9/18/14 MSH Meeting Minutes

Carol Olsen, Michelle Chalin, Meghan Goodrich, Jennifer Frew, Scott Melby, Tim Headlee, Chuck Hottinger, Scott Grefe, Amanda Mathiowetz, Ryan Cates, Molly Kennedy, Mike Homer, Eric Hesse, Connie Anderson, Shannon Pech, Rochelle Fischer, Cindy Jungers, Colleen Ryan

1. Overtime Statistics/Reduction
a. In June and July there were 232 shifts for PCT training. August and September so far have 130 8 hour shifts for MSH only. Management stated that a lot of staff are fatigued from all of the inversing/overtime. They have been allowing non AFSCME staff to help with the OT. Now that we are near the end of PCT training management will be looking at how it has affected staff fatigue and the financial impact. Management has just started trying to gather information but there is nothing to share at this point. This process has just started. They will be looking at causes, inefficiencies, training, and the scheduling practices driving it. There is a hole between 1 PM and 3 PM that is being worked on with the OD’s to make sure there is coverage.
b. Can HSSS get offered the OT? Management stated that they have considered matching the two programs with HSSS’s and the two with SC’s. Both areas have a lot of OT. Human Resources will be sending a breakdown of the OT by work area to Chuck and Tim.
2. Injury Statistics
a. 10 reported in August on the OSHA log.
b. Mentioned by Scott Grefe that “days away from work” and “restricted days” stand out the most on this log. If you take that and add them up, it is 3.5 staff that aren’t available to work because of injuries.
3. Vacation usage MSH
a. Some counselors have been denied vacation outside of the posted schedule. Management said that this has been happening if they already know they are short for the day. AFSCME stated that the 28 day window has now turned into any window. There needs to be a definite direction to inform the members.
b. 1 vacation per 10 staff is what was in mind. That would equal roughly 2 per unit. While we are short on staff management has been making sure that there is 1 on every unit. Will this be a short term issue or a long term one? Per Scott Melby it is not their intention for it to be long term. Scott stated that he will be talking to the scheduling office.
c. Vacation needs to be granted on staffing needs, not staffing needs plus overtime. This is what the contract is based on.
4. Cameras/Monitors
a. Cameras have been installed on Unit 800 but are still waiting on the monitor for the Unit Station. As of this morning (September 18th) cameras are not yet recording. The monitors will not be staffed.
b. Unit 900 will be next. Staff where asked for input on placement. Carol reported that staff felt good about where the cameras were at.
c. After that it will be Unit 700 and some Common Areas. The Courtyard is not camera’ed up but is on the list.
d. Request to have TTS’s reiterate to patients what is going on.
5. Admission Unit Construction
a. Expect construction on the new building to start next week. They will be doing some things with the fence on CRP next week. Transition flooring is being laid in the lobby. There is also flooring being laid in Tomlinson. There have been additional AC units placed in the kitchen.
b. Break rooms for staff are being remodeled. This is for staff to have their 15 minute breaks. Nothing has changed with that language. The goal is to remodel and make additional break rooms between 700 and 600 (where nurses were meeting for a short time).
c. Outeryard fencing will be taken down and used on a different yard. This will be the first thing taken down. The new Outeryard will be smaller and will have to be used for about 2 years,
d. What will staff stations look like? It will be open but not totally open. If someone is coming and will need to go to 800 or 900 they will be admitted to the admissions area. If anything happens that patient will be moved to the crisis unit. This will be staffed with 2 Security Counselors and 1 RN. Permission was just given to post these positions. It will be individually staffed but will be tied to Units 800 and 900. If there are no patients, the staff will go where needed. The unit will have the ability to take vacation like any other unit. An AGS position will be posted for the admissions unit who will report to a TTS and there will be 1 additional Social Worker. This is supposed to be completed by December.
e. Bartlett and Sunrise will need to be vacant by the end of Phase 1 with construction.
6. Events of September 17th
a. There were two serious incidents, 1 in Bartlett and the other on Unit 800 that resulted in staff injuries. Management would like to say that everyone did a very good job with these difficult situations and appreciate the work done.
1. CRP/100: Pt & Staff Injuries
a. There is a lot of concern by staff over 1 specific patient that has a 3 to 1. This patient is very active and quick. Staff are wondering what sort of barrier will be used. Management see’s that it will benefit to create space between this specific patient and other patients/staff. Initially a wall was requested then a curtain but there is concerns about sidelines. Management is seeking approval to build a book shelf 4 feet high with a table in the center enabling the patient to play board games. This would be between the staff and the patient. He can quickly leap over the table but this will allow time for staff to react. There will not be a block of view and this will be a see through shelf. Management is hoping it will create a spot where he is separated and is his own space. This idea came from working with staff and safety officers. It is realized that this will not solve everything and is just an option. If the shelf fails to work, it can easily be removed. It is not intended to corral staff with this patient. Finding a more suitable facility for this patient is still being worked on.
2. Training: Random Unit Observations
a. Security Counselor Leads are now being used to do these observations. It appears to Counselors that we are now supervising each other. Management stated that this is not what the Random Unit Observation sheet is for and the reason why SCL’s are being used is because they need more auditors. It started with TTS’s because they are the OD’s at night but it has gotten difficult to get to every unit.
b. SC’s feel targeted by this. One reason is because of the verbiage on the form. Management stated, “Point well taken and we will continue to make changes to the form.” One of the struggles with forms it making it so everyone can understand it. Not all of the auditors are from here so management is trying to make sense of the staff to those who are not familiar with this facility,
c. Random observations are required to fulfill Term 8. This was put on the SharePoint site yesterday, September 17th. The goal is to try to capture the things that licensing had concerns about. They are not intended to be supervision and no one will get in trouble from what is on these reports. Management stated to think of it as a See Sheet on the units, a snapshot of time. This will help us share with licensing that we are out on the units and interacting. This is a way to capture data. Nothing has been done with the data yet and won’t be until there is 3 months’ worth. After that, management will look at lowering the frequency. Management stated that they know the hard work that staff are doing, this will help show that.
d. Melby stated that if all staff are in the office he assumes a meeting is taking place and recognized that staff need to be in the office to talk to each other.
e. Tim Headlee pointed out the issue with “Eye Contact” on the form and that some patients do not like this.
3. Contract LPN’s
a. There should not be contract nurses getting FT status when the positions through the state are only part time. Offering fulltime would help with staff retention and getting new staff. Management stated that these are good points and will take a look at it. Management will be getting a copy of the contract to AFSCME.
4. Vacation Rescinding
a. CRP has been getting denied when trying to rescind vacation while staff are being inversed for that shift. This is currently being grieved. Supplemental language is consistent with 5 consecutive vacation days would need to be rescinded two weeks ahead of time but 1 day can be rescinded 24 hours in advance.
b. Transition night staff are being scheduled day shifts because day shift is short. This is not allowed by the contract. Colleen will be looking at this.
5. MSH: Organizational Chart (Titles and Roles)
a. One Term talked about strengthening the unit organization executive team. Management is close to rolling some things out.
b. Really trying to delineate how a TTS can guide and manage expectations for the hallway staff and work with the unit. Cohesiveness with the disciplines will help. This will create better communication on the unit.
6. Bartlett Hall: Patient and staff ratios
a. There is a big concern among staff because they had heard an audit was being done to see if we can run with less staff. Scott Melby said that this is not true. An audit is being done because he has been approached by staff stating that they need more staff at certain times and weekends. Jennifer Carlstrom is working on this. Management needs to know exactly when we need more staff
b. Staff in Bartlett has been making sure that whoever is A-Team is not working alone so they can respond to an ICS. Per Scott Melby this does not have to be done. If you are A-Team and alone, radio to the Incident Command that you are unable to respond. The Incident Command can call for B-Team and if they are unable to respond, call for any available staff.
7. MSH: 6-2 rotations starting next year?
a. Scott Melby stated that he does not know where this information is coming from. Management is not working on a 6-2 schedule. AFSCME pointed out that to work with this clientele 6 days in a row along with inversing would be trying and compromise safety.