6/12/14 MSOP Meeting Minutes

Present: Tim Headlee, Molly Kennedy, Amanda Mathiowetz, John Knobbe, Jason Anderson, Jason Montgomery, Troy Sherwood, Kim Franek, Ann Zimmerman, Cindy Jungers, Shelby Richardson


1. Client law suit update (both sites)
• Nancy Johnson is in the process of preparing a home page update for all MSOP staff. Please watch for this update to receive all of the latest information.

2. Vacant Positions update, amount of staff down/up (both sites)
• There have been several emails received by AFSCME from 1st Watch in regards to being short staffed and the amount of inversing. Troy Sherwood will get more information and follow up with John Haller on this to see where we are with 1st Watch.
• Moose Lake has a mid-July time frame for the 4 Counselors joining 1st Watch A-Team.

3. Last names on badges (both sites)
• This was discussed at MSH Meet and Confer. Per that conversation it does sound costly. AFSCME recommended that the badges be changed as staff need replacements. John Knobbe also mentioned that staff could put a white out strip across their last name. Management stated that we will not be allowed to alter name badges at this time. This is currently out of their hands because it is with the Commissioner’s office. Management is waiting to get word from them.

4. Survey results, dates on when they will be released (both sites)
• The agency is doing a slow roll out of the results. Management cannot say when the grand roll out will come to MSOP and all sites. They are waiting for total access.

5. Client chart access, electronic or paper (both sites). How can we be made aware of medical conditions (i.e. clients with pacemakers cannot be wanded)?
• AFSCME stated that trying to get access to a client’s information prior to a transport can be difficult. Is it possible to get a brief summary of things to be aware of and possible risks? HIPPA laws do prevent us from seeing some information. Management stated that a long list of items that everyone has access to was posted on the homepage. This information is in the M Drive under Client Files. There was an announcement from Anita Moonen a few weeks ago discussing how to get there.
• Is there a way we can make medical information (i.e. clients that are allergic to peppers who can’t be sprayed, those with pacemakers who can’t be metal detected) easily accessible to staff? Have this information on the back of client’s badges? Per management nothing can be done publicly so nothing can be worn on a badge. Each unit should have the information readily available on the unit. When A-Team is responding to an incident the unit staff should be able to share vital information. This information should be in the A-Team office as well. John Knobbe asked if there could be a page that would unfold attached to the back of the clients badge. Management stated that they would talk to Health Services and Scott Sutton on how to pass along this information.

6. CPS construction update start date if there is one (St Peter)
• 6-8 clients will be moving to the Sunrise addition July 15th. Green Acres West construction documents have been finalized and will begin this August or September. Management will give an update as soon as they have the information available. AFSCME asked if there will be a construction post? Management stated that they are always reviewing staff.