5/17/12 MSOP Meeting Minutes

For Management: Nancy Johnston, Ann Zimmerman, Cindy Jungers, Kim Franek, Bonnie Wold, Melissa Gresczyk, Eric Thomas, and Tim Lokensgard

For the Union: Jennifer Montgomery, Jason Anderson, Jason Montgomery, Jeremy Tubbs, Matt Stenger, Scott Grefe, Molly Kennedy, Chuck Carlson, John Knobbe, Kevin Graves, and Andy Jones


Electronic Overtime Sign-Up

Administration from both campuses announced they are currently working to develop and implement an electronic overtime sign-up process for Security Counselors and Leads. Eric Thomas and Tim Lokensgard presented a PowerPoint on the project, showing how the program will be utilized by staff and supervisors. One feature includes staff self-reporting their qualifications. The union asked what result there would be for staff if they incorrectly choose their skill set. Management said they are entrusting staff to enter the information appropriately; there is no intent to discipline for any mistakes. The union did request that MSOP create a computer based training (CBT) course for the program. It was agreed the projected launch date would be the pay period beginning July 3, utilizing both the current paper process and the electronic system for one pay period.

Follow up to Short Notice Vacation Process

Melissa Gresczyk said both management and labor had discussed utilizing a “lottery system” for granting of short notice vacation (SNV). Both locals stated they would agree to this type of system. The union contributed that the random number generator used for room searches might be useful in creating the lottery numbers for SNV. Management agreed to review the information the union prepared regarding this process and take to the MSOP senior management team.

Uniform Invoice Process Update

Ann Zimmerman announced there will be a change in the uniform invoice collection process. Staff will no longer be required to submit their invoices. The facility will use the United Parcel Service tracking information, and if that system shows the items were delivered, the position of the employer will be that staff have received their goods. Until the policy change is made to encompass this new procedure, the current system will remain in place.


How Management Selects Stewards

The union said they would appreciate a call to the chief steward or another officer when a union steward is needed. The officers can help sort out which stewards to assign and prevent new stewards who may be nervous working with the subject of an investigation who may also be nervous. Management agreed they would do so in all situations they can. Both sides agreed they do not want to slow down any processes. The union added there is contact information in every break room.

Work Therapy Assistant Vacation Pool & Granting of Vacation

Local 404 explained they have one Work Therapy Assistant (WTA) who is required to cover workload for the Skills Development Specialists (SDS) when they are on vacation; however, the employee is told she cannot work in the shop otherwise, except in emergency situations. The union said the employee should have her own vacation schedule and not be denied days off based on SDS coverage. They added it is a double standard for the employee when she cannot obtain vacation approval but is expected to cover for MAPE staff. Management responded that having her own vacation calendar is a separate issue from the vacation requesting process and that it is appropriate that she would be used as coverage, even though it is not her primary work area. When the union suggested the supervisor fill in for the SDSs, management responded the supervisor is not scheduled on the floor to complete those job duties. It was agreed the situation could be revisited with the supervisor to provide further clarification with the employee.

Incident Reports

Local 1092 reported that Officers of the Day (ODs) are changing incident reports written by staff, rather than returning them to the staff to correct and resubmit. Management explained this is done only in cases where the staff are unreachable for the remainder of the day and the reports must be forwarded for review, such as Protective Isolation cases. Management added it is a performance standard for ODs that they ensure the reports are reviewed and forwarded timely. When changes are made, the reviewer adds that comment. Management noted Level 2 reports go only to Administration and bypass the OD Office. The union said there are some concerns with reporting via confidential reports, as one check box is to the direct supervisor and sometimes staff press this button in error. Management said there is not a button that sends reports to the direct supervisor but agreed to view the submission options and let the union know whether or not that feature exists.

Local 1092 said there is concern with one OD in particular. For example, this supervisor has removed quotation marks from report that staff state are a direct quote. Management said this is the first they have heard of this issue and requested a confidential incident report be submitted so Administration can follow up with the supervisor.

The union said they were concerned about legal issues for both the employee and employer in cases where the ODs are making changes to reports that could become evidentiary documents. Employees can no longer state they wrote the report as it exists if another person made changes. Management responded that both the original and revised documents are kept and available for review. Further, MSOP’s legal team is fully aware of the current system of report revision; Management did agree to bring this back to their attention on behalf of the union.

St. Peter HR Visits and Specifics on What Members Can Speak to Them About

Local 404 said the HR presence in St. Peter is missed. Staff have a lot of HR questions but no longer are clear on local HR responsibilities. Melissa Gresczyk explained that the diminished number of HR visits made to the St. Peter campus is in large part an expense issue and there likely will no longer be routine visits. Local HR is working on telepresence capabilities and other creative ways to connect with staff. There is an HR teams and functions document on the MSOP home page for staff to review what is managed by Local HR and Central Office HR. Local HR is focusing primarily on labor relations and management support but need to be informed if any needs are not being met.

Announcement on Home Page on How to Alert for Job Opportunities

The union asked if a tutorial as to how to set up alerts could be added to the home page. HR agreed they would place instructions on the home page.

Pathfinder Breaks

Local 404 said OSI staff had reported via confidential report that Security Counselors were driving a state car while on break from a Pathfinders outing. Management reassured labor it is appropriate for staff to use a state vehicle on a meal break in this situation. They agreed to follow up with the OD office to ensure they are aware this is an approved practice.

MSH – Committee Formed on Wish List for Scheduling Program

Local 404 stated that at a recent MSH meet and confer, it was decided to form a committee to develop a wish list for the electronic scheduling program. They asked if MSOP would consider creating a similar committee. Management said they would like to see MSOP and MSH form a joint committee to develop a wish list of desired features.

Procedure for Handling Inmates/Patients from Other Facilities

Local 404 said this topic was discussed at the April meeting but asked if there could be additional definition. St. Peter Administration said this would be added to the ICS Policy.

Agenda Deadlines

The union asked what the urgency is with the agenda deadlines given by HR. They understand management wants to be informed of the topics so they can be prepared to respond but the employer does have the purview to say they are not prepared to discuss an issue brought to the table. HR said at previous meetings, a one-week deadline had been decided upon; however, it does not have to be a hard and fast timeline. Management would just like the opportunity to have the information as many days in advance as possible.


Vacation Requests

The union brought forward an issue with vacation requests. They gave the example that at times staff put in a request more than one year out because they are on a day off at the one-year mark. Following discussion about the current process, the union asked if the approval process should be changed. Management said there is no need to change the entire process, as the employer follows the contract language. Per contract staff are allowed to make their requests verbally (such as calling in) and reduce the request to writing as soon thereafter as possible. Reminders of this option will be made to the OD office. Meeting Locations

The union proposed alternating campus sites for the joint labor/management meetings. Management said there is much scrutiny surrounding all spending. The costs for management and staff to travel from one location to another for a these meetings is cost prohibitive. It was agreed that joint meetings will continue to be held in St. Paul.