8/18/11 MSOP Meeting Minutes

Present: Ann Sullivan (Recorder), John Knobbe, Jason Anderson, Jen Collelo, Jen Montgomery, Jason Montgomery, Chuck Carlson, Scott Grefe, Molly Kennedy, Matt Stenger, Jeremy Tubbs, Deb Mohelski, Stasha Sickler, Diane Firkus, Liz Barbo, Gary Grimm, Kevin Moser, Melissa Gresczyk, Bonnie Wold


Hiring Update
In Moose Lake they have hired 26 FT Security Counselors and 4 intermittant Security Counselors since January 2011. Two of these staff have been let go. ML is currently looking at filling 9 dead bids.
Hiring in the kitchen due to injuries is being looked into.

In St. Peter they have hired 21 FT Security Counselors (4 of which have transferred from MSH). Two of these staff have been let go. SP is currently looking at filling 4 dead bids.


Partial Day Rescinds Not Reflected on Vacation Calendar
Melissa stated that software capabilities will be looked into. Currently staff is required to rescind a full shift and re-ask for a partial shift. Management will be having a discussion regarding rescinding.

Progression of Discipline
Removed from agenda.

Convention October 6-9
Molly asked that management let her know how many staff will be allowed to attend by September 8th- Melissa agreed that this would be done.

Requests for Documentation Through HR
The formal process of filling out a data request was discussed at length. This procedure was put in place when problems arose in the past with not being able to get information from supervisors. The union is now running into issues with supervisors having the needed information right in front of them and telling stewards they have to fill out the data request form and go through HR. Melissa stated that an email or phone call will suffice as a data request. Management will do their best to get information in a timely manner and they will also talk to supervisors about information they can give out and when.

Fourth Vacation Slot – St. Peter
AFSCME also requested that there be another spot available on the night shift when they are at full compliment. Gary said they will continue to assess this. They have another quarterly staffing assessment before the end of September when the 4th vacation spot ends. This will also be discussed with Executive Management consisting of Dan Storkamp and Dennis Benson.

Staff Admission Fee for Client Activities
Gary stated that this is very close to being on place. He will get a roll out date announced.

Movement to a 5-2 Rotation – Moose Lake
Melissa stated that a 5-2 rotation for the entire campus is not feasible but could happen for some staff. Jason M. will discuss from the members of 1092 and bring this information back to Moose Lake management.

Separate Vacation Calendar for M-F Staff
This issue was discussed and tabled until the next meeting.

Uniform Site Available for Orders?
The site was available yesterday but Molly mentioned that staff had issues with ordering. Liz said that issues should be directed to the site reps.

Internal Appeal Process for PD Disputes – Follow Up
Position Description issues can be brought to Melissa and she will form a committee based on the position in question. Per contract the appointing authority shall meet and confer with the local union prior to implementation of the appeal system.
Jason M. requested to begin the appeal process for the positions of SC and SCL. Melissa will arrange meeting dates with management and contact Jason M. with information.

Mutuals Between SCs and SCLs – Follow Up
Kevin stated that MA issues need to be discussed and put in writing. Scott Grefe mentioned that going over this should not be necessary as MA’s are already a part of our contract. Kevin stated that guidelines should be gone over so that issues do not get out of hand. Melissa discussed the concern of eroding the SCL job classification. The union pointed out that vacation and sick calls for SCL’s is not filled by SCL’s. Kevin said that he hears AFSCME’s concerns and agrees that these are valid points. Management will discuss this issue with Senior Management. Melissa stated that a solution is underway.