7/12/12 Local 404 General Membership Meeting Minutes

Present: Andrew Jones, Molly Kennedy, Chuck Carlson, Scott Grefe, Adam Castle, John Collins, Matt Stenger, Ann Sullivan, Shannon Pech, Jeremy Tubbs, John Knobbe, Kelly Woelpern

I. Call to order

II. Introduction of Officers – Hello to all!!

III. Secretary Jones - Approval of minutes from last meeting. Motion to accept and subject to review by: John Knobbe and second by Jeremy Tubbs then carried.

IV. Correspondence a) Feb through May First Report of injury Notices – refer to MSH minutes b) May First Report of Injury – refer to MSH minutes c) Council 5 Per Capita and PEOPLE report

V. Local 404 business a) b) Authorization for Contract Voting expenditure – Motion to approve by Jeremy Tubbs and second by Kelly Woelpern then carried.

VI. Officer reports

a) Presidents report 1) Joint Forensic Division Labor Management Meeting 7-11 2) CARE Labor Management Meeting 7-12 – talked about the use of intermittent employees and how to use them properly – refer to minutes for more information 3) Forensic Division Labor Management Meeting 7-12 – minutes are posted, contact Chuck Carlson or John Knobbe if you have any questions. 4) Negotiations Assembly 5) CRP LPN Retirement Plan

B) Vice President Knobbe In the last month I attended the AFSCME International Convention – Thanks for sending me!! I attended trauma enforced care meeting and was told that our campus is trying to separate itself from SOS. Voting on the contract is being done throughout the state from 23rd – 27th. Visit AFSCMEMN.org for voting locations in your area. Please tell people to get out and vote! In my opinion, this is the best contract agreement we can get at this time. We are also pursuing several 3rd step grievances, and argued 2 today. Jeremy did a great job on them, and we are presenting more next Thursday. In Solidarity, W. John Knobbe

C) Vice President/Steward Coordinator Kennedy In MSOP this month some of the things we need addressed are the 4/10 rotation not being able to bump, allowable break rooms and the appliances allowed, and the tardiness policy and how it falls into line with progressive discipline. We will be voting on our new tentative agreement Tuesday July 24th from 9am-5pm at the Redman Club in St. Peter. That same day we will be holding contract training from 8-4:30pm at Hobber’s 99. There are flyers posted in break rooms about both of these events. If you would like more info about our tentative contract or training opportunities please go to these websites, www.union404.com or www.afscmemn.org.
In Solidarity, Molly Kennedy Vice President Steward Coordinator

D) Treasurer Anderson STATEMENT OF INCOME AND EXPENSES FOR MONTH ENDING June 2012 CASH BALANCE BEGINNING OF MONTH: $ 46481.32 INCOME FOR THE MONTH: $ 5318.41 EXPENSES FOR THE MONTH: $ 14980.80 CASH BALANCE ENDING OF MONTH: $ 36818.93 SUBMITTED BY: Connie Anderson Accepted subject to audit motion by: John Knobbe and second by Molly Kennedy

E) Chief Steward Headlee – nothing to report

F) Chief Steward Graves – nothing to report

G) Chief Steward Tubbs

Forensic Nursing Home - I filed and presented one grievance at the third step, I am awaiting a response. There have been no other issues brought fourth.
Physical Plant - Management has not been following the call in procedure according to contract. I will be having more conversation with the affected employees.
MSOP - There have been ongoing issues with the vacation approval system. Management is approving and denying vacation outside of contract language. The local and management will be having discussions to come up with a more fair and equitable system.
Thank you, Jeremy Tubbs

H) Chief Steward Stenger – Jeremy Tubbs spoke on Matt’s behalf

I) Chief Steward Pech – sat one investigation this morning for a MSH Nocs employee

J) Executive Board – Collins – I have been off work for last 9 months, and have learned a lot about the leave process. Talked with management about improving the communication part so there are not so many contacts an employee must communicate with during this process. Hoping this may help future employees on leave.

K) Executive Board – Castle – I attended the AFSCME International Convention last month. Thank you all for sending me. I learned a lot, and if anyone has any questions, feel free to contact me.

L) Executive Board – Sullivan – I also attended the AFSCME International Convention. I currently have been working with employees returning to work from military leave, as well as spreading the word about our contract voting in a couple weeks.

VII. Items from the Membership – nothing report

VIII. CLU delegate Report

IX. Social Committee/Good and Welfare – Jake Cottew, Tom Eustice, Mike Keech, Marvin Vega, Roarke Engelhardt, John Collins, Brian Woller, Josh Stencel, Jeremie Goettlicher, Kim Seys, Tim Manley

X. Council 5 Field Representative and President emeritus Scott Grefe – Continue talking with everyone about the tentative contract agreement. We have an agreement the Governor Dayton accepts and now it has to go to the legislature. We get back the House and Senate and get people who care about government in those positions; this could provide a better future for the public sector and unions.

XI. Door /Progressive Drawings – no drawing tonight XII. Motion to Adjourn – Molly Kennedy and second by John Knobbe