4/26/12 MSOP Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Andrew Jones, Molly Kennedy, Matt Stenger, Scott Grefe, John Knobbe, Chuck Carlson, Jeremy Tubbs, Cindy Jungers (ITV), Kim Franek (ITV), Gary Grimm, Nancy Johnson

Management Agenda Items

1. Meal Reimbursement – HR is conducting the meal reimbursement report Scott requested from last meeting, and should be done in the coming weeks.

2. Union Business – Management would like union reps to notify the OD if any business takes them away from assigned posts.

AFSCME Agenda Items

1. Break Room Update Nancy – Break room is currently being painted and should be done sometime next week. A couple of lounge chairs have been purchased, as well as a new pizza oven for the Shantz 1 East and Pexton basement break rooms. At this time a sink and oven are not going to happen based on expense.

2. Procedure for handling MSH patients when in MSOP perimeter A-Team should always respond to any situation, but MSH staff makes the call as to what measures need to take place. Molly – are there any policy guidelines A-Team to follow in the event an MSH client is out of behavioral control in our perimeter? Nancy – We would follow MSH policy. The union requested the A-Team to be educated on what their responsibility is.

3. Electronic Schedule Discussion Management wants to have a scheduler program that works well for both MSH and MSOP. Cindy encouraged brainstorming what we want out of a scheduling program, and to email any suggestions to her.

4. Procedure for MSOP employees updating contact information Employee are confused as to whom they should contact when updating personal contact information, i.e. HR, MMB, SEMA4. Cindy will follow up.

5. Bidding to days off John-There are job postings that indicate set days off, when posting should be with open days. This was part of the Jan 4th reorganization agreement, that postings would be open days. Scott- Days off go by seniority based on supplemental, so this should be honored.

6. Union Cell in Perimeter VP Molly has a union cell phone that she would like approval to bring into perimeter to conduct union business when needed. The President and VP are approved to carry their union phones at MSH. Nancy said management is not going to allow at this time since they do not allow non-state cell phones with in the perimeter in MSOP.

7. FMLA Guidelines Jeremy-employees have been coming to union reps for FMLA concerns and questions. Union reps have informed employees they can assist with questions they may have for HR, but can’t assist with personal medical history information. One major question from employees is how often they have to recertify. Some have been told every 3 months, some 6, and others once a year. Does this depend on the non-frequency vs. frequency? Cindy – I will follow up with Misty Coleman who is the FMLA coordinator, and she should be able to answer some of these questions.

8. Newly installed shelves on half-doors. There is a concern by the local as to if the shelves meet building standard codes. Nancy is working with Dave Bye to determine if shelves need to be removed or smaller ones need to be installed.

9. GRW/GMW follow-up? Cindy – Job specifications have been reviewed, and we acknowledge people are working outside their job classification. Central office is following up on this issue.