6/17/10 CBHH/CARE Meeting Minutes

Present: Molly Kennedy, Scott Grefe, Marlowe Grau, Chuck Carlson, Barb Venero, Kevin Graves, W. John Knobbe, Pat Marcus, Kristine Walberg (ITV), Sam Arneson, Ann Sullivan (Recorder)

• Staff has concerns with the elimination of HST and LPN positions that the few leftover AFSCME staff will be subject to an inordinate amount of inversing as the lower paid staff even when it is RN’s causing the inversing. (for example, getting inversed in excess of 24/48 hours).
? At our last meeting we discussed the following overtime issues:
o No more than 24 hours in 40; no more than 16 in a row; no inversing before days off unless in an emergency situation. Staffing/ filling needs should be done by volunteers by seniority and inversing done by staffing needs. It was agreed that overworking staff needs to be avoided. The union stated that truly emergency situations should exhaust all staff from top to bottom.
Management will re-communicate this information for those who did not get it.
? It was also mentioned that some RN’s and LPN’s are going from Sunday-Saturday when offering overtime. The 40 hour work week goes from Wednesday-Tuesday. Management will re-communicate this information as well.
• Reminder about expedited process of 3rd step grievances. (As discussed with Brad Heckes)
? We will not be waiting 3 months to present 3rd step grievances. AFSCME will be meeting with management more often to address these issues.

• Follow up on the elimination of the AFSCME staff. (Being replaced with RN’s)?
? Pat Marcus was unsure what the stance on this is right now. She stated they are looking at staffing patterns and needs and will be making decisions on a case by case basis. The long term plan looks to not eliminate all AFSCME staff, but to include AFSCME staff on nights.

• What has been the impact of the Crisis Center closing been on the CBHH?
? One positive impact includes extra staffing: a PT LPN nights, a LPN intermittent, a PT rotating RN, and an intermittent RN. There have also been a few additional patients which has kept them at full capacity. Normal full capacity is 16 patients- with LIP positions filled. They are currently capped at 15 patients due to staffing but are at 12 patients today due to staffing shortages/vacations.
? It was also asked what the impact might be if the Crisis center would re-open. Management was unsure, but will look into this.

• Additional items.
? Pat Marcus will be sending out a reminder email to RN’s addressing several issues. When offering straight time shifts, the supervisor should be using a new sheet for each day and a separate sheet should be started when this shift is being offered as overtime. If staff sees that this is not happening, they should bring it to management attention ASAP. Staff that is signed up on the overtime list has requested to be called regardless of what time it is. Pat will be copying Kevin Graves on this email.

MGMT Items

• Pat wanted staff to know that acuities, number of nursing hours, leave without pay, sick time, etc. are being tracked on the schedule. MNA/AFSCME staff is responsible for letting management know this information by filling out the proper paperwork.

Next Meeting: Tuesday September 21st 1:00pm