9/13/12 Local 404 General Membership Meeting Minutes

Present: Andrew Jones, Connie Anderson, Ann Sullivan, Shannon Pech, Matt Stenger, Tom Card, Chuck Carlson, Kevin Graves, Randy Erickson, Michelle Rodning, Dustin Schipper, Mike Homer, Molly Kennedy, Jamie Sheppard, Shawn Kennedy, Lisa Spurr, Sam Arneson, Scott Grefe, Tamera Weller, Eric Ridout, Marlowe Grau, Jason Scrabeck, and Bob Ratzlaff

I. Call to order @ 4:40 pm  

II. Introduction of Officers  

III. Secretary Jones - Approval of minutes from last meeting. Motion to accept and subject to review by: Molly Kennedy and second by Matt Stenger then carried.  

IV. Correspondence a) First Report of Injury - 11 b) SEPC Hospitality Room – Motion to donate $200 by Sam Arneson, second by Shannon Pech and then carried. c) National Scholarship Information  

V. Local 404 New Business a) Council 5 2012 Convention Delegate election – Motion to pay mileage for delegates by Ann Sullivan and second by Sam Arneson then carried. Carpooling is encouraged. Currently scheduled to attend: Ryan Cates, Chuck Carlson, Kevin Graves, Ann Sullivan, Molly Kennedy, Rich Delestre, Jamie Sheppard, Eric Hesse, Michael Homer, Michelle Rodning, Adam Courtland, Adam Castle, Amanda Mathiowetz, Brian Wells, John Collins, Sam Arneson, Jean Sandland, Connie Anderson, Nate Herme, and Shawn Kennedy b)

VI. Officer reports a) Presidents report 1) Joint Forensic Division Labor Management Meeting 2) CBHH Labor Management Meeting – 9/28/12 – refer to minutes 3) Forensic Division Labor Management Meeting - 9/13/12 – refer to FD minutes 4) Morrow/Olson Meeting 9/7 – Planned event 5) Olson Meeting 9/4  

B) Vice President Knobbe – Nothing to report  

C) Vice President/Steward Coordinator Kennedy Please be aware of the vacation calendar and when you are rescinding vacation. Recently, there has been many days on the calendar rescinded after the schedule is posted, or within 14 days. 792 hours were rescinded May 1 – Sept. 1. Please be aware of vacation you have, and if you need to rescind, try to do it in a timely manner. We are in the process of planning a fall picnic, and are open to ideas. Pulled Pork sandwiches, smoking a hog, side dishes, many yard games, and other entertainment options for the kids were discussed. We are thinking about renting Sibley Park’s is the red barn for the location. A motion was made by Molly Kennedy to have a spending limit of $2000 for the picnic, second by John Collins and then carried.

D) Treasurer Anderson STATEMENT OF INCOME AND EXPENSES FOR MONTH ENDING Aug 2012 CASH BALANCE BEGINNING OF MONTH: $ 28444.06 INCOME FOR THE MONTH: $ 20561.88 EXPENSES FOR THE MONTH: $ 682.54 CASH BALANCE ENDING OF MONTH: $ 48323.40 SUBMITTED BY: Connie Anderson Accepted subject to audit motion by: Molly Kennedy and second by Marlowe Grau E) Chief Steward Headlee – Nothing to Report F) Chief Steward Graves – Nothing to Report G) Chief Steward Tubbs – Nothing to report  

H) Chief Steward Stenger

This month there have been 7 investigations all lead to no forms of discipline. There was also a three day discipline overturned. I have been working with the nursing department on coverage and job duties while in the dental clinic. MSOP has also started the new AMS systems. We have had many discussions with management about the increase in alarms that have been overwhelming the control center. We have been advocating to trying and get an additional person added to at least the third watch to help with the work load. In solidarity Matt Stenger

I) Chief Steward Pech – 1 investagation in process right now. Had meeting with management and staff and conversations are positive with good things coming down the pipeline.  

J) Executive Board – Collins Hello Members, I have now been off work on IOD status for 10 months. Recently I began doing some light duty but it looks like it will be at least a few more months until I am back on a unit. I have continued to do what I can as a union officer as it appears our strength and resolve are needed now more than ever. In MSH we continue to have to deal with the sad reality of each day coming to work and wondering if you will be hurt by a patient. I had a meeting with Assistant Commissioner Anne Barry two weeks ago in St. Paul. She indicated to me some agreement on the issues presented and also that our CEO Carol Olson needs help and is looking for it. Chuck and I then met with Carol shortly after that and effusively offered our help and suggested solutions to lingering issues. Unfortunately it appears that much of that help and none of the solutions offered were seriously considered. Which leads us to today’s announcement from management regarding MSH security counselors being moved to a 6-2 rotation and everything that comes with that. It is a moment of truth for us. My sense is that we as a group are beyond a tipping point with our frustration. We told management today that it feels like the best thing they have going for them is the bad economy and job market, because with that we felt like people would be leaving in droves. I got a sense that for many people the bad economy doesn't even matter anymore and without any clear sign of hope for change, people are ready to move on to less frustrating pastures. I also believe that members who work in MSH will do some pretty simple math if the 6-2 rotation is implemented. The most important difference at that time between us and MSOP will only be that they are not assaulted on a regular basis. With that math and resulting equation in front of people I see a significant bidding exodus occurring down to the MSOP program. So...we have a moment of truth in front of us. We can fight this with every ounce of energy and resource we have or we can roll over and be road kill. And when I say fight "this", I am referring to is not just the 6-2 rotation but every last one of the 35-plus items included on this week’s Meet & Confer agenda. Our best chance for winning is of course having all hands on deck. We have identified actions for us to take and offer everyone ways in which they can help. I am not a big believer in the cliché that a union is only as strong as its weakest member. I prefer to think that a union is only as strong as the strength its multitudes can bring to the table. I will be out in front I assure you. When I look to my right and left who will be there with me?  

K) Executive Board – Castle – Nothing to Report L) Executive Board – Sullivan – Nothing to Report  

VII. Items from the Membership Dustin Schipper discussed the vacation calendar issues in MSOP, and the possibility of changing the vacation process. Dustin proposed it still be seniority based, but allow each employee to request 2 weeks off at their request, moving down the seniority roster. After every employee has put in for their 2 weeks for the year, the vacation calendar would operate as it always has. This would allow every employee to have a 2 full weeks of vacation granted during the year. Currently no contractual changes can be made until our contract is voted on in January, but the local is open to see what members think about a change to the vacation process. Dustin also mentioned stopping employees ability to rescind once the within 14 days, as this has become a problem. This is also a negotiating item, and the local is always open to feedback on issues.  

VIII. CLU delegate Report AFSCME political organizer Tamera Weller is looking for any members who would like to volunteer to phone banks and/or door knocking. With the November elections coming up soon, it is very important to vote for politicians that support public workers and the hard work we do.  

IX. Social Committee/Good and Welfare  

X. Council 5 Field Representative and President emeritus Scott Grefe Council 5 Convention is going to have a non-perishable food drop off to help out Crystal Sugar Workers who have been locked out of work for many months now.  

XI. Door /Progressive Drawings Congratulations to the Progressive Drawing winner: Connie Anderson XII. Motion to Adjourn @ 6:11 pm