6/20/10 MSOP Meeting Minutes

Present: Tim Lokensgard, Nancy Johnston, Bonnie Wold, Chuck Carlson, Matt Stenger, Molly Kennedy, Scott Grefe, Jeremy Tubbs, John Knobbe, Ann Sullivan(Recorder), Cindy Jungers (ITV)




1. Update on Job Postings on the MMB
a. Job postings are not posted on MMB yet. There are 8 positions being hired. The first round of 8 recall letters was sent by seniority. 3 people accepted positions. The next round of letters will now be sent out. There are 22 total people to go through. MSOP and MSH are working together on this process. People that do not accept the recall are then taken off the list. The union asked to be notified when people are removed. Human resources was not sure as to how the positions are being offered but will check into it.
2. Progress – Used Uniform Sales/Response from Uniforms Unlimited (Back Orders/Customer Service
a. Kevin Mosher and Sue Johnson went to the vendor with the complaints. Uniforms Unlimited was surprised to hear of the issues. Staff needs to contact the vendor when they have an issue and if they have no results, they should contact Eric Thomas. Some items have been replaced already such as the New Balance Shoes. Also, the company is trying to track down more fleece jackets since quite a few of them are still on back order.
b. St. Peter and Moose Lake are going to get together for sales of used uniforms. Management will try to do this before the new allotment; Bonnie Wold will follow up on the time line.
3. Update on 1st Watch Breaks
a. OD’s will try to accommodate requests on a case by case basis.
4. Update on the Shantz Locker Room
a. Management stated that staff still has the option of changing clothes in the unit break rooms and in the lobby. The problems are arising when trying to keep the uniforms pressed and neat when having to store them in a 10x11 locker. The uniforms must be secured so hanging them in the locker room is not an option. Nancy Johnston will check for a secure place for staff to hang them.
5. Overtime Procedure (Electronic?)
a. The overtime list has now gone to one list, which is working well. Management has not had time to look into an electronic version. Management from both sites will need to discuss this. Cindy Jungers will talk to Moose Lake.
6. Current Change on Vacation Procedure
a. The union asked management for a solution to the currently bogged down vacation calendar. Moose Lake’s solution to this involves the supervisors keeping track of availability and accruals. It is now required by all staff to fill out the comments section of the request when submitting it. Comments must include total vacation hours including VAC, COMP, and Floating Holiday plus accruals minus time off already granted. Holidays worked are not included in this total as they are not guaranteed. Failure to include this information on a request will result in the request being denied. Tim Lokensgard will be auditing the vacation schedule and sending emails out to staff that are over on vacation. Matt Stenger, Molly Kennedy, and Jeremy Tubbs will be copied on these emails. Staff will have 10 days in which to choose the vacation dates they would like to rescind. If he gets no response after the 10 days he will remove the furthest out vacation from the calendar. This is the fairest way to resolve the problem and ensure that all staff can get time off and others cannot abuse the system. A St. Peter specific announcement will also be posted on the web page.
7. 6 Month Probation Periods
a. Staff receives a letter from Human resources when transferring between programs that mentions the 6 month probation period. The union stated that the contract says nothing about a probation period when bidding. The contract sites transfer and demotion. Cindy Jungers will follow up with Tudy Fowler on this and get back to Scott Grefe.
8. Follow up email to grievance resolutions.
a. Disciplines are not being pulled from personnel files when resolved. Oral reprimands also should not be in the personnel file. Management will remind supervisors that disciplines should be pulled. The employee should be asked if they want the paperwork; if not it should be shredded.
b. The union asked about pay back resolution stating a payment date should be indicated on the grievance. Management stated that this cannot happen on their end, but Cindy Jungers will talk to MMB about this.
9. Bid Ban/ Bid Time Starting
a. Bid time starts when staff accepts a bid, not when staff begins the position. Cindy Jungers will follow up with Tudy Fowler on this.


7 step 3 grievances were presented.