7/13/11 MSH Meeting Minutes

Present: John Knobbe, Chuck Carlson, Molly Kennedy (Recorder), Charles Johnson, Connie Anderson, Michelle Chalin, Tudy Fowler, Lisa Vanderveen, Julie Roehm, Tom Christensen, Larry TeBrake

Old Business:
1. Safety
• Current injury numbers- In July there were 4 people that filed reports- 1 with lost time. No access to June figures- no injuries in nursing or CPR.
• Current Security Counselors LOA or IOD status numbers
• 7 people out on leave
• 2 people on light duty
• How hot does it have to be for staff to wear shorts?
• 4 air conditioner units will be delivered to S1W tomorrow. 2 of these units may go to transition. Management will discuss staff wearing shorts during hot weather periods. TC suggested staff bring shorts to work and if it gets hot enough they will be allowed to wear them.
• Larry also said that if patients seem to be in distress during periods of extreme heat staff should contact the OD.
2. SOFS Budget / plans /OT tracking
• . In June: 2,345 hours of overtime and 2,735.5 hours of sick. Average per day of 78.275 overtime and 91 sick.
• Currently there are 5 vacancies on nights and 4 on days. There have been 3 recent retirements.
3. Space utilization issues and CRP
• Unit 300 move date?
• Management is waiting for the shutdown to expire to make this move.
• Decision on unit minimum?
• Bartlett will be combining staff so the minimum will change.
• Unit 300 moving to B1S will add 1 to the staffing minimum.
• The new admissions unit staffing?
• Staffing will be 4 earlies and 4 lates.
4. Re Assignment Planning and date?
• Larry said we need to get together a plan on how we should do this re-assignment.
5. Nursing inversing procedure
• Still needing to set up a meeting with Colleen and/or Jo B.
6. New hires/Intermittents
• Management has decided that new employees will work their 6 month probation on days before going to nights OR Security Services (Control Center; Campus Security). AFSCME supports this decision.
7. CRP Job Audit
• Job audit was completed before shutdown. The supervisor stated that Central HR will get the results.
New Business:
1. Shut Down Staffing needs
• Larry stated that layoff/staffing need determinations was not done consistently. Suggestions were forwarded on and we have to wait for the end result. What is most critical is patient and staff safety.
2. Contract Enforcement
• The provisions of this Memorandum of Understanding apply only to those employees laid off as a result of the shutdown. Employees who continue to work in critical positions shall continue to be covered by all provisions of the appropriate Collective Bargaining Agreement except as specifically provided elsewhere in this Memorandum.
• Out of order layoffs, less senior employees (job readiness), capable and qualified are all issues that will be dealt with. Timelines are on hold until after the shutdown after which management has 14 days to reply.
• The local has not yet received a list of people laid off. Management said this is because of the “MN Gov. Data Practices Act”.
3. Timebooks/Vacation Requests
• There was an email from Connie Jones that stated that employees should list only hours worked.
• Sick time is as usual in your timebook.
• LSS leave is not being accepted only ETL.
• TC has instructed supervisors to deny all vacation requests and give them back to the employee.

Management Issues:

1. Vacation granting process proposal- TC
• Vacation has been granted on known needs; now it is so many people per unit. TC would like to be granting vacation on known needs of the facility. In discussing- there needs to be a work group.
2. Map of New Road by Lower Access
• A map of the new road was handed out by Larry.
3. NASMHPD Consultants Visit
• NASMHPD consultants are scheduled to be here on Thursday August 4th and Friday August 5th depending on the shutdown. They will spend most of their time on the units.
4. Mass Political emails
• Larry wanted all staff to be reminded that there is to be no political discussion/emails on the state server.
5. Interviews
• All interviewing will be stopped during the shutdown.