use. We rarely go with less than two. We will take that into account. When you put “always” into a policy, it really ties our hands. Kurt-what happens when someone has a relapse? Our patients have been MIND and can just have a bad day. Specific incidences, I witnessed beating up many people at once. Why take that risk? They are here for a reason. I don’t see anything therapeutic about it.  At the end of the day its money. Lisa-policy committee is used for this type of thing. We can bring it there. Matt-if there was a way we can say two unless these criteria exist. Crystal-who is on the committee? Scott-I am. There are a lot of people on it. Crystal-is there a way we can have someone come and share it? Scott-I can talk to carol. Crystal-we talk about it here and you guys bring it back. It might get lost in translation. If Kurt could come talk about it. Scott-it’s in the review process. Crystal-Our ask is that you put in policy that there will be two staff unless of comatose, etc. I will brief Carol today and voice the concerns. I don’t think it will be written in the way you like. It will have room for us to use discretion. Kurt-if we can demonstrate for if we see something as being unsafe we can refuse the work. If it has to be more difficult, we can make it more difficult. Scott-I want the group to hear that we will have a policy that we can make a decision.


  1. Atlas Questions-Cates-will we ever get an app? Jodi-I think we will but no idea when it will happen. Everyone wants it.


  1. 1.      Reimbursement for money spent by staff on outings-Scott-its still there, we changed it where we weren’t paying for meals. If patient went to a movie, we pay for staff for that. Alli-cash advance for employee use. Meals not authorized less than 35 miles. Contractual language. Cates-issue is staff go on 3, 4, 5 meals a week. They can sit and stare at the patient. That doesn’t teach appropriate behavior. Group homes all have it where meals are paid for. MSOP has it too. When you go out into the public, this is how it’s done. Scott-quite a while we were paying astronomical amount. We are still paying for fees. Cates-people would take the money and try to use the max. I am asking for a card that staff are allowed so much money. No cash up front. Crystal-you can set meal allowances. They know to stay under that. That way you are interacting with the clients. Cates-wont always get least senior either. Scott-is it just meals? Cates-yes. This is a lot of money for staff to pay. Matt-MSOP went below contract for 9 dollars. At least something. Michelle-ours has always been by receipt and I have to sign off for authorization.
  2. 2.      MSH float pool unit assignment process-Cates-when new staff are put in hiring pool. Alli-whoever gets into the hiring pool first, they get moved. Cates-someone said they didn’t want it so they went to the next person who had no decision. It should be done by seniority. Alli-I can talk to Jodi. She is the one that deals with that. As long as it’s a set procedure.


  1. Vacation in Transitions-Cates-HSSS cant backfill for LPN so why sharing the vacation schedule? Scott-I have to get back to you. Alli-I can do the follow up on that to get you more information. Kurt-could you address what the rationale is when you answer? Alli-Yes.
  2. 4.      Security Services required to wear uniform shirts, but supervisors are not-Scott-SS has been wearing uniform shirts since I got here. Supervisors’ dress code is to wear business casual. Why is it an issue now? Cates-because now they have to wear these blue shirts that stick out. Scott-supervisors are expected to wear business casual. Similar to maintenance supervisors. Cates-they picked the uniforms so why shouldn’t they wear it too? Scott-because we require them to wear business casual. I’m hearing it’s not satisfactory. You guys want them wearing the uniform shirt. Crystal-these shirts are so outside of what everyone else is wearing. Emilio-they want to be able to find us. We were told we can’t use our AFSCME shirts over our shifts. Matt-this is not addressed in the contract either. Scott-what do we do with our Hi Visual stuff for maintenance then? Matt-They put it over the top. Scott-this is something I can’t resolve without carol.
  3. 5.      Updated overtime list when staff bid between programs-Jodi-This has been resolved. If you are in CRP and later move to MSH. All of those sign ups will come with you now.
  4. 6.      Overtime for multiple shifts on same day, refusing one shift makes ineligible for all shifts-Matt-sign up for multiple shifts and decline it will pull you off the tab. Jodi-Andrea pulled off because she had sick time. I tested it and it is resolved.
  5. 7.      Coverage Rotation-Cates-someone had to cover and took middle coverage staff. I don’t know if the list wasn’t updated or just not using it. Scott-ODs are using it. Can you give me the date? Cates-August 5th on spruce. Scott-we may have made a mistake but we love it and ODs love it so I will look into it.



  1. 1.      Open up Lead List-Alli-Yeah we have planned to open up in September. Check the SharePoint.
  2. 2.      Vacation for GMWs-Cates-GMW on leave and count leave as vacation so they haven’t had vacation for 6 months. Scott-say they have 3 spots, staff on leave. Which only allows 2 slots. Alli-First I have heard and will follow up on it.
  3. 3.      Hostile work environment (4) individuals.

Adjourned at 155PM