7/10/14 MSH Meeting Minutes

Carol Olsen, Tom Christensen, Scott Melby, Michelle Chalin, Meghan Goodrich, Jennifer Frew, Frank Schwartz, John Knobbe, Molly Kennedy, Tim Headlee, Chuck Hottinger, Scott Grefe, Amanda Mathiowetz, Mike Homer, Ryan Cates, Eric Hesse

1. Overtime / Injury Statistics
• No questions or comments on overtime
• Tim Headlee brought to management’s attention the threat of increased assaults on Unit 800 if a specific patient gets D Status. This patient has made several threats of this happening towards unit staff. It has been brought to the TTS that there is a concern. Scott Melby has talked with Charles about this and stated that those best to bring this to are those supervisors working on the unit every day. This will be observed closely.
2. Peer Specialist
• This established position was created 2 years ago in the system. Management would like to give a heads up that they are exploring the option of creating this position in forensics. If we go that route, there would be minimally 2 positions. Recommendations are that there should be more than one position. Would probably consider having two positions, but final numbers are not identified as we are just starting to talk about this position and possibilities for this campus.
• NASHBID made the recommendation in 2009.
• This would be an individual who has had mental health issues and would go through normal employee onboarding training. This does not mean it would be an old patient necessarily. Management does acknowledge that this will set up a unique set of circumstances.
1. MSH Overtime, Inverse, Vacation distribution
• There are concerns about staff taking a spot of vacation on a unit they do not work. This is due to picking a unit last July and then going to a different spot. This will be exhausted September 11th. Unfortunately there is not enough time to do anything about this now.
• Overtime- Some SOD’s offer out overtime to those who signed up that are not on campus instead of inversing. This is appreciated by staff. AFSCME asked if the SOD’s can continue to do this more often? Understand that there are times this cannot be done but this will be passed on to the SOD’s.
• Luke Frederick will be putting together an up to date inverse call list for staff.
• Vacation- the 10 days start the day you submit the request, NOT the day the request is received by the scheduling office. AFSCME asked who can approve vacation requests 15-28 days out? Management stated that it would be the scheduling office. Scheduling office has told staff that they do not approve anything that is posted. AFSCME reminded management that language states more than 14 days out can be approved but this hardly ever happens because the whole program is looked at. Management will get this clarified.
2. MSH 900 short staff
• There has been confusion if the Outeryard is open all day and if this has to be staffed all day. Unit 900 states that they have been short staff when having to cover this because their numbers remain the same. Scott Melby stated that this is a new process and will look at it.
• This was done in a response to staff requesting more space. TC mentioned that this will get more clients in the Outeryard and less on the unit. Management will be monitoring this. When staff have concerns, please bring them back to your team to discuss.
3. MSH CRP/100 YAAP reassignment update
• Most updates have gone well. Staff are more curious about the placement of 1 specific patient who is a 2 to 1. CRP feels that this patient leaves them short staff. North Unit is being told to use Unit 100 if they need help. If this stays in place, can schedules be off set to help coverage? Management stated that this is being worked on. Clinically this specific patient does better on Unit 100. There has been talk about this patient being discharged but this would not happen for some time. The 2 to 1 will be evaluated regularly. Please bring any concerns to Paul Ploog and Emily Rentas. Management acknowledges that this is not working as well as thought and are trying to come up with a better process.
4. MSH LPN/ 6-2 rotation rumor
• A comment has been made to an RN implying that there will be a 6-2 schedule for LPNs within MSH. Management stated that nothing has been talked about.
5. MSH Unit 800 safety and security update
• There are a lot of misconceptions out there right now. It has been noticed that some situations do get very escalated but at the end of it, the patients are walking back to their rooms. Staff are getting results. Carol Olson gives kudos to the staff and supervisors on that unit.
• Management recognizes the need to improve communication. In the next week or 2 there will be a master communication plan of how this can be accomplished. Sarah Burg is dedicating the time and resources needed to assist with this.
• Would like a clarification to the policy on how to do rounds because many staff are confused. High acuity has a code if a round is late, but low acuity does not have a code available to use if the round is late. There is only a code for missing a round. The wellness round and unit round cannot be done at the same time. Something has to be put out to staff to clear everything up. John Knobbe will be compiling a list of questions staff have about this and submitting them to Scott Melby to answer. If you have any questions please contact John or Scott.
6. Forensics Nursing Home work rules
• A request in May was submitted by Molly Kennedy. AFSCME has yet to hear back on this request. Jenn Frew will be taking the lead on this.
• There is a need for consistency when giving overtime. HSSS’s, LPN’s, and RN’s can pick up the same OT shifts. A recent situation had an HSSS inversed with an RN wanting to take it. One day this was not approved and the next day it was approved by the same supervisor. Jenn Frew will do more research on this.
• You can take a paid break when on overtime.
7. Charts in line of vision
• When the charts are removed from the unit station, will mail boxes be put in their place? Management understands the need for this and will work on it.
• Mentioned that there is a need for tint on the computer screens and some windows to accommodate HIPPA.
8. Forensic Nursing Home scheduling 6-2 update
• Decision day is Monday, July 14th. Will start at 8am and hoping to be done around 11am or 11:30.
9. MSH Licensing Terms and Conditions update
• All terms required to have been met within 30 or 45 days have been met. One of the terms that we are still working on meeting is term 7 and getting everyone trained to be a coach. A lot of training is scheduled until October. Some clarification has been received on the role of coaches and what qualifies staff. It is acceptable to be a coach if staff go through the 2 day training and then the first full day of the three day coaches training. Those that missed a day, but attended the 1st – 3 day training are now qualified. This is not their only job for the shift. Coaches will maintain the same job duties; they will just be offering extra input on various situations and what worked/what did not. A folder has been created on the SOFS sharepoint site regarding the conditional license and contains updates and information regarding the conditional license.
• Clinical patient review is rolling out on Unit 900 this week and Unit 700 next week. Sharon is taking the lead on this.
• There has been a lot of concern over Term 5 about new patients and transfers. Night staff has requested for 4 hours to review ITP’s instead of 2. Carol Olson will be asking licensing for this.
10. Grievances and response time
• Lately stewards and chief stewards have not been receiving responses to grievances. Once there is not a response to a 1st step, a 2nd step is put in place. There have been 22 grievances sitting open at one time. Management stated that there will be an improvement on this and that they are working on cleaning this problem up.