April 2019 MSH Meet and Confer

AFSCME Labor Management MSH

April 18th 2019 1230PM

Administration Building


Attendance: Adam Castle, Marvin Sullivan, Crystal Kreklow, Emilio Florez, Matt Stenger, Steve Wilking, Ryan Cates, Lisa Vanderveen, Alli Kuhlman, Michelle Chalin, Scott Melby, Roxanne Portner, Carol Olsen


Reflection/Celebration: Melby-maintenance did a good job getting things cleaned up with the storm yesterday. Carol-Hard work on campus. Only had 1 manual restraint. A lot of good negotiation with clients lately. Crosby-patient on Tamarack and willow having a tough time. Staff went through everything they could to get him to comply. Finally had to inject meds but he followed all of the prompts and he is doing well. Rebecca-Review went well.  Michelle-FSS doing to 2 to 1 in nursing home. Had some pains there but everyone did well.

Standing Agenda Items:

  1. Osha Information-Handouts from Alli.
  2. 2.      Overtime Information-Handouts from Alli.

Old Business:


  1. 1.      LPN Vacation Slots at MSH: Rebecca-Jodi ran numbers. We will not make changes at this time. Looking at days we have a lot of staff and may increase those days if possible. Jodi is able to look at days of the week we reach the minimums. Wednesdays we have extra. Maybe add vacation those days. Carol-LPN work every other weekend as a reminder. They have flexibility. LPN can request vacation on weekends too.
  2. 2.      Request for Hi-Visibility sweatshirts and bots for GMW/GRW: Carol-talked to Scott Burg. Goozie has evaluated work and if there is a need for boots with steel toe and there is not. We will not be reimbursing for that. Scott burg said we have hi viz vests available for people. People can wear sweatshirts and add hi viz vests over the sweatshirts. Scott-Hi Vis in roadways. This came from GMWs. Scott-didn’t do work on t-shirts if people want to wear they can. Folks don’t have to wear hi viz if not in roadway but they do have to if they are in a roadway to keep them safe. Scott-if it’s still confusing we have to clean that up. Stenger-were told they have to wear hi viz in outer layer.
  3. 3.      Phones for Hospital Coverage: Carol-we don’t issue iphones because tied to email boxes. I am doing more checking. We have a multiple use OD phone that is a smart phone. We are converting to different system with ATT that when ATT has tower issues or connectivity issues, the phones we switch to are the last to go down. A lot of buildings don’t allow cell use. Cates-that is the issue so asking for wifi. Marvin-there are other phones for wifi calling. Carol-I will look more
  4. 4.      Construction Update: Cates-timelines on ATS? Carol-No. Cates-remodeled side of old building. Carol-wont start on south side right now until occupied other side. Substantial completion is December of 19. Probably January or February of 2020 move in. cates-road by circle open? Carol-shifting it closer to the hill to get further away from new units. Project for this spring. Carol-We do have money to redo the circle lot. I heard its also unclear timing due to construction vehicles going through there and don’t want to ruin it. Cates-parking is tight the way it is. Carol-we will have to look at parking. Opened other loading dock this week.
  5. 5.      Organizational Structure: Carol-trying to put that in communication. Working on 2 policies. Continuum of liberty is critical. Other is patient transfer policy. Program abuse prevention plan also. Service delivery plan too. Good work is happening. Rebecca-postings for RN SOD should be posted too. Vanderveen-transition and north campus will be posted as well. Carol-clarification on handcuffs in Bartlett will be coming as well. Cuffs can be used for imminent risk and restraints inside. I will clarify that message.
  6. 6.      Atlas Update: Rebecca-atlas person will be here working with Jodi with the app next week. The scheduler is being tested also with the browsers for windows computers. No timeline yet. It failed in mac and I will have more info next week after we see the app.



  1. LPN and RN Mutuals: Rebecca-we need to talk to hr. no language between the two. Each has their own language. Cates-anything that say No to mutual with another bargaining unit? Rebecca-no. Crystal-there was a meeting we were going to set up, anything more with that? Carol-they asked us to push pause on that for now. Crystal-if contracts aren’t allowing it can we have conversations to make this happen if interested? Carol-I will carry that forward. Marvin-this has been happening on campus. Rebecca-we only had the one instance.
  2. 2.      LPN Weekend Vacation Slot: covered
  3. 3.      Old Center Parking Restrictions: Carol-not going to have that be a restricted parking lot at all. Scott-there are feelings around this. If we can just remember this. Cates-was at MSOP meet and confer. Scott-not going to be paring lot attendants. Not restricted anymore.
  4. 4.      Hospital Coverage: Still an issue not getting restroom breaks. We know what contract says. We feel it’s not being followed. Carol-TC came back and was asked to do follow up. I will get back to you. Cates-one patient has two staff right now. It will come up again

New Business:




  1. 1.      Atlas OT Offering: Steve-Vacation submitted if someone submits 2 hour block how it shows up on scheduler. They are marked as full shift. Scott-we thought it was fixed. If its happening she wants to know right away. Sometimes it causes ripple affect. Get those details to her. We want it to be accurate as well. Steve-assigned so many per day. If someone takes that one hour….during an overlap is that credited as one of the slots? Scott-I don’t believe so but I will want to verify. Carol-if you have an example where it was counted…Steve-12 to 8 OT if offered as subsequent shift. We had many meetings on this. Atlas should allow the 12 to 8s to get overtime. The way the scheduling people showed it was more of an interpretation things. Scott-if someone is eligible for overtime is clear language. The conversations we had was about OT on day off and if they were eligible for subsequent on day off. If we say someone from 12 to 8 is eligible at 9 then that would mean that we inverse them? We wouldn’t. Then we have half hour rule. Cates-OD skirts it. Other side says we offer to person performing the work. If more than a half hour they are offered it. Scott-currently performing the work. Working particular unit but If I have someone 12 to 8 in Bartlett but need is in main building I wouldn’t say that is doing the work. If I did what you ask for, I could have someone say I am not following agreement because it is more than 30 minutes past the shift. I try to follow the language but we have people looking at us from both sides of this. Cates-its staff that are capable and on duty. They should be offered. Alli-says next or subsequent. Says begins within next half hour of shift. Cates-then what is a shift? The actual hours vary. Scott-I’m not ready to make a commitment. We are talking about old MSH. Cates-we have lost grievances both ways. Management and HR are saying they are right every time on this and we are wrong. Scott-I appreciate that. I will also say if a person is in building we should offer it to them. If I have overtime available later in the day but I have an 8 to 4? We have language that says 30 minutes language. Cates-you will deny it anyway. Scott-we are trying to find the best way and consistency. Steve-if we aren’t saying they are eligible? Are we saying they are not inversible? Scott-if OD were to call at 730 to say I have to inverse and they have someone working a 12 to 8 if it falls past the half hour, we cant inverse that person. Steve-OT going to a tank/pond. 6.5 into 8 hours. How is that assigned if they are getting OT. They call and say they have OT. Then throw into the tank. Depending on who is getting it and when. If offered a 6.5 then an 8 hour comes in and no one knows where they are going? Scott-we offer in order of seniority. Which one do they want? Steve-now offering 8 hours you are defining where the work is. The tank discussion of people not knowing where they work. Carol-hospital coverage in tank. Going to call before people show up. Do you want it? Scott-we will be letting people know there are assigned to the hospital. Steve-they want to know where as opposed to tank. Scott-I get that and we are doing this because a wide variety of complaints around overtime. Longest shift, unit, covering other places. ODs try to take into consideration preference. OD will take a look at tank and match staff with seniority and preference. If people want to know call AOD and ask where you are at. Marvin-treating intermittents the same? Scott-when we are assigning people and intermittents yeah. Intermittents are not entitled to a spot. Marvin-I overheard an intermittent talking to scheduling and asked where they are. Steve-we offer OT by seniority. If we let someone go, is it based on need or seniority? Location got cancelled and least stayed. I believe we sat in a meeting and you said you ask most senior first. Scott-I hope to clean it up with this process. If I have 5 people and need to turn 1 loose. I would like to see us call most senior to ask what they want to do and if you choose to stay you will be here. Then go to next. Not always going to work out that way. When it doesn’t we will discuss again if we have time to do it. Crystal- Why not always work out? Scott-OD can make an error. This place can create unusual situations. I don’t want to 100 percent say. It could be most senior is here but less is offsite in hospital where it doesn’t make sense. Marvin-we had OD spend time with least senior person on phone so he should have made the change. Scott-whenever there is rudeness I want to know about it. Steve-in confines of campus would you communicate to AODs to contact most senior? Scott-I have and I will reiterate. I usually tell them what happens here. Crosby-if they don’t do this consistently, is this grieveable? One in particular says he doesn’t care, he will do it how he wants. If they aren’t doing their job, why do we pay the price? Scott-how manage performance is individual. If it violates contract, file a grievance. I wanna know if there is bad customer service as well. Crystal-it seems this person’s behavior is not being corrected. That is a concern. Steve-distribution of preassigned. Tuesday to Tuesday it is being offered? Scott-we post on Tuesday. Following wed and to next Monday we look for intermittents to fill open shifts. Following Tuesday after posting. Scheduling offers advance OT for first week of pay period. Next Tuesday they offer for next week of posting and look at first week if needs came up. Scott-that is the intent, sometimes it may vary. Trying to call night shift between 8am and 10am or 7pm and 8 pm. Decided based on feedback. It will dissatisfy some people. Marvin-I would think intermittents in with OT pool. Scott-within the system, how we assign them can be similar to make sure we are following.
  2. 2.       FTS NOCs Vacation Slot: Cates-look at that or separate HSS from nurses to give each a vacation slot. Rebecca-we can look at it
  3. 3.      Admissions Unit Change? Cates-created out of old med core. It’s not a hard unit. Patients placed there that have a history. Why? Carol- I would have to look. I don’t sit at that table. I will have to go back to ask. Cates-he might be ok now but if he reverts back, it won’t be good at all. Crosby-there have been patients assault free for years then goes on a streak for months. Carol-we are constantly looking for the best match.


Add On:

  1. 1.       Attitude from Sick Call: Cates-staff called sick at 230. AOD gave them attitude about why calling sick. Then she didn’t want to leave sick. They shouldn’t be lectured to. Scott-I agree and will follow up.
  2. 2.      People on Leave Still on Schedule: Matt-The staff is out for 2 months and the AOD doesn’t know it until the day of and it’s happened the last 2 pay periods.
  3. 3.      Factory sealed items won’t be required: Carol-no change in what is considered to be contraband. Cates-electric razors always had to be factory sealed. Scott-It hasn’t changed from what it was. Steve-I believe factory sealed isn’t mentioned in the new policy. Carol-we can check. Did that change with processing in? Steve-all happened together. Carol-so it want a contraband policy? Steve-I am not sure. Marvin-I don’t thin the contraband policy ever mentioned it. Carol-we will check.  Scott-I can’t remember either. Is it unreasonable to have this expectation? Carol-we will definitely look into this. Scott-we gotta make sure we have really good inspections. We will be reviewing the policy and communicate it.


Adjourned at 2pm