9/15/16 Local 404 General Membership Meeting Minutes

Present:  Adam Castle, Stacey Mueller, Jeff Barnes, Connie Anderson, James Hemshrot, Ryan Cates, Eric Hesse, Tim Headlee, Antonino Guerrero, Matt Stenger, Marvin Sullivan, Kurt Crosby, Justin Racek, Gus Grau, Melissa Grau, Jill Gatzke, Kristy Christianson, Shawn Kennedy, Karla Hersberg, Joann Holden

1.Secretary’s Report: -Jill Gatzke presentation for AFSCME donation for the St. Peter kitchen to provide meals for Senior Citizens, children, and others. -Hesse Motion to donate 1200 the kitchen, 2nd by Shawn Kennedy. Motion Passes -The Kitchen is located at Trinity Church in St. Peter

2. Treasurer-Antonio Guerrero/Connie Anderson: STATEMENT OF INCOME AND EXPENSES FOR MONTH ENDING August 2016 CASH BALANCE BEGINNING OF MONTH: $45185.74 INCOME FOR THE MONTH: $5483.18 EXPENSES FOR THE MONTH: $6421.98 CASH BALANCE ENDING OF MONTH: $44246.94 SUBMITTED BY: Connie Anderson/Antonino Guerrero

3. Correspondence: Eric Hesse presented Contract Proposals to the membership for voting. Here are the results Article 5 – Hours of Work *Eliminate the word “scheduled” from the turnaround time rule in Section 3C to read “The number of hours between shifts shall not be less than seven and a half (7 ½) hours. *Increase the rest period before next shift language from 15 minutes to 30 minutes *Add to Part-Time Employees: “Part-time employees will receive at least one consecutive two day weekend off that is set for every pay period.” *Remove “the notice period required in Section 1(c)” in Section 1B with “a twenty-eight (28) day notice to the local union and employees effected by schedule changes” to read: “The Appointing Authority may change the starting or ending times of an existing shift up to and including two (2) hours after providing a twenty-eight (28) day notice to the local union and employees effected by schedule changes” Article 6 – Overtime *$100 bonus for LPN’s for picking up overtime on the weekend, per shift *$100 bonus for working scheduled days off *The seniority list must be gone through in its entirety before resetting when inversing *Implement an “incentive” for people who get mandated overtime for the 2nd time in a pay period so they get paid double and a half time. *Up the compensatory bank to 200 hours from 150 hours *AFSCME overtime will be granted to out of the building staff whom have expressed interest before AFSCME overtime is granted outside of AFSCME *Work areas will not be defined for overtime purposes as an individual or group of shifts. *Change the mileage reimbursement in Call Back language to “from what location they are located at when they receive the call to return back to work” from “their home” Article 7 – Holidays *Add St. Patrick’s Day (March 17th) to observed holidays Article 8 – Vacation Leave *Remove the language in Section 2F Maximum Accruals *Remove “Extended Vacation Requests” language *If you are part-time and you have the pay period off as vacation, you should only have to use vacation leave rates to equal your employment status. *Increase the accrual rate of vacation by 1 hour for each length of service tier *Strike the word “posted” from language in Section 3 to read: “However an employee may request vacation which commences more than six (6) months in advance if a request contains days which are within six (6) months.” *If you request your current days off to be included with vacation surrounding your current days off and they approve the vacation days they have to also approve your current days off with it. Article 9 – Sick Leave *Implement a yearly bonus of $300 for those who do not call in sick for the entire year *Establishment of a Sick Leave Donation Program *If you do not call in sick for a six month period, you will receive one day of vacation time added to your vacation leave balance. Article 10 – Leaves of Absence *Double the amount of Military Leave days to 30 *If you have FMLA, you may use your vacation leave or compensatory bank hours before using sick leave *6 weeks of paid paternal leave for both parents Article 11 – Job Safety *Add the words “and workplace violence” after “the prevention of accidents” in Section 1 *Add the language in Section 3C of “An employee has the right to not return to work immediately after being treated for an injury to complete a first report of injury and/or accident form and may complete such forms when they are physically and mentally able to do so.” *Strike the words “upon the request of the Local Union” in Section 3H to read: “When infectious or contagious diseases are diagnosed among the inmate, resident, or Academy student population, the Appointing Authority shall meet promptly with the Local Union to determine what steps, if any, are necessary to educate employees about the diseases and to determine what steps, if any, are necessary to safeguard the health and safety of the employees as well as the inmates, residents, and students.” Article 12 – Vacancies, Filling of Positions *Temporary employees will be able to fill permanent position vacancies within the work area if the employee volunteers to fill the vacancy instead of posting the position for outside hiring *Add “An unlimited part-time employee with full Employer insurance contribution may be able to bid on an unlimited full-time vacancy within a period of six (6) months following the date upon which an employee is hired or exercised a successful bid.” Article 16 – Discipline and Discharge *Coaching sessions/corrective conversations will be removed from your file after six (6) months *Strike the language regarding oral reprimands not being grievable *Strike the language of being able to take vacation away from leave balance in lieu of suspending you with unpaid leave *Any material entered into your supervisory file (coaching sessions/corrective conversations) will be made known to the employee by their supervisor before being entered into your file *Change Step 2 in Section 7C to read: “a written record of a suspension of three (3) days or less provided that no further disciplinary action has been taken against the employee for two (2) years from the effective dates of the suspension,” and add a new step 3 to read: “a written record of a suspension of ten (10) days or less but more than three (3) days provided that no further disciplinary action has been taken against the employee for three (3) years from the effective dates of the suspension.” *All letter of expectations shall have an expiration date of 6 months or less from the implementation of the letter of expectation. If the employee has not met the expectations laid out in the letter, the letter of expectation can be extended for up to an additional six (6) months. If the employee’s supervisor has not met the supervisory expectations laid out in the letter at any time during the duration of the letter of expectation, the letter of expectation will be terminated and removed from the employee’s personnel files. The letter of expectation will be removed from the employee’s personnel files at the satisfactory completion of the expiration date. *A letter of expectation will not be implemented alongside of a discipline *A coaching session or corrective conversation cannot be referenced in an employee’s performance review Article 17 – Grievance Procedure *In Section 6, delete the words “the Union or its agents may elect to treat the grievance as denied at that step and immediately appeal the grievance to the next step” and have the language read: “If the Appointing Authority does not answer a grievance or an appeal thereof within the specified time limits, the grievance will be considered granted.” Article 18 – Wages *You may transfer forty (40) hours of vacation time to your deferred compensation plan a fiscal year *You get paid shift differential if you work a shift differential eligible shift regardless if it’s pre-assigned or not *Shift differential of 5% of wage for any shift that includes hours after 5pm regardless of what you were scheduled *Shift differential of 10% of wage for any shift that includes hours after 10pm *Remove the language in Section 7 of “Employees working the regular day schedule who are required to work overtime or who are called back to work for special projects shall not be eligible for the shift differential.” *Salary increases of 10% each year of the contract *You receive an additional $50 for each class you teach *Up the percentage of unused sick time you get in a Health Savings Plan when you retire from 35% to 70% *Remove the 240 hour cap on Injured on Duty pay *Any employee that is injured while on duty due to an aggressive and/or intentional or overt act of a person, or which is incurred while attempting to apprehend or take into custody such person, and that requires the employee to seek or an employee voluntarily seeks medical attention at an emergency room or an urgent care facility after such act, shall be paid for their time at the medical facility at an overtime rate until they are discharged from such facility if such time surpasses the end of their scheduled shift *Up the state-paid deferred compensation contribution from $175 to $350 per fiscal year Article 19 – Insurance *Health club or gym membership reimbursement through insurance program *55 retirement eligibility changed so that people who have previous years of service do not have to complete the 5 consecutive years of service in order to retire at 55 for insurance eligibility *The State of Minnesota to drop Eide Bailey as our health account manager Article 20 – Expense Allowances *The employer will offer student loan debt relief of $200 a month or $2400 a year Article 24 – Management Rights *Delete language in its entirety Article 31 – Labor/Management Committees *Labor Management Meetings (Meet and Confers) will be considered a Labor Management Committee and the Appointing Authority will make every reasonable effort to schedule the Local Union’s officers and executive board members to attend the meetings on a paid status. Article 32 – Workers’ Compensation *Strike the words “but not to create a job just to provide employment” from Section 1B *Change Section 3 to read: “Benefits provided under Article 19 will continue if the employee is off the State payroll due to a work-related injury or work related disability and is receiving or is eligible to receive Worker’s Compensation payments.” Supplemental Agreements – ALL *Change the overtime distribution language to read: “If you work seventy-five percent (75%) time or more, you cannot be assigned mandatory overtime between the last scheduled shift before your day/days off and your next scheduled shift.” *If you are granted vacation, you cannot pick up overtime on the early, late, or overnight shifts for that day *Vacation on current day(s) off are automatically rescinded at the two month mark as those days off won’t be changing within the two months. *Take away the limit on mutualling into doubles *If you volunteer for overtime twice in a pay period, it makes you ineligible to be inversed that pay period *Remove the language of “If you work 10 hours shifts, this language does not apply,” for the 24 in 48 hour language *Define emergency in the overtime language as specific and detailed as possible *Replace the words “a reasonable” with “every” so the language reads: “Management will make every effort to schedule one Local Union Officer, Executive Board Member, or steward from each scheduling unit for an early shift once a month on the day of the Local Union meeting.” *Remove the word “unreasonably” from the language so it reads: “You will be allowed time to clean up and/or change your clothes if you become soiled. Your supervisor will not deny you permission for this.” *Remove the word “on-duty” from the language so it reads: “Offer the overtime to employee(s) in the selected class(es) who are capable in the same work area and have put in writing his/her interest in the shift (most senior to least) until the work is accepted.” *Delete the language in the Hours of Work-Full-Time Employees supplemental language of “Departures from the above listed scheduling patterns/practices shall be implemented pursuant to Master Language.” *Change language in Employee List supplemental language to read “every month” instead of “every six (6) months” *Add the word “your” to Supplemental language on Hours of Work, Work Period to read: “Your schedule may be temporarily changed for your training, staff development, informational meetings, team meetings, and special projects.” *Eliminate the bidding to a different Appointing Authority vacation language in its entirety *Add language defining when the employees are to be let go from overtime. “If any employee(s) are on overtime status, the employer will offer to release the employee(s) from duty as follows: If the employee(s) are on an inverse, they will be released from duty from most senior to least, and then employees that are on voluntary overtime from least senior to most.” *In Discipline section, change “may” to “will” to have language read “Management shall initiate a developmental plan for performance related issues prior to imposing discipline.” Then add “The developmental plan will only be initiated for up to six months and will be removed from the employee’s personnel files after satisfactory completion of the plan. The developmental plan can be extended for up to six months if the employee does not meet the satisfactory expectations of the plan. If the developmental plan has expectations from the employee’s supervisor, the developmental plan will be discontinued and removed from the employee’s personnel files if the expectations are not met at any time by the supervisor. A developmental plan will not be implemented alongside of a discipline.” *Refine language for Work Period to “Your supervisor must give you at least twenty-eight (28) days’ notice before permanently changing your scheduling pattern and/or days off,” and add to CBHH/CARE supplemental *To cancel a vacation of five (5) or more consecutive days, you must give notice to your supervisor a minimum of four (4) weeks before the first day of the posting period in which the vacation occurs Supplemental Agreements – CARE/CBHH *Add in Scheduling Posting “Your schedule may temporarily change for these activities that are scheduled for you.” *Remove the “Reduction to Part-time” language in its entirety *Remove “(For St. Peter Region Only)” after Unpaid Leaves of Absences *Add MSH/MSOP/CRP/FNH/FTS Employee List supplemental language Supplemental Agreements – CRP *Add CBHH/CARE language for expression of interest for bidding on positions *Add MSH/MSOP language of Seniority for Security Counselors and Leads Supplemental Agreements – Buildings/Grounds *Change the language for overtime to read that it will be given out by seniority each time, not rotated through Supplemental Agreements – Nursing Home/Transition *Add the mutual to double language from MSH/CRP/MSOP supplemental *If an overtime spot becomes available for a certain class, the certain class will be mandated the overtime before another class. *(Transition Only) Add the words “regardless of shift” after “(most senior to least) in overtime distribution language *Add CBHH/CARE language for expression of interest for bidding on positions Supplemental Agreements – MSH *Add CBHH/CARE language for expression of interest for bidding on positions Supplemental Agreements – MSOP *Employees who are required business casual clothing will get a yearly stipend *Add CBHH/CARE language for expression of interest for bidding on positions

7. Officer Reports

President-Tim Headlee:

VP-Matt Stenger:

VP- Eric Hesse: I’ve been slowly working my way into transitioning into my new role as Vice President – Steward Coordinator. I am excited for the new opportunity and hope to serve in this position to the best of my ability. To the folks at the Nursing Home and Transition, your new Chief Steward will be James Hemshrot, but feel free to contact me as well if you have any questions or concerns. It was a pleasure working with all of you as your Chief Steward. For MSOP, Mike Homer, Molly Kennedy, and I will be splitting the duties that the Chief Steward does, so please feel free to contact one of us. I am planning on organizing a Steward Training in the upcoming months (hoping for November), so if you have any interest in becoming a steward, keep an eye out for the upcoming announcement on the date and location. I am also hoping to hold another Contract Training for current stewards or to those that would like to know more about the contract and how it works. I’m hoping by December to have this in the plans. For the past month, I’ve filed quite a few grievances and sat some investigations regarding ETL use. I urge all of you to keep an eye on your accruals, especially your sick leave balance, since management is taking a hard stance against ETL use.

Executive Board James Hemshrot:

Stacey Mueller: I have been attending Wage Inequity meetings at AFSCME for the past few months.  We have taken a look at what the wages are and also incentive wages for new staff coming in, if they have previous experience.  At this time HST’s, HSSS’s are being given the most attention as there has been a trend with in MSOCS in pay inequity.  I brought forward concerns about the LPN’s, and issues that we have with hiring, and retaining our experienced LPN’s.  It has been proposed to talk to MMB about how we can change language within our contract to offer incentive/retention increases for LPN’s.  It will have to be brought through at the time of renegotiating our new contracts.  I was told that in the past it has not been very successful and that LPN’s did receive an increase within the past 2 contracts.  I think the focus now, is trying to get some language changes in the next contract so that we can offer incentives to keep our very good qualified LPN’s here on Campus, and not have to watch them walk out the door, for a job elsewhere, that will pay them what they are worth!!  I continue to work on the staffing proposals. There was an agreement to move the work we have started in the staffing committee to Labor Management Committee.  As most of you know, there was a huge proposal for staffing funding.  We did not receive any money or even the money for the Bonding of the second phase of the new building.  Management is now on hold until January to see if there will be any special sessions or forthcoming bonding money.  At about that same time we will be going into Contract negotiations for the 2017-2019 Contract.  We can have Delegates who attend those negotiations.  If you would like to be a delegate, I highly recommend going to these negotiations. It is a long process, but it is also a great experience to see how the Contract proposals and language are fought for!! Watch for upcoming announcements for Delegates, if you think you may be interested in FIGHTING for our next contract please sign-up!!  You are compensated for your time and mileage while you attend!!

CS MSH/Transition Ryan Cates:

CS CBHH / CARE & MSOP: Luke Frederick:

CS FACILITY SUPPORT Mike Homer: This last month I have been continuing to work on issues in the Main kitchen as well as sitting some investigations.  I had a step one grievance that was won and will be putting in a step three on a different issue.

CS Nursing Home: James Hemshrot: Presented two step 1s, one step 2, and 2 step 3 grievances. Also had one non cert.

CS MSH / CRP / Nursing Nights: Kurt Crosby:

Council 5 Field Representative Joann Holten:

Adjourned at 1:10 AM