7/15/10 MSOP Meeting Minutes

Present: Nancy Johnston, Gary Grimm, Bonnie Wold, Melissa Gresczyk, Jaime Fromm, Scott Grefe, Chuck Carlson, John Knobbe, Molly Kennedy, Jeremy Tubbs, Connie Anderson, Ann Sullivan (Recorder), Matt Stenger


1.Scheduling Staff for Meet and Confers

•Management stated that they will only be able to guarantee 1 union officer be released for monthly meet and confer. They will allow more people to attend as scheduling allows and does not create overtime. The union asked that .8 and coverage staff be scheduled for that one day per month and management stated that they will do their best. When the agenda is sent out Molly Kennedy will designate who the steward presenting a 3rd step grievance will be and the stewards will have to switch out if necessary.

•The union pointed out that contract allows up to 3 stewards to present a grievance and up to 7 representatives for local meet and confer meetings.


1.Update – 6-Month Probationary Period for Employees Moving from MSH to MSOP

•Human Resources pointed out that this is out of our hands at this level. Melissa Gresczyk will send an email to Tudy Fowler requesting any new information on this. She will copy Scott Grefe on this email.

2.Update – 6-Month Bid Ban Starting Point

•The contract reads that the six months begins when the employee exercised a successful bid. MSOP HR will contact central office and make sure that is how it is being tracked.

3.Update – Where Can Staff Hang Uniforms When Leaving Campus in Street Clothes

•Staff having to change clothes can use the locker rooms located in the Pexton and Shantz lobbies.

4.Officers Not Copied on Third Step Responses

•HR will follow up on this.

5.Progress on Interviews for New Security Counselors

•Management has a good list of candidates and hopes to begin interviewing in 1-2 weeks.

•They will be hiring 8 FT and 4 intermittent security counselors.


•Offering of Shoelaces

•Is Vendor Stocked for Upcoming Orders

•Any issues involving uniforms should be brought to the uniform committee. They will meet quarterly if there are issues to discuss.

•Jaime Fromm will check with the vendor and get a date for when they expect to be up and running. She will also get information on expected delays- such as the fleece jackets. This information will be posted on the home page.

7.Parameters for Pumping

•People have been instructed to go into the office in Green Acres and lock the door in order to pump. Staff does not feel comfortable doing this because they would not be able to respond to an incident if necessary. Staff also feels uncomfortable having the patients know what they are doing. Management said they will provide relief up to 3 times per shift (2-15 minute breaks and 30 minute lunch break) to allow for this.

•Individual issues should be directed to Gary Grimm

8.Days Off on 1st Watch Between A Team and Control Center/Three Staff Having Wednesday/Thursday Off

•Management will be taking a look at how many people are scheduled off on Thursdays so that staffing is not low.

9.SNV Update – Staff Complaints Re Process

•There have been some complaints that the same people are always getting SNV. Management hopes that as staffing becomes more stable shift in progress will be less and SNV will be available more.


Three step 3 grievances presented.