8/11/11 MSH Meeting Minutes

Present: Scott Grefe, Connie Anderson, John Collins, Charles Johnson, Chuck Carlson, Ann Sullivan (Recorder), John Knobbe, Molly Kennedy, Michelle Chalin, Colleen Ryan, Nancy Draves, Lisa Vanderveen, Tom Christensen, Larry TeBrake

1. Safety
• Current injury numbers-. July injuries included 6 Security Counselors, 1 RN in MSH, and 1 RN at the FNH. 2 of the Security Counselor injuries resulted in lost time and one of them remains in light duty.
• Current Security Counselors LOA or IOD status numbers
• people out on leave- 4 Military Leave, 2 Maternity Leave, 1 Education Leave
• people on light duty- 3 Security Counselors
• 1 IOD Security Counselor returns to work today. TC is working on filling some of these open positions.
2. SOFS Budget / plans /OT tracking
• Currently there are two FT vacancies on nights and two 0.8 and two 0.5 vacancies on days.
3. Space utilization issues and CRP
• Unit 300 move date?
Staff and staff property will move on Tuesday, August 16th and patients and patient property will move on Wednesday, August 17th.
• Decision on BH unit minimums?
The early minimum during the week will be 4, 1 MID shift, and 3 lates. The minimums on the weekends will be 3 earlies and 3 lates. Staffing will continue to be looked at and adjusted accordingly with changes.
There are still some issues with using the tunnels to Sunrise that are being resolved.
*There is a safety meeting next Wednesday, August 17th. Questions and concerns may be raised at this meeting.
• South move? CRP move? And S1W?
South will be moving mid-September followed by CRP moving to South in October. Throughout this time patients from S1W will move to the FNH and to various units within MSH.
• Discussion about Unit 300 having only 1 PI room located in the office. This issue will be revisited if the need for another PI room comes up. Also discussed was the possibility of using other space that is already available.
• The new admissions unit start up?
The new admissions unit will open in November and have 8-15 patients right away. All moves will have to be coordinated and coincide as things will happen quickly.
4. Re Assignment Planning and date?
• A working plan is being drafted up which gives options for re-assignment. The Treatment Team Supervisors should be in place near the end of August.
• Management stated that true vacancies will be posted.
• Options will be discussed and explored by management and AFSCME.
5. Nursing inversing procedure
• Meeting scheduled August 25th @ 9 AM. Step 3 nursing grievance will be extended until then.
6. New hires/Intermittents
• The 8-8-11 class includes 2 FT Security Counselors- 1 going to S1W and 1 going to YAAP. Also hired was 1 SC going in the Intermittent Pool.
• So far there is one 0.5 Security Counselor starting on 8-22-11.
7. CRP Job Audit
• The audit was completed before the shutdown but Larry has still gotten no response from Jim Yates/Central Office HR.
8. Follow-up on NASMHPD visit
• The last visit showed 3 things that should be happening:
1. Weekly meeting-TC said that this was slated to happen but did not because of the shutdown.
2. Leadership on Units-Adam and Jo have been visiting the units.
3. HIMS Records- This is an Avatar issue regarding billing and length of stay issues and it is being worked on.
New Business:
Vacation granting process
• A tentative agreement has been reached and the problem will be fixed. Staff will be made aware of the new process via email.
Trauma Informed Care Committee Work Group-
• There will be a meeting on Friday August 12th at 10:00am

Management Issues:
Larry’s replacement, David Proffitt will be here on August 29th. He will then go to Anoka for training followed by orientation at SPRTC.
Good Luck to Larry!

3 class actions rolled into one presentation and 1 disciplinary 3rd step