6/14/12 MSH Meeting Minutes

AFSCME: Andrew Jones, Chuck Carlson, Scott Grefe, John Collins, Connie Anderson, and Jeremy Tubbs Management: Melissa Gresczyk, Tudy Fowler, Carol Olson, Rita Olson, Thomas Kelly, Colleen Ryan, and Tom Christiensen

AFSCME agenda: 1. Bidding process and timelines – EXAMPLE; #22985 FT rotating security counselor lead position 5/4 - Posted 5/15 - Offered 5/16 - Awarded 5/29 - Effective date 6/6 - Move date 6/8 - Award/temp Reassignment Letter issued The union would like to know if there is any fix for this process. Management agreed there is a definite delay in the process. They ask that the union give Liz Turner who was reassigned to help with this process a little time to get adjusted. Everything is being tracked at central office. The Kaizen event scheduled will hopefully help management improve this procedure.

2. A Nursing Schedule was posted with open shifts and shifts were changed during the posted period. a) Is this going to be the new practice? b) Who gets shift changed? The least senior that day? c) How many days can they shift change the same person? d) Should it take turns like when inversing. Management stated this was a one-time occasion, and will not be normal practice in the future.


3. Mandt/PST Training update – timing and content A group of 25 people have been selected and met 2 weeks ago about training, and are working on the therapeutic concept on Mandt. They are trying to make this more manageable by taking out all pain induced moves. Goal is to start training in August, starting with unit 800. The union asked why no employees from the psychology department were part of this group of 25. Management stated it was an oversight, but all other departments are represented.

4. HR contact for employees on Workman’s Comp The union expressed there are too many contacts for an employee who is on Workman’s Comp. It can be very confusing for an employee as to whom he/she is to contact pertaining certain issues with workman’s comp. Having a contact person that is on campus or more approachable would make it easier for employees that may be dealing with difficult health issues already. Management commented that Workman’s Comp is centralized, and this conversation will be brought to them to see if this process can be improved. Melissa G. will follow up this issue.

5. MSH A Team concept They union would like to entertain the thoughts of having an “A-Team” at MSH (similar to what MSOP has). Statues for other states with similar hospitals, have standing A-Teams for security responses. The security response team would respond in a similar force to what police officers do now. This would create a new work unit, which employees would bid to be on. Management agreed that this could be a possible option for MSH. Due to Mel’s familiarity with MSOP’s A-Team concept, she is going to pull some job duties and post orders for MSOP’s A-Team, and meet with Carol O to discuss if MSH could benefit with this concept.

6. Current Injury numbers IOD – AFSCME members 5 – Jan 12 – Feb 5 – Mar 9 – Apr 5 – May

7. OT known in advance – not being offered until the day before needed The union wants to know, if overtime is known days in advance, can this be offered to decrease the amount of inversing on that day. Management states they are making an effort to pre-assign overtime in advance, but sick calls can’t be predicted, which affect staffing considerably.

8. Handling OT at CRP – John Knobbe has come up with an idea/proposal for the MOU The union is concerned about the process overtime is being issued for the CRP program. Management doesn’t feel a MOU is needed and can produce something in writing to make sure overtime is being offered correctly.

9. Training needed for bidding between MSH/MSOP/CRP – how do we get the word out so employees are informed about training prior to bids? Management will look into options to inform bidder what training will be required after a bid acceptance to a different program. Possibly have bid issuer inform bidder of training requirements prior to accepting or post the actual training required under the minimum qualifications on the job posting.

10. Update on contract negotiations *28th of June is the negotiations assembly *Voting will be the week of July 23rd and the union may be asking for the release of some employees to assist. Management commented the sooner the better would be appreciated.

11. Debriefing from last month’s incident – can there be an ICS light when exiting campus? No follow-up at this time, but keep on agenda for next month