9/21/17 MSH Meeting Minutes

Present: James Hemshrot, Adam Castle, Matt Stenger, Kurt Crosby, Tim Headlee, Luke Frederick, Alli Kuhlman, Carol Olsen, Lisa Duchene, Michelle Chalin, Scott Melby, Krystal Kreklow, Zach Sowieja, Colleen Ryan, Ryan Cates

Reflection/Celebration: Colleen-had nice events on campus. Years of service, celebrate us, and the Glueck. Staff did a nice job. Handed out OSHA law and data from the past month. Standing Agenda Items: Old Business 1. Management: carol-Job Fair-Job fair is sept 27 from 12 to 6pm. Team of interviewers for FTS. Rentas heading group. Team will be interviewing HSSS, LPN, and RN. Prepared to offer jobs on the spot. Sent out flyers on the forensic site and email. Share with anyone you think would be interested. 3rd floor of admin building. Carol-would afscme like to have representation? Tim-yeah we can talk about that. Informational table. Scott-people don’t know about unions and will give more info for them.


1. Cameras in Staff Areas Only-Krystal handed out notes from years past with Scott Grefe pertaining to camera placement agreement to avoid cameras in staff only areas. Cameras are currently being placed in multiple areas on campus in staff only areas. We understand clients can get into places but we have an agreement to avoid staff only areas. We will be sending requests for review of all cameras in question. These become terms of employment to use in exonerating a staff and or using to punish staff. Carol-I am going to suggest this become a DCT item at joint. The state owns the environment. Operators can make this decision. Krystal-we can do that but we also want to have that conversation here also. Carol-it needs to be escalated. Matt-when we go to legislature we say this is all for safety. Carol-there are times that we have had incidences recently affecting these staff only areas but go ahead and put in a request.

2. One SOD for all Programs-carol- we are moving forward for that. When we laid these out, they were half funded so we are going right after the direct care first. We will be looking at OD’s after March. All four programs. This would cover all programs.

3. Kitchen bidding to days off-carol-we have an employee engagement and wellness committee for the spotlight. We will feature them this month. We are going to start capturing spotlight of staff again. Tim-retain and retention incentives better fit for joint labor management committee? This is an area that I am hearing a lot about. We are running into veteran staff who have nothing to be happy about. Vacation, etc. how to keep them positive? Carol-we talked about it hard to react to generalities. Bring back specifics. Is there other things specifically? Tim-scheduling. You used to look forward to certain days off with seniority, we don’t have that. Carol-we have to 30 year that are coordinators. Soon to be a 3rd. what does that additional coordinator mean for the schedule? These are similar to SCL. We need the presence on weekends and asked them how they would like to move forward. They came back with Fri/sat and sun/mon. Tim-have PD’s changed? Sounds like more being added. Scheduled to be on call? Carol-I don’t know anyone on call but I can ask. Tim-I am going to be redundant. The temp isn’t good and haven’t been able to bring back to them. We are going to look for solid answers. Carol-easy to give solid answers when we have the information.  Matt-when we ask for vacation we can only get vacation in 4 day window but now splitting days. They see their vacation being affected but not others. Kitchen see things being taken away from them. Kurt-vacations being approved on Tuesdays because sups have days off…comparisons. Why aren’t the kitchen being adjusted the same?

New Business Management:

1. Update on mold and the action being taken at the nursing home-carol-we caught the mold and shut off the air handling units. It ended up being a mold that is everywhere and much higher concentration outside than inside but we got in cleaned up. Tested and the percentage has dropped to an acceptable degree. We didn’t share the in for immediately at nursing home and we apologize for that. It’s actually not a concentration higher than outside but we apologize; repeat mold testing was shared to nursing home. Good catch by physical plant

2. AFSCME office in Administration-Tim-we have got started on that. We may need some help from maintenance. Carol-physical plant does not want to have to look in anything. When you have it packed, let them know what to move where. If possible, end of September. Tim-can we get a shredding bin in for paperwork? Carol-we can probably do that.

3. Communication regarding use of State Property-carol-wanted to make sure you read the posting about using social media and movie streaming because that has been noticed. James-can we have a pw for units for things that we have to access things for clients using the computer? Carol-option is to go into computer under guest network then it doesn’t get tied to you? Luke-guest network I’m not sure if you can from here. That requires a computer that you aren’t wired. Majority of unit station staff I’m not sure if that is realistic. Carol-I will look into that. Scott-process for this with patient is team reviews. Written on form and I approve it. No one is being made to do this. Carol is talking about doing things that is not attributed to work. Carol-we aren’t going to hold people accountable for using it for work related issues. Luke-when supervisors see this, are they saying anything to the staff before going in and investigating. Scott-if I notice it while doing rounds, I will go and talk to the supervisor to see if what I saw is ok. Matt-I would like to add that if we do audits, it is for all areas not just SC. Carol-we are not doing audits but if we walk in and see someone looking at dresses….we may ask the staff why are you doing that and then follow up with the supervisors. Matt-staff just feel targeted. Scott-we are aware of the concern, we aren’t doing formal follow up. I am interested in organization being successful. If something happens it can be taken out of context. We become under scrutiny. Tim-with technology, we would like to think of having a pw for staff. Scott-that could avoid responsibility. If we are on communal log in and more than one is logged on and one does something, then now they are both under scrutiny.

4. 9/26: Tentative Tour of legislative team members from our labor partners is being planned-Carol-Next Tuesday. Jasmine sent out the email and has the schedule.


1. Master Control & Campus Security Rover-a lot of people disgruntled. Tim-We would like to bring this up here. Staff around 15 year mark are not happy. Staff in community, etc. how has overall being going because I keep hearing they would like to go back how it was. Is it staffed right now? Carol-we are adding 2 additional positions there but beyond that I can’t answer. Do we need to have a follow up meeting? Tim-we like to talk about it here and we aren’t getting that. Carol-we need more info on the agenda so we can get the info. I am not in a position to answer. Luke-we talked to the staff and would like to go back to where both areas cover the rover. We would like to know if there is possibility to roll back some changes and go back and include their feedback. Carol-this was negotiated but right now we don’t have those people. We can take it back to others. We took these recommendations from afscme. Management didn’t agree but we did accommodate and now I am hearing afscme is not happy? Matt-we would like to just get staff feedback to what would make them happy because they are not happy with the changes. Tim-can we get a meeting about this? The communication is breaking down there. People have been jumping ship. Tim-frustrated that MSOP is taking over and changes haven’t been made to accommodate the movement on top of the hill. Krystal-MSOP just said last week they will be taking over October 1st. carol-they don’t have the staff for it. Krystal-this is where the frustration is. Scott-we have inversing in rover. I think there is more than previously but I haven’t gotten a call in over a week in a half. I know that some of them left for other reasons than being unhappy. I get that we have had a lot of change and need to improve the communication. Tim-we need to have a response for them. Luke-people were looking for more of an explanation of the duties as well. Carol-I can go back to TC, Dan, Brian to set up a meeting with the staff to talk about now and the future. Kurt-I was at a meeting where it was just an option to go residential. Members are upset because it got put in smallest pool possible. People were doing the math and were coming back at us. Carol-I agree you did not say to do that. We were drawing from a couple of pools to cover that then we decided to use the one pool. Kurt-yeah we suggested to put it into utility which is the biggest pool. Carol-MSOP agreed they would take over lower access booth in October. Nancy said they cannot do it because they don’t have the staff. I asked the leadership of the additional booth for ideas how to do that. We had an agreement with MSOP to do this in October but we have agreed that is not doable. Financially the money was forensics. 6 additional is not coming from what we got, it is from MSOP budget. The money we were allocated is not going to that. We have separate budgets. Scott-MSH is going through changes. Communication is important. If people have questions, please encourage them to talk to supervisors. If they are not getting answers, you can come to me or TC and Dan.  Tim-right now I don’t think this would sit well. Scott-ok, I was not aware of that. Tim-we are hearing about people signing up for 5 to 7 shifts in advance which sounds like holes. It was brought up 5 months ago and it was said “we got this” and here we are so we aren’t going to Dan again. Scott-ok, I was not aware of that. Kurt-a lot of people have been doing a lot of shifts in a row and is masking the inversing. People are taking far too many shifts. Hopefully it will cease and we can see where the issues are. Scott-I’m aware inversing is sensitive. I hear people want it all and I hear there is way too much. They could absorb existing rover into compliment. I’m not sure where that is but I agree people sign up and lessens inversing.

2. CRP/CCRP Schedule/shifts/Staff home locations-Matt-Lisa and Carrie had to see if any issues with straight 8. Lisa-I said I want to do some research on that so I am waiting till Carrie returns. Matt-I have a list of staff here that want the straight 8. Anything you guys want to do can be done with these shifts I have handed out to you even with a half hour overlap. Requiring staff to stay 5 and half hours extra with the 8 and ½ shifts. If we go to shifts I suggested it gives you a 9 hour turn-around time. Lisa-all information we are looking at and will meet with you next week. Do you want it here next month? Matt-set up a side bar meeting.  This also aligns us with MSH. The staff want it ASAP. Carol-the more info in the agenda, the more we can come prepared with answers so we can do more investigation on the issue.  CRP staff upset by not given voice on where they would work. Lisa-we heard very early that people wanted to work in certain location. We asked for some time to see how it goes and to work out bugs. We heard over and over to work in primary locations. We felt like it was a good move to make. We have primary locations for SCL and RN seniors that went well. We did not formally ask but heard informally and took into consideration. It is not permanent. There is room from movement. We took that into consideration along with their abilities and duties. It is only a primary site but not always in it, they move go back and forth sometimes.

3. 26/48 hour MOU: Where are we at?-Kurt-managements plan to discontinue? Carol-yeah, it was not negotiated. Kurt-asking management why 24 in 48 hurts management. Alli-limits management on inversing. Matt-examples of where it comes into play? Scott-one more thing to keep track of to make sure someone can be inversing. Getting call after call it can get complicated. Existing language says 24 in 48 does not impact night shift and excludes 10 hour shifts? Matt-yes, correct. Kurt-I assumed that was the response. We have an unlimited inversing pool, you can always go to the next person. I have to ask why, why not go to the next person than force two doubles? Hard to explain why you would take it away. Scott-I don’t want to minimize how complicated it gets. We had an MOU and we all agreed to it. Kurt-I understand how hectic it can get, we can take it on ourselves as well. If the time is the major thing, then it should be on us to tell them we worked a double yesterday. Carol-bottom line is it sunsets. Kurt-it was brought up in supplementals as well. It was addressed that if we aren’t willing to give up something in exchange then management would let it sunset. This was said by Melissa. Basically saying since you don’t want to give something up we are taking it from you. Willing to do MOU but then was only if you got something in return. If we are willing to take on the responsibility, why not? Carol-this isn’t a conversation that can be answered here. If it’s supplemental language. Krystal-the way we saw it was at negotiations was that we are ok with it sunsetting. We ask management look at it again to allow it. Tim-I just can’t go back to our members with it. Scott-you are describing negotiations. We want to limit reasons we cannot inverse somebody. Kurt-you guys said “if you don’t give up something, we aren’t giving this to you. Carol-we aren’t reopening negotiations at this meeting. James-so I hear there is no good reason. Carol-everything we look at in order to cover units gets complicated for OD. There are implications. I’m not saying this isn’t good from everyone. But everything adds more work into scheduling by the OD. Tim-it came from the history and we thought it was agreed upon with Melissa. We trusted that it was going to be honored until it was in negotiations with this sunset clause. Now go back to membership. Carol-you are asking us to take a look at that? Tim-yes. Kurt-people are coming at us because it was reported that there was a sunset clause and now we are the idiots. We have gone beyond contract for other things. Carol-negotiations is give n take. Both sides were giving and taking and in the end we didn’t move forward. In order to get rid of 24 in 48 we would need more information.

4. Need PPE suits on all sizes. Possible hooks for the suits for organization and efficiency-Kurt-I believe it has gotten better with contacting OSHA. Some members don’t fit into suits and contacted supervisor and that supervisor contacted other supervisor and nothing has been done 6 months ago. Give us a path we can follow. Scott-July safety meeting no one showed up. PPE equipment has been discussed and the PPE equipment is not good enough. I was told that all PPE suits do fit. Kurt-I know there are some that don’t fit. Carol-this came up in safety meeting people not satisfied. I said take to safety team and we will buy what you need. Asked to research it and I am waiting for them to tell us what product. At meeting today, I heard we have material that fist everyone. If that isn’t true, we will get it. Kurt-when I looked at minutes there were none. Somehow the communication got dropped. I was trying to follow chain of command. Carol-Go to your direct supervisor then it is escalated. Never got escalated to me but that is the chain of command. Scott- I need to know where we are at now. How many people need different size? Kurt-2 so we need 2-2xl. Scott-is there better PPE out there and do we have it in the right places? I’ll do some follow up on this. Have them reach out to me as well. I might be able to help. Kurt-this isn’t a shot at anyone that has been in it. Scott-you can talk to any supervisor.

5. Scheduling: Slow times in approving 2 week vacation requests. Still being done on Tuesdays?-Tim-communication around vacation in a smaller group. Someone not happy with how it’s progressing. Scott-had small meeting and wanted to come to this group. We are going to be changing how we grant vacation. We try to grant 17 vacations plus 4. We are going to grant vacations on day/evenings the same way we do nights. And add a vacation. 18 per day. Benefit is we have 13 units. Someone doesn’t take vacation it never gets into the pool for anyone to get to. The plus 4 doesn’t work well. Decreases the confusion. We are trying to write requirements for scheduling program and this will be cleaner. It follows contract and takes into account seniority. Cates-it limits continuity of care allowing many people on same unit to take vacation same day. Scott-we have situations where all staff are gone for training. We could put a floor on it where a certain percentage can take but we didn’t want to limit it right now. But we can look at it. Cates-anytime change vacation, people start hoarding. Scott-contract honor seniority. We have staff that use it to tie it up. This honor contract. Cates-so now the problem staff will be problem for the entire building not just the unit. Scott-we will evaluate that going forward. Cates-a lot of staff that work easy units with less seniority will get same vacation as staff on tough units. Scott-it’s a change but I also hear unhappiness with current process. My job is to do what’s best for MSH. This is done in response to some concerns. This isn’t perfect but it’s fair and clear. Kurt-seems to work on nights but night is all one work pool. People do bid to units for vacation and that’s ok. I do understand it will be an issue that we can think about. Scott-we are going to be evaluating it. Talking about the problems for years now. This won’t fix everything. Some will like it and some won’t. We will be granting as many spots as we say we are. I thought the last one would work and it didn’t so we are going to try this. We will continue to uncharge vacation days. This will streamline things for scheduling and the program will do this as well. Carol-we have one supervisor and one assistant and just recently filled those in scheduling. MSOP schedules for that one group and for what our department does is not comparable. The programmers said this is totally different.

6. AFSCME to relocate out of sunrise building-

Add Ons:

1. .8 HSSS going to full time-James-transition. Why aren’t they getting the opportunity to do so? Will you do same language as LPNs to go from .8 to full time? Only one does not want to go full time. Carol-this has to do with cost. James-same as LPNs. Carol-we will look at it and what it will cost. Alli- I requested the data from HR. carol-we aren’t going to hire people off the street to full time. Those will be posted. James-nursing home would be great too. Carol-we will be doing all HSSS. I want to see what the cost is to do this. Some will be posted and people can bid into them.

2. MSOP working on injury packets and noticed we need to update some numbers and other things. Very outdated information that needs to be updated.

3. Noticed lead leveling was posted as MSOP 1st watch on self-service. Can we switch that and push to later due date? Alli-I can check that.  Maybe we can update SharePoint to show it. Carol-Scott is taking lead on packets. Alli on lead leveling.

4. Questions if campus could do anything for hurricanes. Carol-It’s on the agenda for labor management for Monday.

5. Tim-kitchen job and contract. People are upset with contracting crews doing windows, etc. Luke-What is Prairie River? Lisa-That in particular is for a specialty client that needs 24/7 treatment.

6. Contracting out: Alli-we are not replacing anyone. We are having them used for issues we don’t have staff for. Everyone is keeping their job, not being replaced. Carol-this has not been done in years. We contracted out for really thorough cleaning of the kitchen, same with window washing. This hasn’t been done in 12 years.

Adjourn at 230pm.