7/11/13 MSOP Meeting Minutes

AFSCME: Andrew Jones, Molly Kennedy, John Knobbe, Jeremy Tubbs, Matt Stenger, and Chuck Carlson Management: Scott Melby, Bonnie Wold, Liz Barbo, Dave Bye, and Tim Lokensgard Human Resources: Julie Whited, Kim Franek, and Cindy Jungers

ACTION ITEMS: 1. Overtime Announcement on General Hospital Coverage The local asked that an announcement be made on the Share Point to help employees understand how it will be offered. The local has stated that there is no need for separate hospital coverage overtime sign-up. Using the current subsequent and advanced electronic overtime sign-up is all that is needed. This will clean up the current process and honor contract language.

 2. Staff Uniform Update The current uniforms will remain until the contract with Uniforms Unlimited expires January 2014. At that time a decision will be made to renew the contract or sign on with a different vendor. Currently, the state is looking at some different vendors, which offer products made in the United States. Management stated there is a possibility the uniforms may change slightly with the focus of the change being the shirts. Keep checking the Share Point for any updates.

3. Temporary Reassignments from 3rd watch to 2nd. Management previously stated anticipating the possibility of the need to offer a couple reassignments from 3rd to 2nd watch. After analyzing the numbers, management believes the need isn’t there at this time. Management mentioned that 48 hours of overtime were issued last pay period on 2nd Watch, which is very low.

4. Additional Construction Coverage Reassignment The local asked previously if there was a plan to post another reassignment for construction coverage, due to the daily need for additional coverage staff in the construction zone. Management continues to evaluate the need throughout the duration on the Shantz renovation, and at this time no additional reassignments are planned.

5. Lead Leveling Kim Franek stated the Lead Leveling is done. List was sent to Jennifer Frew (Forensic Division HR), and should be posted real soon. Jeremy mentioned a few issues some members have brought to his attention during the leveling process, and asked HR if there is a way to clean up the process. HR encourages all employees to contact them if there are any issues.


1. Piggybacking on the Vacation Calendar Management stated that the scheduler is getting a lot of invalid vacation requests due to piggybacking. This is an example that was previously posted on the Share Point pertaining to piggybacking: On August 1, 2013, I request vacation for the time period August 1-10, 2014. This request will be posted for 7 days. It is a valid request, as day one of the request is within the 12-month time frame. On August 2, 2013, Employee A requests vacation from August 2-6, 2014. This is a valid request because the initial posted vacation request is open and contains all of these days. On August 2, 2013, Employee B requests vacation from August 2-12, 2014. This is an invalid request. Although the initial posted request remains open, August 11 and 12, 2014, are beyond the dates of the initial posted request. The entire request will be denied.


1. Coverage Assignment The local mentioned a rumor floating around pertaining to when coverage is needed in a work area; the OD will assign the least senior staff to cover. Management stated this rumor is not true.

2. Temperature in the Shantz Building Temporary commercial grade air conditioning units have been ordered, and will be installed. Please see announcement on Share Point site by St. Peter’s facility director.

3. 40 hour blocks of Vacation For clarification for the membership, a vacation request must include 5 working days or 40 hours to be posted for a “40 hour block” per contract. If a vacation request is 5 days, but two of the days are the employee’s days off, this isn’t a valid 40 hour block, and therefore will not be posted.

4. GRW/GMW on being eligible for CERP The local is asking for the employer’s support in the process to get GRW/GMW’s into CERP (Correctional Employee Retirement Plan). Currently in MSOP, GRW/GMW’s are not in CERP, but are spending more than 75% of their work week supervising clients. HR and management stated a job audit would have to be requested to start this process. GRW/GMW’s are currently supervising clients doing vocational work, and the local feels many of the job duties being assigned are WTA duties, and should be assigned appropriately.

5. Permanent Reassignments The union and management agreed that permanent reassignments are defined clearly in contract language, and all future permanent reassignments will create a vacancy in the employee’s previous work area, which will be posted.

6. Additional HIMS Position There is a WOC (Work out of Class)returning to Security Counselor this week, and another HIMS employee will be on maternity leave shortly, which will leave one employee in the department. The local asked if the department can get some help. Management will ask and see if there is a need.