9/21/10 CBHH/CARE Meeting Minutes

• Follow up Discussion: How does everyone feel the inversing situation has been going these last 3 months
o Inversing has been much better for both staff and management.
o From 6/23/10-present there has been only 13.75 hours of mandatory inverse hours. Staff has been working together to cover this and management appreciates this.

• Follow up: Has consistency returned to how RN’s are offering OT? (i.e. Last meeting there were concerns that some were offering it based on a sun-sat work week and some from a Wed-Tue. Work week.)
o Being offered from Wednesday- Tuesday.

• How have the census #’s been?
o The census varies. Last quarter it was as high as 15 and as low as 9. No hours have been reduced.
o The average stay for patients is 17 days.
o There was not much of an effect on census when the Crisis Center was closed (it is now re-opened).
Added items:
• If there is an open shift (not due to a sick call, just a hole in the schedule) that either was never filled or was created by an increase in acuity, and an RN license is not required- will it always be an AFSCME person inversed?
o The needs of the unit will be looked at- it will not always be an AFSCME staff. The schedule is sometimes being posted with holes in it due to medical leave or a rise in acuity. These open shifts are generally filled by volunteers when the schedule is posted and inversing is avoided.
• 2 injuries caused by same patient.
o There are currently 3 staff out on medical leave; 2 AFSCME staff, 1 MNA staff and 1 more MNA staff will soon be out on maternity leave. The 2 AFSCME leaves were caused by the same patient on two separate admissions. This patient was quickly transferred to Anoka.
• Will PT Night LPN position be re-posted?
o This position will be posted. The process was started on 9-13-10 and takes 10-14 days.
• Do you anticipate utilizing any supplemental/agency staff in the near future?
o Overtime between CBHH and CARE is being offered but has not been used to fill holes in scheduling before posting. Supplemental/agency staff is not being used at this point. It was looked at with medical leaves but they needed trained CBHH staff and the crisis was over before these people would have been trained.

MGMT items:
1. 2 HST Intermittents have been hired. They begin training in Anoka on October 4th then have their 10 day orientation in St. Peter. They are expected to be coverage in November which will help with overtime.

3rd Step Grievances: 1 3rd step grievance presented.
Next meeting Thursday December 9th at 1:00pm.