6/15/11 MSOP Meeting Minutes

Present: Molly Kennedy, Jeremy Tubbs, Matt Stenger, Scott Grefe, Ann Sullivan (Recorder), John Knobbe, Cindy Jungers, Ralph Schmidt, Gary Grimm, Bonnie Wold

Uniforms Info-
5 new pair of shoes were proposed and authorized.
Uniform re-distribution will be on July 12th which is staff appreciation day.

Visiting Policy – Laptops, Pat Searches of Clients
Ralph stated that the visit policy is still in draft form. The current search policy has staff pat searching clients before and after a visit and Molly suggested that it remain this way.
Molly asked about all lawyers being able to bring in laptops and Bonnie said that they have to be approved. It will be written on the event letter and initialed.
Ralph said that these policies as well as others are being looked at and will be cleaned up.

Utility Pool SharePoint Site or Communication Log
A sharepoint site is being requested by Utility Pool staff to help with communication. Some NOCS staff has been asked to write staff break information in the orange log book. Bonnie said that this book is to be used to track client movement. She will contact NOCS supervisors and communicate this.

Radio System Going “Live”
This will be held off until mid-July. The union requested a refresher and some training drills as many staff were trained quite awhile ago. Bonnie said that a refresher/ additional training opportunities will be posted on the home page- staff is encouraged to attend. There will also be drills.

Discuss 12 pm – 8:30 pm Shift
Staff scheduled 12-8:30 are currently required to show up on site in order to request SNV and are also not eligible to sign up for overtime on 1st or 2nd watch. AFSCME asked that management review this and look at options. Cindy said that she will discuss with management.

Process for Security Counselor Seniority Draw
Many staff have expressed dislike for the current procedure with staff not being present. Molly volunteered to get the information from HR and do the draw. Cindy said that this change in procedure would have to go through Misty Coleman but she will contact her regarding this. Ralph feels that having staff present is a fair process. Cindy will let Molly know what she finds out bu June 20th which is when the newest class starts.

State Shutdown
Scott discussed the latest MoU’s regarding non-critical employees and the affect that severance payout could make on unemployment benefits. Members will vote next week at Mankato DOT. Molly will forward information out to management and staff as soon as she gets it.
There was discussion about bumping back and vacation being cancelled. Scott has a meeting tomorrow that may decide this- staff are encouraged to check bereadymn.com for updates.
Looming issues with the shutdown also brought up discussion about what could be done to help AFSCME and non-AFSCME members that may be in need if the shutdown occurs.
AFSCME will be volunteering at “The Kitchen” on Monday June 27th. Anyone interested in more information or helping out should contact Michelle Rodning for more information.

HIMS Overtime Opportunity
This was posted on the HR page but not the Home Page. AFSCME asked that it be re-posted on the Home Page so that more people can see it. Ralph stated that there is a process to go through in order to post on the Home Page but that he would begin this process. Cindy will check into who originally posted it also.

Vacation Accruals
The current vacation calendar is out through September 2012. Many staff are significantly over on their approved vacation. A notice will be posted on the Home Page alerting staff that they need to take a look at their time. If they are over and do not rescind on their own they will have their vacation taken back. Staff need to be considerate of their co-workers!

No Grievances Presented