9/25/14 MSOP Meeting Minutes

Present: Jason Anderson, Chuck Hottinger, Matt Stenger, Molly Kennedy, Amanda Mathiowetz, Tim Headlee, Liz Barbo, Troy Sherwood, Bonnie Wold, Tim Lokensgard, Cindy Jungers, Ann Zimmerman, Terry Kneisel


1. New process for requesting vacation proposal. (St. Peter) a. A contract proposal was submitted referring to the vacation request process for MSOP. The proposal is as follows: On the 1st through the 7th (first week of each month) everyone puts in the vacation they want for that month. After the first week the scheduler can go day by day approving vacation until all the slots are full by seniority. Everything from the 8th until the end of the month will be first come, first serve for that month. If the employee is gone on vacation or days off the first week of the month they can either email or phone in their requests to the scheduler. Management stated that they would look at this information and discuss it further.

2. Plan for gaining buildings on lower campus. (St. Peter) a. This is a 3 phase system. We are bonded for Green Acres West and South. The Sunrise East design is done. b. Construction will start sometime in October for Green Acres West with an anticipated completion date of late spring/early summer of 2015. Once this is done the contractor will begin Sunrise East. Green Acres will provide an additional 30 beds for CPS clients. The shops will remain in GA. MSOP will have the large fulfillment room south of Aquaponics and the north side of the wall be the shop. There will be a dining hall similar to Shantz for food distribution. c. The final part of Phase 1 is pre design plans for all buildings if bonding happens. This would include all of Green Acres, all of Sunrise, Tomlinson, and Bartlett. This requires additional bonding money in the 2017 bonding cycle as well.

3. First watch Security Counselor bid position will be A-team and Utility. (Moose Lake) a. Utility staff trained in either Security (level 3) or A-team to fill in as needed. Reflected on vacancy postings. b. When assigned utility they would be assigned utility duties such as mail, sharps, count rounds, searches and counts. A-team would assist with these duties. c. If staff do not pass any of the required tests they will not be capable and qualified to work the watch. Staff given at least 2 attempts to pass.

d. Will implement through attrition.

4. FMLA denials lately. Looking to get into the minutes direction that one should pursue in either reapplying for FMLA or ability to work out approved leave through MSOP if not FMLA qualifying event. (Both Sites) a. There have been issues with FMLA paperwork getting completed between the doctors and Adam Colberg. What are the options for employees? These cases will be taken individually. Human Resources stated that they recognize mitigating circumstances and have, on an individual basis, granted unpaid leave. HR stated that they would be happy to talk to anyone and can certainly help facilitate conversation. Employees can put in for FMLA as often as they want.

5. Having your supervisory files gone over at your yearly reviews. (Both Sites) a. Employees can request their files at any time by contacting Human Resources and they can also meet with their supervisor at any time. Management stated that they would like to not make this a rule. If the employee would like to make this request, they are welcomed to. 6. Contract Proposals a. There will be a negotiations assembly January 30th. We have been approved for 13 delegates with 2 alternates and will get the names to management as soon as they are voted on. Moose Lake has similar numbers.

MANAGEMENT AGENDA ITEMS 1. Additional heavy day vacation opportunities a. Moose Lake: this pertains to days preceding Thanksgiving and Christmas. St. Peter stated that they too had additional spots that the scheduler opened up.

2. Legal Process Forums for Moose Lake a. St. Peter has already done this and Moose Lake would like to do the same. This would be an educational forum about felony level behaviors by the clients and the process that follows. Looking at doing this December 9th or 10th.

3. Budget a. We are looking at a significant deficit going into 2015 program wide. We will have to be very conscious of spending.

4. Moose Lake Rule 26 audit October 13-15, 2014 a. There will be 4 auditors under rule 26 requirements. They will be talking to clients and possibly staff. The outcome will be shared. They will be looking at a lot of files and health services. b. 2 auditors will be coming to St. Peter the 20th – 22nd. It has been 3 years since they have visited.

5. Moose Lake Directors Forum October 15, 2014 a. Management will be asking for questions or information. St. Peter will be doing the same forum November 19th. Nancy Johnston and the Executive Team will be there. 6. Ethics Survey a. There is an Ethics Survey on the homepage. Strongly encourage staff to take the survey. It takes about 5 minutes. 7. Physical Requirements a. Employees are no longer required to take the pre-employment physical. There is a contractor hired to make measurements of physical requirements for every position. The contractor is with Health Partners and will be in St. Peter September 29th and Moose Lake October 20th. 8. Large Scale Drill a. This will take place in St. Peter on October 23rd and will be in cooperation with MSH and the St. Peter PD at the Gleuk. 9. Audit a. November 20th will be the follow up program audit.