6/23/16 CBHH/CARE Meeting Minutes

Present: Luke Frederick, Matt Stenger, Tim Headlee, Amanda Castle, Johanna Marzinske, Ashley Samora, Nicole Cooper, Pat Marcus, Wade Brost, Kristine Wahlberg, Deb Burger, Diane Andrews, Tammi Johnson, Mario Marberry

St. Peter CARE

1. Are staff getting bumped to NOCS? If so what are they being told regarding OT pay, duration? a. There were 2 agency nurses filling in and they could not extend because of restrictions they have with their agency. Management had then asked for volunteers and did have an LPN on a rotating shift volunteer to come to nights temporarily. She was moved to NOCs the pay period after accepting. Management stated that they are working diligently with Pat Sutter to get a nurse from an agency to get the volunteer back to her rotation. Management stated that they are not having any luck with this job posting. The employee who volunteered was least senior and knew she would most likely get bumped anyway. The bumping language most likely came from management warning the employee of the possibility. AFSCME stated that they received reports that this individual was told that after two weeks they would get OT. This language came from employees getting paid OT if their schedule changes within the posting. Management stated that there was the understanding that the employee could not be taken off of nights until another license is secured. AFSCME mentioned the idea of hiring to day/evening shift and then bumping to nights for 3 months.

2. Are staff being told they are going to be forced to rescind Vacation? a. AFSCME has heard reports that employees are scared their approved vacation is going to be taken away. There was an employee who transferred from MSH who came with approved vacation a year out. There was an overlap with vacation because of the employee who volunteered to move to nights. The employee had rescinded a day of the overlapped vacation. Since this was a year out management asked the employee if they still wanted the remaining days. This employee is not being forced to rescind vacation. b. Management stated that they have been working long hours as well to cover the holes in the schedule. c. Open communication is encouraged. Management cannot make changes without knowing there is a problem. Management stated that it is too bad to realize this at a union meeting when it could have been cleared up prior.

Rochester CBHH

1. Staffing issues – Filling of vacant positions? a. Management stated that it is going very well. There are 2 new staff; 1 is an LPN and 1 is an RN who started on the floor today. Some potential staff members were just interviewed; 1 for a .5 LPN and 1 for an HST position. That would leave us with all LPN positions filled and all HST positions filled. The HST is fulltime. b. AFSCME asked if fulltime has been offered to those interested.  Management stated not at this time because our budget has been set for the fiscal year. It may be changed with the new up and coming budget. c. AFSCME asked why CBHH has such a higher amount of OT compared to CARE. Management stated that that is not a simple answer. We are trying to not serve persons who need 1 to 1 at CARE. All CBHH’s over the past 6 months or so had at least 1 person who needed 1 to 1 attention. d. There is a contract RN until mid-July and they are in the process of looking for a contract LPN.

2. What’s being done to get and retain current staff? a. Last year we asked for dollars to retain and get staff. A huge part is tuition reimbursement. We are starting to scratch the surface. The turnover rate is less than 18% from last year.

3. Some staff would still like full time status. a. AFSCME asked if they had thought about collaborating 2 positions that aren’t popular for bids. Management stated that they are not necessarily opposed. Management stated that they have no idea which staff are interested in fulltime. There was a .8 position open and 1 person applied. Communication is encouraged on more than just the union side. AFSCME will give management the names of those interested in fulltime. b. AFSCME pointed out that agency nurses are working fulltime hours. Management stated that that is a requirement with the agency.

4. What’s the plan for going into the summer when OT typically increases when staff are already getting overworked? a. We are in the process of hiring and orientating new staff. Management stated that they are not seeing any issues out into July or August.

St. Peter CBHH Any concerns that are pertinent here are address under the all sites category.

All sites

1. Schedule posting – deadline to post? What is the expectation in all work sites? a. The schedule is posted the Tuesday of payroll by the end of the day for that supervisor. The scheduled has consistently been posted by 4pm with the exception of once it being posted at 5:30pm. b. CARE stated that sometimes on occasion it gets posted the next morning but usually Tuesday night. c. Rochester stated that for them times do vary depending on the work day. It is the day before. d. Luke Frederick stated that there was not a specific issue that brought this agenda item. He is just getting more informed with the program.

2. Sick call procedure – What is the practice/expectation at all the sites? a. The expectation for CARE St. Peter is that the staff contacts the unit directly to notify them, the person answering asks the person calling in if they are willing to share if it is infectious or contagious and if it is for themselves or family. The staff does not need to share if they do not want to. b. If a staff is calling in FMLA no questions are asked. c. The sick call slip is then put into Ashley’s mailbox. d. St. Peter uses a comm book for staff or family members. It is documentation that we need for joint commission. It is asked if it is communicable or not, what the signs and symptoms are. If someone is calling in for FMLA they would just state which number of FMLA they are calling in for (i.e. I am calling in for FMLA #2). If it is during business hours typically Pat Marcus is called. The only exception is if an employee is so ill they cannot wait on the phone for the charge nurse.

3. Start and end time for reporting to work. - People getting disciplined for walking in 5min late but not compensated when unable to leave on time. a. Management stated that employees are being compensated for working late. If someone stays beyond their scheduled shift they should fill out a 101 slip and then it is noted on the schedule. It is the same at CBHH and Rochester.

4. OT #’s - delineated out by voluntary and not. a. CARE St. Peter had 36 hours, 3.25 were mandatory. b. CBHH had 5.5 hours mandatory, 2 of those hours were for an all staff meeting. c. Rochester had 31 hours mandatory, 114 voluntary

5. Update on the building moves a. Management stated that they do not have further information on moving CARE to CBHH. Wade Brost stated that what he does know is that the legislation did pass the closing of St. Peter CBHH and the building of CRP. The CARE program will be moving to the CBHH facility. This is fully funded. The Commissioner was given the authority to prioritize funding. She is currently looking at all dollars and all direct care and treatment needs in how to go about funding. The Commissioner wants to get moving on this as fast as possible. Wade stated that they would love for all staff to stay with us in some capacity. We need every employee we have to manage our programs. b. Pat Marcus stated that staff at CBHH St. Peter are not very thrilled with the options that are out there right now. There are LPNs and HST’s who really want to work with CBHH. This is not what they thought their future would be. Senior leadership is not what keeps the place a float; it is the onsite staff. The program surviving is a real testament to the staff at the sites.