8/21/17 MSH Meeting Minutes

Present: James Hemshrot, Adam Castle, Matt Stenger, Alli Kuhlman, Carol Olsen, Lisa Duchene, Michelle Chalin, Carol Olsen, Scott Melby, Krystal Kreklow, Zach Sowieja, Colleen Ryan

Reflection/Celebration: Colleen- joint commission was impressed with engagement between staff and client. They called it a center of excellence. Kudos to everyone. Scott-had a large attendance at liaison. Just got done with moves. Staff was still ready to answer questions and prepared with everything that was going on. Matt-me and Tim will try to make it to those meetings but other meetings are getting in the way.

Standing Agenda Items-

  1. OSHA Logs: Place info from the handout in notes

  2. 2017 OT/Inverse Info

Old Business: Management

  1. Construction Update/Movement Update: Carol-we have 100 percent occupied new and vacated 6789. Construction documents approved yesterday. Allan bringing back documents and trades people will look at those. Then sub-contractors will get his subs on boards. Looks like end of September for ground breaking. 2nd building for transition. Phase 1 is already done. Matter of walls. Allot of work that needs to be completed in preparation for this. Hallways, etc. shut off all electrical, water before demo of 6789. First will be finishing of administration wing and ophthalmology, physical therapy wing. Access booth on upper campus as well. Matt-campus security losing lower access. Caro-some positions were funding for msop to staff access booth on bottom. We will man 2nd one being built on Ericson drive and shepherd will remain staff only, not manned. Money for funding wasn’t until January first.

  2. Job Fair: colleen-September 27th. Meeting with recruitment people and HR on Tuesday to work on plans. Focusing on direct care staff. Lpns, food service will be included in the literature. We won’t turn people away but expecting direct care people. 3rd floor in admin carol-we will interview with msop for security counselor positions. Wednesday Chris prung will be coming looking for some people to be recorded telling why this is a good place to work etc. think about it an encourage peers to consider. Let jasmine know. I will let the program directors know. Hand pick people who would be good if no one has volunteered and I have none at this time. Matt-special teachers are interested in what is going on with their position. Carol-focused on hsss. Mape, etc. 1 or 2 spokespeople would be nice from each. Scott-this would be helpful for MSH. We are interviewing monthly. Colleen-post things on Facebook, dhs, etc. someone else can use this as well.

  3. Years of Service Event: Michelle-years of service event august 30thfrom 1 to 3 in Tomlinson. There are 110 people being honored. James has been on the committee. Finalizing a few things. Carol-Peers cannot attend. This is what the committee decided.


  1. Staffing and SC/SCL Schedules/Vac:  Matt-we had one meeting for this and haven’t had anything since. If we can get a meeting set up for schedules. So we can get these meeting planned. Scott-We will have subcommittee of LMC. We need to figure out how to get this going. We will talk about this at next LMC. We are missing out on some candidates due to the work schedules here but to come up with some options may be beneficial to us. Get together again about counselor vacation granting soon

  2. 2017 OT/Inverses: Scott-how is it going with CRP? Matt-well but conflict is with it being 8.5 hour shifts. MSH is inversing for 1 to 2 hours at the end of the shifts. Can we do exact same hours as MSH? Would make it easier and less inversing. Other issue is when OT is needed the OD calls rn OD they rn OD has to go look then back to the od again. If we could just streamline this. The process is cumbersome and someone could be lost. Scott-I’ll take a look at it.

  3. Kitchen (bidding days off): matt-been for several months. Carol-we have attempted to schedule a meeting through mike. Matt- last meet and confer is we have had these meetings before. Carol-I wanted a meeting with me, mike and tom kohlstad to all get on the same page. Have him tell us what works so I can hear what is going on.

  4. Kitchen (Job Duties): coordinator doing supervisor role

  5. FMLA (Inversing): matt-issue with LPN has not hit time book. Issue where someone had restriction. Got into situation that was then picked up by rn but hours were going to be taken from her balance. Since this was filled voluntarily, this is following contract. MSH Derek is the supervisor. I’m not going to file until I see it on the time book. All-will follow up.


    New Business


  1. AFSCME Representative at Community Liaison Meeting:

  2. LPN Inversing at Transition: matt-you guys were going to check in? Colleen- would we inverse hsss even if not inversable then has to be LPN and same with others. Have not said anything to those people at transition. Talked to Joe and we would bring it back here. Afscme pool only for afscme. Talked with Michelle. Erin and Teresa about doing this at nursing home as well. Haven’t talked about details yet but we have a meeting next week to be consistent.


  1. Cameras in Staff only areas: James-more cameras in nursing med area, breakfast area, onto unit areas facing staff office. Carol-clarify with Tc. Pointed towards staff interacting with patients. Toward doors. No areas specifically at staff areas. I don’t believe with afscme. The state can opt to put cameras where they desire. I disagree this is a labor issue. But we are only putting these where there is patient/staff interaction. Krystal-I understand this was a topic before I got here and this was staff issue. Some is only showing a client’s hand. We need to have these set up so that it gets mostly the patients instead of the staff. There awesome looking at computer monitors and members rather than patients. We need to be involved with this. Only thing in some frames is staff only. Carol-where would this be written defining employment conditions. Zach-I question that to and would like to ask you guys where that is stated. Krystal-Scott was here and we had maps set up to figure this out, we should be working together. Carol-new cameras are catching multiple angles. We had certain number of cameras at multiple angles. Now we have more cameras. I would like for us to define what employment condition is. Krysta-it wasn’t a one-time meeting, we had an understanding what was the best placement. Carol-staff came forward with lack of coverage from staff. Goal is we would like to camera up as much as possible so we can see from multiple angles. It helps us take action from criminal activity. Krystal-what activity when you have a bad angle? One camera is only monitoring the staff. Carol-we can look at this camera you are talking about? I asked Tc if there are any that only cover staff. He said no, every camera is placed to show a potential area. Krystal-new pass throughs? One camera was one of those. Carol-I would ask these guys for failsafe. Some people have done things I didn’t think they could do. The state owns these buildings. Matt-these cameras have been used to get staff. Carol-yes, they have but I can say that they have saved staff also. Carol-in the meantime I would like to know which of these cameras. Scott-yeah we can do that.

  2. One SOD for all programs: matt-good idea, we should start with pilot at CRP. Carol-1 on duty supervisor for campus. It will be for whole campus. We have a lot of work for logistics. Will still retain rn on duty. The OD will take sick calls and talk to rn OD, etc. I don’t see it working as pilot, we need to work through logistics then roll out for campus. Matt-would clean up overtime in CRP. Carol-I hear ya. Colleen-we want to get the scheduling program. We are very close meaning she will be running schedules. Early 2018 hopefully operational. Jody will have conversation with engineer about things happening is msop. Colleen-if they are experiencing things in msop, JR will let her know as well. They are moving fast. Scott-things they are struggling with will help us as well. Colleen-Jody just hired 4th scheduler. Carol-ods office will also help with training. Matt-when not staffing work area can we have an auto reply that goes out? Staff emailed scheduler about a switch but no one was in. so a reply would be nice so the staff could go to the OD. Atlas would do that automatically.  Matt-until that happens if we could have an auto reply.

  3. Grievance Responses: matt-we met about grievance responses. The last one I sent out I only got a one sentence response and did not even respond to the issue. We would like to be able to start at one or 2. Zach-we don’t tell you what to respond with so we expect that as well. A blanket skipping 1 and 2 is not acceptable. Carol-it’s about addressing issue that’s raised? Krystal-multiple level to the grievance and it will only address one issue not the two. We can ask that you respond to both issues. We understand about skipping 1 and 2 but just ask that you respond to both issues in grievance. Scott- I am interested in the problem solving. If you go to step 3, it goes to someone who may not know how the issue works. I would like to know what these are.

Add Ons:

  1. Vacation for Transition: LPN and HSSS in same pool but need to be separated: Mat-would like to see that split. They shouldn’t be on the same schedule when they are different job classifications. Carol-we have been discussing and waiting to have the meeting when the supervisor comes back from vacation.

  2. Scott-in the middle of vacation audit. Some people have requested more than they have. We will follow up with them. Some have high balances and don’t have any on the books so their supervisors will be talking to them about taking care of that. Matt-I would like those names also so we can take care of this on both sides. People requesting more than what they have. Colleen-the new program will prevent that. James-I did talk to Jodi about October convention. A couple people won’t have enough time on the books. It is an option for them to go without pay as well. Scott-yep they can do that. It would be approved ETL.

  3. Trail Cameras: matt-according to msop you have them. Carol: we do? Carol-where are they? Matt-old lower access. Carol-I will look into these. Matt-according to Tim Lokensgard, you put them up and they look at them sometimes. Carol-that’s the only place? Matt-I think so, if they are up can we get a good reason why or if not, can we get them removed. Scott and carol-we have not heard about this but we will look into it. Carol-I’ll send a note to Tc and dan.  

  4. James-Spruce?

Adjourn at 125pm