6/11/15 MSOP Meeting Minutes

Present Labor: Mark Kuhlman, Jason Anderson, Stasha Sickler, Jennifer Montgomery, Justin Wright, Molly Kennedy, Tim Headlee, Matt Stenger
Present Management: Cindy Jungers, Melissa DuChene, Shelby Richardson, Terry Kneisel, Zack Sowieja, Bonnie Wold, Liz Barbo, Troy Sherwood, Anne Zimmerman, Nancy Johnston


1. Outings & Meals Molly has a list of examples where staff have had to pay out of pocket for “outings” and are not being reimbursed. Molly will forward these examples to management and they will look into options. Needs Follow-up.

2. Layoff Letters One member in MSOP Moose received a layoff letter which caused great confusion. Cindy states that they were not aware of this letter being sent and after checking into why this was sent to member, it was determined that due to “smoke chasing” status at and being a former DNR employee, it was a system error. He is not in layoff status.

3. Budget/AFSCME Positions Nancy is putting together a budget for MSOP and they do not have specifics on what this will be as far as staffing. Nancy reports that there are interviews pending but no official specifics on dates or how many at this time. They are meeting weekly and are looking at the various needs moving forward. She reports that it’s still “tight in FY16”, however MSOP did a great job in FY15 overall and wants to commend everyone for their efforts. Terry R states that interviews will be scheduled within the next two weeks than follow process for hiring after that. St. Peter is doing the same and trying to get people into the July New Employee Orientation. The numbers are still being evaluated. Shelby talked about the formulas used historically regarding FTE’s etc. and this is being reviewed currently by an outside agency. This analysis is based upon a 24 hour operation, human resource data and info based upon attendance, yet not related to hiring freeze and/or based upon numbers of clients.

4. New Scheduling program updates There is scheduled meetings June 16 and 22nd. No new info at this time.

5. Staffing Levels Jennifer Montgomery talked about the various changes as well as needs in HIMS. She is speaking mainly on behalf of the St. Peter campus and takes into account FMLA leave etc. They are extremely busy and Jennifer states they need staff and suggests possible work out of class. There are currently 3 staff at St. Peter and 8 on the Moose Lake Campus HIMS office. Moose Lake has taken on some of St. Peter’s work and that has put more on them. She acknowledges that “we are working on it” but nothing appears to be changing.

6. Request for Clinical Support During Ruling AFSCME asks about the possibility of additional support during the weekend and days leading up to the ruling. There are great concerns about staff safety as well as client safety. Nancy states that as of yesterday late afternoon of June 10, 2015 it was brought forward that on Wed, June 17, 2015 at 10 am the 14 plaintiffs’ named in the lawsuit will meet with their council to discuss the outcome of the ruling. At 11 am the public will be notified. Nancy states they will do what they can to get highlights of the ruling on the Info Link as soon as the public is notified. There was discussion about reactions and wants to ensure safety for everyone. There is the potential to go into lockdown status but if the environment is calm they don’t anticipate having to do this. Media has been in contact with the facility and are requesting to talk with clients. They will follow the policy on this and allow up to ½ hour interviews Monday through Friday, 8-430pm. They are prepared to bring in other resources and this is available. Management thinks it will be great to have extra clinical support. They are also worried about long-term effects from this ruling such as feelings of despair, escalated behaviors as well as behaviors they have never seen before but here are protocols in place for these types of situations as well as staff having been practicing for various emergency situations for both St. Peter and Moose Campus. Anne Zimmerman reminds the group that these are ongoing drills and they want to do “business as usual.” It was also stated that they don’t know what they might or might not have to respond too. Management meets today to discuss the groups of people, how to handle potential issues, etc. Justin Wright requests clinical staff be present, possibly on an on-call status for these types of things, not only for this ruling but other issues that arise. Nancy states that due to the limited resources at this time, that is not possible but they have talked in the past about this very thing. She reassures everyone that clinical have and will continue to step up as needed above and beyond what they do already and to have “presences on the units”? Nancy states “point taken” on this issue and will continue to re-evaluate.

7. St. Peter Leads on 1st Watch Molly will forward this to Anne and Troy

8. Hospital coverage and OT Language Matt S states that when staff are assigned hospital coverage if OT involved and they know in advance this is a need, this must be done by seniority. Moose Lake has OT available and it’s guaranteed due to location of hospital. Additions to Agenda

9. Vacation Slots Requested that additional vacation slots be opened, especially on heavy days. Due to staffing levels and the “freeze” of hiring, management is not comfortable with this but will look at this summer and holidays, such as the 4th to see if they can offer up some vacation slots on these heavy days. Needs of the program have to be considered.

10. Community Living Project Requested updates on BEU Unit. The committee is looking at community living, various options, etc. Committee met 2 days in May and will meet again 2 days in June. They will go from there and give updates as they come in. Many of MSOP St. Peter/Moose staff make up this committee, see Molly Kennedy if you have questions or suggestions.


1. St. Peter’s forum was set for June 17th but due to the ruling, this has been changed to June 30, 2015. Moose Lake will have theirs on June 24th, 2015 and June 25, 2015 is cleaning day.

2. There is also a tour requested by legislative staff on June 15, 2015 at 10 am.