9/10/15 MSOP Meeting Minutes

Present: Molly Kennedy, Tim Headlee, Amanda Mathiowetz, Bonnie Wold, Liz Barbo, Tim Lokensgard, Troy Sherwood, Julie Whited, Zacharie Sowieja, Jen Montgomery, Ken Stewart, Terry Kniesel


1. 5/2 Rotation a. Moose Lake was talking to their members and feel a 5/2 rotation would help with staff retention. Management said that they would take a look at this. b. Staff would also like to see duty free breaks go away. Management stated that the half hour is needed for transition.

2. Staff Roster for Master Control so they know who is in the building a. Moose Lake talked about this at the previous month’s Meet & Confer. Control Center stated that a roster would help staff safety. Being able to have a roster to see who is in and out of the building would help. Management stated that this will not help tell you who is in the building. b. Management stated that when everyone gets on the new scheduling program, it will help. Also, key reports should give a fairly accurate report on who is in the perimeter. c. Management stated that they know it is a serious issue and one of our biggest concerns. It is an ongoing thing that is being worked on.

3. TV’s for the secure breakrooms a. Management stated that MSOP does not have the resources available. b. management stated that they would consider it if staff would like to purchase them. Bonnie Wold mentioned AFSCME could ask other unions (i.e. MAPE) to join.

4. New scheduling program update a. Currently the new scheduling program has a test and development site that Rob, Cheryl, and John Haller are working with. They are currently working on creating the rosters and virtually running two parallel programs. Once they have the roster in place with all posts and positions then it will run like phoenix testing. b. IT is working on building a production environment that will sit somewhere on a server and it will mirror the test environment. c. Vendors will be on the sites the week of October 4th. d. IT is also working on how the program will be available anywhere. Getting it out there is part of the whole package so it will eventually happen but it is a big security problem having the program at a home server instead of the intranet. It will get squared away but may take time, around 3 months or so. IT is trying to figure out if users should go in to their own URL or if it is going to be on the MMB site as a link. e. Hope to be live sometime in October.

5. 1st watch conversation about mail distribution (at roll call on staff appreciation day) after being addressed at the last Labor/Management meeting (Moose Lake) a. Staff do not feel comfortable with this. At a recent Moose Lake meeting Security Counselors were told that the mail distribution has to be 100%. Management stated that the purpose was to acknowledge the work that staff do by distributing mail. b. The other purpose was to see if there is something wrong in the process and to improve it if necessary. We need to know if there is a data breach. If something is put in the wrong client’s mail box that is not a data breach, unless it is legal mail or medical related mail. c. AFSCME pointed out that there is a huge liability by having client’s mailboxes outside of their room unlocked. Clients have the ability to access these mail boxes. Management said that clients have the ability to lock their mail box if they choose to.

6. Clarification on keeping staff after their assigned shifts a. An inverse is considered anytime staff have to stay past their shift, even if it is 1 minute. b. To be paid for overtime staff must be forced to stay 7.5 minutes past their scheduled shift.

7. Forced overtime. OD’s allowing some staff to end their overtime shift at 9 PM while other OD’s keeping those staff until 10:30 PM. A 5 AM kitchen coverage staff was forced at 1:30 PM and ended up staying until 10:30 PM, having to return at 4:00 AM the next morning. (Moose Lake) a. This is a short turnaround time. Management at Moose Lake stated that this is unfortunate and asked for the specific date so they can talk to the situation specifically. b. Moose Lake AFSCME asked if management would keep different shifts (i.e. those working 7am – 3:30 pm) if it fit the overtime needs. Moose Lake management said that they will talk to the OD’s. c. Is there a way for a shift outside of the set watch’s to sign up for subsequent shift overtime? As of right now a 7-3 shift can only sign up for advanced overtime.

8. HIMS losing a staff in St. Peter and how many can we hire (St. Peter) a. HIMS at both sites are very short staffed. They are trying to work as a team but they need staff and do not feel like they are being heard. Jen Montgomery stated that staff in Moose Lake cannot continue to pick up the duties of one staff lost. b. There are 8 HIMS staff in Moose Lake and 2 in St. Peter. Believe they need 4. c. The HIMS staff believe a 4 – 10 hour shift schedule would work best for their department. They have mapped out a schedule and sent it to Jessica Guile. By being here before and after clinical staff, HIMS will have a chance to get more done.

9. Dead bids on 2nd watch (St. Peter) a. There is currently a dead 8am -4:30pm shift bid as a rec post. Since this is vacancy has hit the 3 bid lid. That makes it dead and that means it would be given to a new employee. This is very rare. AFSCME mentioned that it would be a shame if a shift like this went to a new employee rather than a current employee who would like a spot on 2nd watch. b. Could there be an MOU? Tim Lokensgard said that the thought process is the business need and we have to get people hired. The problem with an MOU is if we open it up for one more round, who’s to say a 2nd watch staff does not take it. An MOU would open it up to round 1. Also, if we permanently reassign that too leaves a vacancy. c. Tim Headlee mentioned that in MSH they are starting a float pool for new hires. Not many details are known right now. It is with a committee right now.

10. New contract voted in, and going over some of the items before it goes into effect. Example: vacation of 14 days can be granted one year out; bidding across appointing authority and vacation being taken away. Bringing a copy to go through. (St. Peter) a. Assuming it will get voted through. There are some things in the supplemental language that contradict the master language that will need to be cleared up. Because the contract cannot be talked about until it passes, this conversation will happen at a later date.

11. With GA East and GA West population being close to a regular unit now; can creating two more lead positions for each unit be looked in to? (St. Peter) a. Management stated that it is definitely something they are considering. Staffing patterns at both sites are being looked at. The CPS staff will not be an additional staff, it will be a reallocation. One CPS staff would be converted to a lead position. Management stated that it is highly likely that staffing will change with growth and would let AFSCME know.

12. Lead Leveling a. The criteria is being changed. It has been awhile. As of right now the process has been developed. There is a hang up with MSH because it needs to be the same. b. It is going to be a more objective process. It will be more on employee responsibility; on their initiative. SC Leads at both sites took some courses that are being looked at and gave their input on if it accurately depicted what is involved with being a lead. The staff would register for online classes geared towards leadership styles. c. In order to be a lead employees would have to take the classes, have the years of service, and have good evaluations. The employee would then automatically be eligible for a lead position. d. Molly Kennedy asked why AFSCME was not involved with this process. It has been common practice that AFSCME would have an input when changing the criteria. Management stated that they did not know why they weren’t included. Molly stated that she would address this with Cindy Jungers.


1. Court Cases a. Yesterday there was a case concerning a Moose Lake staff in Carlton County. The staff plead guilty to bribery for smuggling in a cell phone for a client last July. Sentencing will be October 28th. Not sure on sentencing but the former staff did not take a plea deal. b. Management would like to acknowledge the OSI team for all of their work done with this case. c. Moose Lake AFSCME thanked management for pursuing these charges.

2. Hospital Coverage OT a. There will be a Moose Lake client who currently is at Essentia in Duluth in need of an extended hospital stay at Bethesda in St. Paul of a couple months. Because this client will be coming to St. Peter when he is done, both sites thought it would be best to share the overtime burden. The hospital coverage is at a location that is in the middle of Moose Lake and St. Peter. b. OT would alternate weekly between sites. Do not know exactly what it will look like or what the transition day will be. It will be a 12 hour shift. c. The Executive Team is working with Security at the hospital. There will be a parking pass. Management stated that they would like to avoid petty cash handling. A process that was done before will most likely be used. Jason Anderson will send the information to Molly Kennedy.

3. New Employee Orientation a. In an effort to keep the momentum there was a November class added. This has not been done in the past because of the holidays but we need staff. Hopefully this will help.

4. Calling in Sick and FMLA a. Reminder: when calling in sick to the OD, please state if you are calling in sick or FMLA so it gets coded correctly. The OD will not ask. b. AFSCME asked what an employee should say if they are calling in for a family member? Management stated that they are not asking. The employee should code it properly in their time book. c. When calling in FMLA and the employee has numerous FMLA’s, please specify. For example, “I am calling in FMLA 2.” d. Often times if an employee calls in and time books are due, the supervisor cannot fill them out properly. e. Management stated that it will become extremely easy to call in with the new scheduling program.

5. Staff Appreciation September 15th a. The Employee Engagement Committee received feedback from employees that they did not like it in front of Pexton. That is why the location was changed. b. There will be a survey. Please leave your feedback!