April 2019 MSOP Meet and Confer

AFSCME Labor Management MSOP

April 23rd, 2019 10:30AM

Admin Building – HR Conference Room


Attendance: Tim Lokensgard, Michelle Sexe, Scott Halverson, Andrew Cole, Eric Hesse, Molly Kennedy, Jamie Sheppard



  1. Follow Up Items
    1. Inverse Numbers: Tim presented for the month of March, there were 13 inverses for 50 hours for 1st Watch staff, 15 inverses for 59.75 hours for 2nd Watch staff, and 15 inverses for 95 hours for 3rd Watch staff
    2. OT Numbers: Tim presented for the month of March, there were a total of 1,008 hours of total overtime.
    3. CPS Staffing: Eric stated that he wanted to talk about that he felt that in the past few months that this has been on the agenda that the union’s concern of leaving a unit with only one person were being diminished and dismissed. Eric said that while management may not see the issue in this, when the union hears that this is going on, we will have a problem with it since it is a huge safety concern. Michelle stated that they are continuing to look at ways to solve this and safety is an issue, but doesn’t see the same concern as it is a non-secured environment as opposed to the secured perimeter. Eric stated that there is still the same safety issues, no matter the location. He stated that in the Forensics Division, there has been horrific attacks at the Transition program, which is not secured, so we shouldn’t turn a blind eye to the issues and try to fix the issues before something happens and we have to be reactive instead of proactive.
    4. Organizational Look Workgroup: Eric asked if there was any update on this ask by the union to look at the organization as a whole and see if we have the right positons, especially with the unfunded positons. Tim stated that there was no update on this as of yet. Eric stated he would like to see this happen sooner rather than later, with the end of the legislative session coming up and especially if we don’t get all or some of the budget request.
    5. Clothing Allowance Reduction: Eric asked what the status of getting the clothing allowance amount for non-perimeter staff changed back to $300. Tim and Michelle stated they are getting the policy to change back to $300 for everyone.
    6. Inclement Weather Coaching: Eric brought up that with the previous snow storm, someone called in saying they weren’t going to make it to work due to weather. When they came back to work, they were talked to by their supervisor and a coaching note was placed in their file. Eric asked why a coaching note had to be made for someone that followed the policy. Tim stated they just wanted to make note of it. Eric said that it’s going into the file for a year and could lead up to discipline. Eric also said that it is dissuading people from being forthright and honest as if the person would have just called in sick, there would be no coaching session put in the employee’s file. Tim stated that management has the right to put whatever they want in someone’s file. Eric stated that just because they can doesn’t make it right.
    7. Count Coordinator: Eric asked if the rumors were true that the Count Coordinator is moving to Lower Access at the end of the quarter. Tim stated that it wasn’t true, but they have talked about it, but it is only in the talking phase right now. They are weighing the pros and cons and may not even decide to go down that route. He also stated they are possibly looking at reducing the number of counts in the day to 5 next quarter and change some to a census check where the clients are responsible with checking in with staff to let them know they are still here within an allotted period of time. Tim said if these possibilities do come to fruition, he would let us know.
    8. Hiring Pool: Eric presented to management that there was interest by management a while ago to start a hiring pool for expected vacant positions so they can get people in the door faster and that the union is interested in sitting down and talking about this further.
    9. Additional Vacation for Summer/Convention: Eric asked if it was possible to look at the days they are heavy in the summer and offer out additional vacation. Tim said it may be hard to do with facility needs changing, leaves of absences, people calling in sick, etc, but would talk to Jamie DeAtley regarding it. Tim also said he would notify the OD’s to look at SNV more during the summer. Eric also asked if there would be a chance to get additional vacation spots opened for the AFSCME Council 5 Convention in October. Tim said he would talk with Jamie about that as well.
    10. Staff Running Community Meetings During MNASTA Week: Eric stated there was some concern from some staff in Pexton that during MNASTA week, there was a lack of clinicians and security was asked to run the TC meetings. They stated they didn’t feel comfortable doing it for that long due to the clients receiving treatment credits for attending and security feels it’s not appropriate for them to be doing this, especially for the whole week. Tim said he would follow up with Brenda Todd-Bense on the issue and get back to us.



  1. Follow-Up:
    1. Follow-Ups with OD’s: Tim stated he wanted to follow up with the union regarding some issues raised. He stated that he talked to the ODs and stated they needed to announce the least seniors off at roll call. He also talked to them about having to call people that are no-call/no-show, even if they aren’t needed for the day (heavy staff). He also cleared up with the ODs that staff are allowed to leave campus on their 15 minute breaks between shifts. He also stated that random counts on the overnights should be announced at roll call and talked with the ODs regarding it.
    2. Monthly Safety Committee Meetings – Labor Representation Needed: Tim stated he would like a representative from AFSCME to attend the monthly safety committee meetings. Eric volunteered to do so.
    3. Job Coach Program Updates: Tim said he would defer to next month as this wasn’t his agenda item. Eric reminded management to caution against forcing all Security Counselor Leads to be job coaches as it may negatively affect the new employee and their job performance.
    4. Staff Exiting Perimeter at End of Shift: Tim stated he wanted to remind everyone to not leave before the end of their shift. The end times of the shifts are 6:15am, 2:30pm, and 10:30pm. He stated management does not care if people are waiting in the lobby early but they expect everyone to not leave until the end of their shift. Eric asked if this expectation was going to be enforced universally and not with just security or AFSCME staff. Michelle stated it should be.
    5. E-Cigs/Nicotine Stored in Locker Rooms: Tim wanted to give people a reminder that you cannot store your e-cigarettes in the locker room as it is deemed contraband. He stated employees can store them in their cars as they allow this already with tobacco.
    6. Parking: Tim said that the Old Center parking lot is now open for everyone and is not limited to just Old Center staff and not limited to certain watches.
    7. Atlas: Tim said that the vendor was on-site last week and he met with them. They are working on the issue of accessing the Atlas program on all platforms (Google Chrome, etc), so staff can access it at home. He stated that when this happens, there will be a homepage announcement regarding it with the link to the site. He stated they are still working on getting an app for people to download on their phones.


Meeting Adjourned at 11:15am