April 2022 MSOP Meeting Minutes

MSOP Labor/Management Meeting

April 14, 2022


Pederson Building Conference Room



Attendance: Adam Castle, Jamie Schwartz, Ryan Cates, Eric Hesse, Nick Weerts, Heather Staff, Michelle Sexe, Paul Rodriguez, Bonnie Wold, Tim Lokensgard, Nicole Boder, Christopher Hagen, Karen Holicky


  1. Inverse Numbers Operations: Tim-Total Overtime in March was 1788.75 hours. Inverses 1st watch had 7 staff for 17.5 hours.  2nd watch had 8 staff for 17.5 hours, 3rd watch had 7 staff for 20.75 hours. 55 total inverses 50.75 hours
  2. Health Services: March had 43 hours of overtime. 0 inverses.
  3. Time Book Training: Heather-Denise is still working on it
  4. Local Hospital Coverage: Bonnie-IT is waiting for tokens to arrive. After that it will go to a post order.
  5. Unfilled Shift Bonus/Med Trips: Eric-what qualifies for it? Emergency med trips. These aren’t like a transport that goes long. Its unexpected but the way the coverage is staffed, ODs do subsequent overtime anticipating they will be admitted. If there isn’t anyone signed up, they send the least senior because it is an inverse. It should qualify due to how its staffed. That isn’t happening. Tim-I have no problem putting an extra staff from a unit if they are signed up or not. Ryan-You are staffing as a need on that coverage. Tim-Its not unfilled shift? Ryan-It is because you need to fill it regardless. Not staying late, they are filling in coverage so its unfilled. Minimum goes up so its an unfilled shift. That’s why it’s filled with subsequent shift or inverse. Tim-I thought bonus is unfilled shift, it is not. Eric-why inverse?  Bonnie-In the event it does go longer, we don’t have to take someone else. We don’t know in advance its unfilled shift. We are trying to take people that want to stay if it happens. At the moment in particular. We can change how we are doing it but because we are doing it that way we are anticipating, and we are not. Ryan-We are saying you are doing it that way because you anticipate coverage is needed. We have language for what a continuation of a shift is. If continuing work doing previously not for providing coverage for another shift. You have to have another staff there. Bonnie-Agree to disagree on this one. We won’t be paying that.
  6. Data Breach Payout: Bonnie-Haven’t received the number yet from legal



  1. Bartlett Expansion: Paul-Hoping for a summer opening in July possibly. It could change. Staffing is going through. Some were posted and taken down for some reason. Clinical was hung up for a short time. 32 beds to start. Staffing will have an impact. 17 SCs possibly and 3 leads. Michelle-Plan to start getting SCs over to look at it. Eric-will be the same as GAN opening? Michelle-Yes, we have a plan developed. No control center in Bartlett. Badges for both doors.
  2. Sh2E Utility Pool: Tim-Temporary reassignments are ending. New department supervised by cory McIntire. 6 PCNs in 2 east utility pool. Bonnie-They would basically be the 2 east staff if we were to convert back to 2 east. No idea when that will happen. Eric-COVID will be an endemic. Nicole-DCT has not made a recommendation yet. You will need to open it back up when an admit comes back from prison soon.
  3. Save the Date Wellness Fair/blood drive: June 3rd Bonnie-In Tomlinson

            All Staff Forums-June 21: Bonnie-All 3 watches.

Michelle-When working cps make sure to follow the dress policy. I have been seeing it slide lately but I will be keeping an eye on it. The dress code is for business casual and some of it is that some staff look like you can’t tell the difference from perimeter staff to CPS staff. Black coat, black pants, and only missing a collar, is an example. Reminder to look at the policy.


  1. Vacancy Rates: Heather-I only got number before the meeting, but I would like to verify first.
  2. Vacation Allotments: Eric-With addition of another cps and utility staff…We need to look at vacation allotments and bump it up. Tim-I haven’t done an audit for a while to make sure so I will look into those numbers and get back to you.
  3. 1st Watch Job Duties/Sanitizing Shower Curtains: Eric-Concerns from staff surrounding sanitization of shower curtains. We understand is not labor intensive but with clients asking for more work, client workers could do it. Bonnie-We can take a look with vocational. Eric-Take curtains off and throw in the laundry. Issue is that bleach is damaging the curtains. Chris-Utilize first watch because overnights don’t have clients using the laundry. I saw it was supposed to happen on the 15th of each month. Eric-it would be good for clients for a job. Maybe a 930 after count job. Chris-I understand the clients take them off and start the machines. Overnights were supposed to add the bleach and then 2nd watch clients would pull them out. Eric-The email may not have been clear enough then. Jamie-That’s how I read it. Eric-Maybe some clarification needs to be done then. Staff don’t feel its equitable because 1st watch staff feel 2nd watch should do it. Chris-2nd watch was doing it but just as this week 3rd watch is back to spraying the Clorox at 330pm.
  4. 1st Watch Coverage at CPS: Eric-With green acres there are only 3 staff. Prudent to have an extra in green acres. Michelle-initial thought when we added sunrise is we have 1 staff on each and have a float for cps. With Nikki on 1st watch as AGS, she had been getting concerns about staffing numbers. We asked for a proposal. We did account for an additional lead in green acres and 2 will be on 1st watch in bartlett.
  5. Change in A Team Location/Positions: Nick-A team staff are hearing there will be placement outside of the perimeter at cps, Tomlinson, etc. Will we be adding positions? Tim-No. We have been staffing lower access for a while. Nick-Is it going to be a bid position. Tim-no. There will not be a bid position. There will not be a person all of the time. Eric-Is it possible to be adding more A Team due to the population? Paul-It is possible, but we will keep you informed if it is talked about. Chris-This may have been started by me. I have spoken to the A Team staff. As Bartlett opens up, what would we need to do? That could be from conversation I have had with A team. Tim-We will not add permanent bid positions to lower access.
  6. Lack of Classroom Trainers: Eric-Curious if you have plans for increasing it. A lot of feedback that they are getting burnt out. Bonnie-We met with Patrick on Wednesday, and he is passionate about his job. He took a lot of feedback, and we will hopefully get creative with getting trainers. Eric anything monetary? Bonnie-That is an mmb decisions, but we can look into that. Eric-we would have to agree.
  7. CPS White Board/Staff Movement: Michelle-I asked op sups to work with leads to have a process to show which staff are working and who are extra staff. Basically, who is working for that shift. A way to know who is working for an emergency and for clients to know who is there for DSCs. Eric-Wouldn’t it be a boundary? Paul-We would address on individual basis. Its not saying where I am at for 5 mins. Just that I am working today. Not for bathroom, etc. Michelle-Kind of like at a hospital for who is on for a shift. If they got snv, they take their name off. Not every moment. Paul-If a client is staff stalking, talk to the primary to address it. Nick-That happens at the window. Eric-Implemented once before. What changed from then? Michelle-The intent before was what we wanted today. Intention didn’t play out how I wanted. Beginning stages of asking leads to work on it. Nick-I don’t see an issue with it at all.
  8. CPS Food Deliveries/Staff Shortages: Eric-Clients can order food between 5 and 9. Some areas not monitored? Pulling staff off of units for large amounts of time? Maybe look at it and improve. Michelle-We will ask leads and 3rd watch to look at it.
  9. CPS Accountability Reports: Eric-Staff saying some CARs are kicked back and unapproved. Felt like the clients got away with something. Is the process broken or need for better training? Michelle-Its different than a BER. They go to a hearing, so no cars have been overturned. The client goes to the hearing with community council along with some supervisors. Clients make a recommendation to staff and then determine an outcome. There was one CAR where staff didn’t understand the process and issued without speaking to the client, but they still met. Paul-There was confusion on giving a CAR or not. We can also look at more training on them. Eric-Reach out to the leads out there to figure out the concerns with CARs. Michelle-We wanted it to be different than the perimeter. Balancing being creative and restorative than BERs. Nick-I will follow up with the staff also.

10. CPS Radios: Eric-Is there a shortage?  Michelle-Yes, we are working on that.