9/8/11 MSH Meeting Minutes

Present: Connie Anderson, John Collins, Charles Johnson, Ann Sullivan (Recorder), Scott Grefe, Molly Kennedy, John Knobbe, Chuck Carlson, Nancy Draves, Jasmine Bohnert, David Proffitt, Tom Christensen, Colleen Ryan

Old Business:

1. Safety • Current injury numbers- TC has not gotten this information yet • Current Security Counselors LOA or IOD status numbers • people out on leave: Military Leave=6, Medical Leave=2, Education Leave=1, Parent Leave=1, and Extended Leave=1 • people on light duty- 1 person at 6 hours per day

2. SOFS Budget / plans /OT tracking • Currently there are 1-.8 and 6-.5 true vacancies until bidding is over. 7 positions in bidding currently or not yet posted. • July- Sick= 2676.5, OT= 2229, IOD= 374.8, INV= 268 • August- Sick= 3027.5, OT= 2591, IOD= 400, INV= 328.75

3. Space utilization issues and CRP • Decision on BH unit minimums? Temporarily: • B1S- 4 earlies, 1 mid, and 4 lates M-F and 4 earlies and 4 lates on Sat. and Sun • B2S- 4 earlies, 1 mid, and 3 lates M-F and 3 earlies and 3 lates on Sat. and Sun. • B2N- 6 earlies, 1 mid, and 4 lates M-F and 4 earlies and 4 lates on Sat. and Sun. The tunnels in Bartlett Hall are not currently being used. TC is waiting for physical plant issues to be resolved and is unsure of the timeline. • South move to 300 • Painting and other issues such as beds are yet to be resolved. No date at this time. • North move to 100 • The physical plant hoped to have 100 completed yesterday but TC was unsure if this happened. • S1W? • TC had no date on this move. No patients from S1W have moved to the Nursing Home yet. Patients that will not be going to the FNH are currently being looked at. The FNH currently has limited staff but is in the process of hiring and training.

4. Re Assignment Planning and date? • Nancy is waiting for re-assignment language then an email will be sent to staff requesting volunteers for reassignment to the Admissions Unit. Chuck asked what the staffing on that unit would be. The normal formula of 1.7 x unit minimum (4) + 1 would equal 14.6 FTE’s. TC said they are still waiting for the Treatment Team Supervisors (TTS’s) to be named. Other TTS’s are currently: Robbie Bach for Units 200 and 600, Greg Beltz for Unit 700, Tim Stowell for Units 900 and S1W, Chad Portner for B1S, Tim Benesch for Unit 800, Marc Zika for South Unit and Kevin Eichler for B2N, B2S and YAAP. Open TTS’s include: the admissions unit, YAAP/SNS, 200 or 600, B2N and B2S. TC hoped this would be done a month ago but has not due to the shutdown.

5. New hires/Intermittents • Colleen Ryan said the Sept class includes 0 Security Counselors (SC’s), 3 LPN’s, and 2 HSSS’s. Interviewing for SC’s was done next week and 4- .5 positions will be offered tomorrow.

6. CRP Job Audit • This report was completed before the shutdown but is now being re-looked at. Management felt that the report was incomplete because it was not compared to anywhere outside of the facility. Dave asked Nancy to set up a meeting with whoever does this audit to explain the results.

7. Follow-up on follow-up of NASMHPD visit • The last visit showed 3 things that should be happening: 1. Weekly meeting- TC said that there will be a round table meeting once per month. The first meeting is scheduled for next Wednesday. When asked if this was an open meeting, TC said he would check and let staff know. Dave said that the intent of these meetings should not be to discuss incidents but for day to day personal interaction- he will follow up. 2. Leadership on Units-Adam and Jo have been making efforts to visit the units. John Knobbe mentioned that he brought up some issues/ questions to Adam over 2 weeks ago and is still waiting for a response. TC said that Jo and Adam have been working with Dr. Service on some of these issues. John K. will follow up. Colleen will also look into this. 3. HIMS Records- Colleen said that this is a complex Avatar issue regarding billing and length of stay issues and it is being worked on.

8. Vacation granting process: Number of available slots – has there been a per unit analysis of how many slots the new process yields? AFSCME asked that these numbers be looked into so that there are not disparities between units. PT staff flexibility also needs to be looked into. Action Item: TC will email these numbers to the appropriate individuals by next week.

New Business:

1. New Forensic Administrator- Dave spoke about his philosophy stating the difficulties of meeting both requirements of less restraint and less injuries. He agrees the number one value is to keep staff safe through helping and supporting them in decision making especially during an incident.

2. Trauma Informed Care – Person Centered Thinking Colleen and Dave stated that these are two different concepts. Person Centered Thinking is a strategy and tool set- a language and way of talking to patients. Trauma Informed Care includes understanding behaviors and interactions regarding past trauma to eliminate future incidents.

3. Meet and Confer follow-up process- Discussion at length about follow up after these meetings end and who is to take care of issues. Minutes from these meetings will reflect the person or people responsible for follow up in the form of “”Action Item”. One example of this is the vacation granting process which Nancy will follow up with TC about and CC: others involved.

4. Clarification for OT sign-up. We have recently had a couple of instances where staff signed up for OT at 11:00 and somebody gets inversed at 1:00. We need to figure out if the OD is going to be responsible for staying up to the minute on checking the OT sign-up or if staff sign up, say after 8:00 am they should call the OD and tell them that they are signed up for OT now? • TC will have the OD’s look at this. The overtime sign up process works well but they will continually try to improve it.

5. Vacation Requests: What proof does the requestor have that they made a request? Action Item: Colleen will contact Becca Kennedy on this and follow up by next week.

6. Retention of Staff: Management awareness of staff leaving and efforts to retain staff. Nancy said that there is an exit survey but not a lot are completed. The union asked that staff be looked at as a protectable asset and orientating and training issues be looked into. Having specific units or areas where staff quit or bid off should also raise a red flag to management- the union asked management to track this. Action Item: Nancy will provide Dave with exit interview survey data by next week.

7. Restraint and Seclusion: Consistent philosophy and practice throughout the hospital. How lack of consistency affects ICS scenarios and outcomes. AFSCME brought up concerns regarding increased incidents and the trend of incidents/injuries in September 2010. The return of hesitation and indecisiveness due to mixed messages from management.

8. Hiring practices: Consistency in hiring, communication when qualifications change, and opportunity for advancement for line staff. Considering current employees for advancement opportunities would be a great way to use our inside and good resources. Dave asked if employee career planning was used and Nancy stated that it is not. The union asked that management look into the consistency of qualifications and communicating to staff when they change to help avoid the “hand-picked” or cronyism appearance. Dave said he would look into this and request supervisors to ask staff about career paths and follow up more closely on performance evaluations. Action Item: Nancy will provide Dave with information relating to performance appraisals and supervisor discussions regarding career development and advancement.

Third Step Grievances: None presented

Meeting adjourned at 2:35pm