4/9/15 MSOP Meeting Minutes

Present: Shelby Richardson, Cindy Jungers, Melissa DuChene, Zacharie Sowieja, Bonnie Wold, Troy Sherwood, Tim Lokensgard, Scott Grefe, Liz Barbo, Molly Kennedy, Amanda Mathiowetz


1) Unpaid Leave for Support Services • All requests are looked at by the supervisor who takes the request to Shelby Richardson to review. Shelby stated that she has maybe gotten 5 or 6 requests.

2) Scheduling System Update • There was a mix up with the contract paperwork. The legal team saw that the vendor’s name was not exact so the paperwork was redone. It is not awaiting two signatures which should be completed by Friday, April 10th. From there Tim Lokensgard will be putting together a meeting with those involved. • The vendor plans on attending meetings in Minnesota to make sure they know the programs exact needs. • This is going to be piloted by MSOP AFSCME, MNA, and MAPE.

3) Additional Vacant AFSCME positions since last meeting • Cindy sent this information to Molly Kennedy. • AFSCME asked what staffing will look like when the program is not in a budget crisis. Is the intent moving forward to keep staffing at the levels they are now? Management stated that when they are able to hire again they plan on having the numbers prior to our current situation. Management stated that they continuously look at the needs of facility and have not eliminated positions. Positions have been shifted to meet those needs. • 3rd Watch has reported that there are units being ran for 5-6 hours with one staff. Management stated that they are unaware of this. A-Team has been asked to visit the units. If a staff needs a bathroom break or anything, they can call for a staff. Tim Lokensgard stated that people are doing a great job. • Scott Grefe asked if there is a plan for after the court hearing. Having one staff with a bunch of clients who may perceive the hearing results negatively can be a huge safety issue. One staff on a unit will not be adequate. What steps will be taken? The acuity will change. Management stated that this is an ongoing everyday assessment. For example, some days have called for two staff on Sunrise because of the atmosphere. Management meets regularly with Moose Lake and CPS about the hearing, what they are hearing from the clients, the feel of the facility, etc. and plan for the “what if’s.” This is an everyday communication between facilities.

4) A-Team Black gloves • Those members who joined A-Team a while ago received non-disposable black gloves for performing duties like window checks. Can these be purchased for new A-Team members? AFSCME feels it would be cost saving because they will only be using 1 set of gloves instead of multiple latex gloves. Management said that this is something to consider and they would communicate with Moose Lake to see what they are doing. The one concern is the overturn of A-Team members.

5) Positions changing • There have been some changes with management. The BER GS is being eliminated so Sameer Megdadi will become the 2nd Watch OD. Bob Tarrant has been in his Work out of Class position as the CPS UD for a year so management would like to give opportunity to others. Bob will return to his CPS RT position. Mike Lanin will be a Work out of Class UD for the 1st floor of Shantz and Pat Quigley will be the UD for CPS. Adam Castle will be returning to a SC from his Work out of Class RT position. • Security Counselor pool on 2nd Watch: The Education Post in the basement will be moving to Utility Pool and switching from an 8-4:30pm shift to 6-2:30pm 6-2 rotation. The Vulnerable Adult Post will be moving to the Utility Pool and a 6-2 rotation. All 3 Rec/Visit Posts will be switching from a 6-2:30pm shift to 8-4:30pm. A staff from this pool mentioned that Rec/Visit monitors clients cleaning in the Activity Building prior to 8am. Management spoke to maintenance and they said they would be able to cover that. This will take effect May 20th for all except Adam Castle because his WOC will be finished May 6th. • Security Counselor pool on 3rd Watch: The 5 staff in Rec will be reduced to 3. The other 2 will be moved to the Utility Pool, same rotation, and same shift. The 3 remaining Rec Post will now be working 12-8:30pm, same rotation. All 5 on rec volunteered for this so the 3 most senior were awarded the change in shift. • AFSCME asked what these changes are solving. Management stated that there is a lot of growth as far as outings and walks are concerned. There is a need for more staff 12pm – 4pm. This will give more opportunity for clients to go on walks, outings, or Catch the Bus trips. There may be times an RT will be able to go on these activities leaving a Rec Post to cover their scheduled activity.

6) Better system to investigate employees • AFSCME stated that they would like to figure out a way together to make investigations less embarrassing. Right now staff see the steward with a clipboard and the person being investigated go into a supervisor’s office and know what is going on. This can cause rumors to formulate as well. Investigations cause a lot of stress and we would like to see the process be made easier. Management stated that they would love to hear ideas and agree that this is an issue. AFSCME suggested utilizing the visit room in the lobby more often or the Administration Building. If the lobby is used, less people will be able to see this. Management stated that they try to use Admin as often as possible but since the building does not belong to MSOP, it has to be scheduled in advance. Advance notice is not always possible.

7) Different units running short, not the same units. Example: Shantz 1st floor covering more on average than 2nd floor • It was brought to AFSCME’s attention that 3rd Watch feels coverage is not being distributed evenly. For example, 1st floor Shantz regularly covers while 2nd floor is rarely utilized. Tim Lokensgard said that he would address that this be evenly distributed. Troy Sherwood stated that he is meeting with UD’s to see when their unit needs staff during the day and when they have some availability.

8) Bid Award Letters • There have been bid award letters recently that are very vague. The letter references the post number but not a description of the hours/days off. Cindy Jungers said that she did look at the example Molly Kennedy gave her and the letter does look different. It was discussed referencing the post number in the letter and attaching the posting to be more descriptive.

9) Imprest Cards – CPS • AFSCME had heard that there was not an Imprest card at CPS. It was requested that there be one over there because often time’s trips leave straight from CPS. This would save staff from having to first enter the perimeter. Liz Barbo had thought that there was one but it was possibly too low so once it is filled it should be back at CPS. Management will be getting back to Molly Kennedy on this.


1) Staff Forum June 17th • SMT (Senior Management Team) will hopefully be there to update everyone on the lawsuit. There may be a decision by then.

2) CPS construction • Completion is estimated for the end of July. • This will add 30 beds, a significant space for treatment, and a large common space. This should create less movement by clients into the perimeter.

3) Forensic Nursing Home coverage • Beginning July 1st we will no longer be covering the FNH. Management stated that they are hoping this does not change. There will always be some gray areas but for the most part, we will no longer be doing transports for the FNH.

4) Lawsuit update • Shelby Richardson gave a brief update. Written closing arguments are currently being done. This is anticipated to be done by the middle of next week (around 4-22?). The defense will then submit their written closing argument. After that, the plaintiff has another opportunity to revise their closing argument. This is a long process.