April 2021 MSOP Meet and Confer

AFSCME MSOP Labor Management

April 8, 2021

Human Resources Room/Conference



Attendance: Adam Castle, Ryan Cates, Annie Jakacki, Steve Wilking, Michelle Breamer, Troy Sherwood, Chris Hagen, Tim Lokensgard, Michelle Sexe, Tracy Johannsen, Jamie Schwartz, Bonnie Wold, Scott Halverson, Annie Jakacki



Follow Up Items

  1. Inverse Numbers: 1st watch-17 staff inversed from 3rd for 93 hours. 2nd watch-36 staff inversed from 1st watch for 113.5 hours. 3rd watch-24 staff from 2nd for 78 hours.
  2. Overtime Numbers: Total for all watches-1228 hours.
  3. LPN: No inverses. Total Overtime of 38.25 hours.
  4. 1.      PPE Supply: No issue from health services or operations
  5. 2.      Health Services Scheduling Update: Michelle B-We reposted all RN positions and postings closed 4/7/21. Working on filling RN intermittent and LPN position. These have not been posted yet.
  6. 3.      Lead Leveling Process: Management currently opened up the lead leveling process using past practices but Denise has met with Eric Hesse regarding an updated process. Under the future lead process, the idea is the list will be opened up quarterly and you will stay on the list from one year to 18 months. Must have 2 years of experience, meet standards on reviews, and no disciplines on record. Employee will be scheduled to be interviewed by a panel consisting of supervisors from; Moose Lake Security, MSOP St. Peter security and Forensics for non-bias interviews. There will be a variety of questions. If you do not score high enough and apply the following quarter, we will use different questions. Management will not rotate the supervisors. They will be a set group. Michelle S-I understood there would be supervisors from every site and would be different based on availability.
  7. 4.      Notification of Not Filling Positions: Tim-We actually have 4 SCs in the hiring pool right now.
  8. 5.      Green Acres North Staffing: Michelle S-It is too early to give updates but we are working on it.
  9. 6.      Fate of Old 2 East Unit/New Unit: Bonnie-The plan is to have 8 units open. When we get word that quarantine unit can be dissolved. Tim-Temp assigned staff will go back to their unit base, their original. Troy-A new unit will still be the same type of units we already have. Conventional or alternative programming.
  10. 7.      Shorting Rec Post on Weekend/A Team Covering: Tim-We discussed this as on OD group. We will look at other options. I didn’t know if it continued or if they stopped doing that. Let me know if you hear anything.


New AFSCME Items

  1. 1.      Health Services Layoff/OAS: Cates-what was the rationale? Michelle B-The complexity of the position has been growing. The appointments have gone beyond the scope of OAS. Most appointments need prep orders which needs a nurse. We felt it was best to reclassify this to an LPN. The role of OASS will be distributed to LPNs and RNs. They will be required to schedule on their caseload. Both RNs and LPNs.


Management Agenda Items

  1. 1.      Bonnie-Watts line: Forensics went away with it a while ago. We will follow suit, but I am not sure on the timeline. Long distance calling should be for a business need only. Please follow the Code of Conduct policy.
  2. 2.      Bonnie-It has been a year since we stopped doing roll calls and 8.5 hour shifts. How is it going for you guys? Do we go back to what we were or what do you think? Get your thoughts to Troy and Tim.
  3. 3.      Tim-We have revised the audits tool, adding a lot of additional areas. Example; B Team members not putting on belts but grab cuffs and putting them in their pockets instead. They end up going home with the cuffs. Chris-We added 200 audits. The first group I met with was SCL leads and SCs. Out of those 200 added audits, 150 were ideas from those groups.
  4. 4.      Michelle S-We have asked the governor for funding for sunrise and Tomlinson. We would like to add 30 beds at sunrise. Also looking to add an extensive health services clinic. We are looking to renovate Tomlinson as well. There is talk of the funding going through right now but we cannot be sure what it will look like after it goes through the process.


Adjourned at 1245pm