6/13/13 MSOP Meeting Minutes

Union attendees:  Chuck Carlson, Matt Stenger, Andy Jones, Scott Grefe, Molly Kennedy, Jeremy Tubbs, John Knobbe Management attendees:  Bonnie Wold, Scott Melby.  Cindy Jungers and Julie Whited via Vidyo from Moose Lake MSOP

MANAGEMENT AGENDA ITEMS Bike Safety Policy New Bike Safety Policy is coming out.  Staff are required to wear helmets when on outings.  Will be able to bring their own helmets or staff only helmets will be provided. LABOR AGENDA ITEMS MOU on Bid Acceptance Agenda item removed by union. Overtime Announcement for Hospital Coverage The Union stated that they had asked Human Resources to post a notice about how hospital overtime will be managed, as there are noted discrepancies between what was previously posted and actual practice. HR noted the “repost” was from a home page posting prior to changes being made that had been discussed with the union.  Scott Melby stated the intent is for all sign up to be electronic but this will take some time.  The Union stated that they were still running into issues when overtime is known in advance but is managed as subsequent shift.  Scott Melby said he will complete follow up on this issue. Staff Uniform Update Union asked where we were with the new uniform update since the new fiscal year is just around the corner and staff will receive their uniform dollar allotments. Management stated that there would be more information to come, as they are waiting to hear outcome of litigation that will be passed down from Senior Management.   That information is not anticipated to be prior to fiscal year end so staff will have to use their own best judgment in regard to what they order now and what they save for later pending uniform changes. Temp Reassignments from 3rd Watch to 2nd Watch The Union stated they are appreciative of recent opportunities for staff to be temporarily reassigned from 3rd to 2nd Watch and asked if on behalf of staff if Management has plans to for additional movement.  Management responded there are no immediate plans but staffing needs are constantly being evaluated. Additional Spots for Construction Coverage The Union stated that during this current season and construction crews working longer days, they are wondering if there is a need for additional staff to work construction coverage. Management responded the entire process is being reviewed. One idea is to add barriers to the construction zone, thus allowing the current construction staff to be utilized more effectively.   Letting Staff out Two Minutes Prior to the End of the Shift Agenda item removed by union. Finding a Steward for an Investigation The Union would like supervisors to contact a union officer to assign stewards to investigations. Not all stewards are fully trained to represent staff in investigations, and the union wants to ensure all staff receive a qualified steward to represent them. The local agreed to provide a list of names and phone numbers, including contact information for union officers who are off duty.  Management agreed staff need to be adequately represented and said they would appreciate an updated listing with contact information. Lead Leveling Currently there are lots of openings with eight Lead positions just closing.  The union stated the previous list expired on June 6th and they wanted to ensure any new positions posted would be filled via the new list. NON-AGENDA  LABOR ITEMS The union brought up concerns about breaks employees who are involved in the ongoing construction.  Specifically there is a MAPE staff being allowed to utilize work and break times differently than the AFSCME employees.  Human Resources agreed to follow up for clarification on what is occurring.