4/22/10 MSOP Meeting Minutes

Present: Bonnie Wold, Nancy Johnston, Gary Grimm, Chuck Carlson, Jeremy Tubbs, Scott Grefe, Matt Stenger, John Knobbe, Tim Lokensgard, Ann Sullivan (Recorder), Melissa Gresczyk, Cindy Jungers


1. Hiring
a. Management has gotten approval for 8 FT positions. It will be opened up for internal bidding first, and then hired. Bidding between MSH and MSOP makes the numbers difficult to know. People from the layoff list are also being called. The temporary positions recently hired in MSH will also be offered these permanent positions.
2. Opportunities for Part-Time Employees to Bid On Full-Time Vacancies
a. Management understands that some staff is not bidding on these positions because it is difficult to forecast where you may end up. Management stressed that if you interested in the full-time positions, you must bid.
b. The union asked about the bidding process; is it by seniority or classification? Human resources said that it would be offered by seniority. The union argued that this goes against contract as it is 2 different employment conditions. Scott Grefe added that it cannot create a layoff condition. The process is further explained on pages 28 and 29 of the contract.
3. Secondary Assignments for Security Staff Assigned to Various Areas
a. Management is using this as an opportunity for problem solving for staff being assigned to different areas. Ex. Staff that is assigned to transport when there are no transports will go to a unit. Additional training will be offered. The union asked if people will be allowed to pick where they will be assigned so that they can choose an area where they enjoy working or are more comfortable. Gary stated that the assignments will be made and concerns will be addressed.
4. Meal periods
a. The onset of the meal periods allowed for staff to decide when to take breaks. Now people want to take breaks at the same time. This needs to be managed better and will be discussed at the unit and watch meetings.


1. Transport Team Doing Transports When Available
a. This was discussed at the last meeting and is still not being utilized. Last week there was a trip that 2 non-transport staff went on and there were issues. There were 3 transport team staff were on the units at this time. Management agrees and will continue to work on this.
2. Weekend Coverage & Staff Unfamiliar With Units
a. The main concern that was brought up was working on Pexton 1S with vulnerable adults. Molly stated that there is a training book but that it is very extensive. She asked about unit specific training and the possibility of having Pexton 1S staff go through what is needed to know. Nancy Johnston said yes. Management is going to get training set up. Nancy will follow up with this issue soon.
3. Room Changes in Shantz Building
a. The locker room in the basement of the Shantz building was recently changed to a break room for Housekeeping. The union is concerned about staff having a place to change from uniform to street clothes and changing from soiled clothing. The lockers provided are 10x14 which is not large enough to keep uniforms neat. Bonnie Wold said there are options for a room for changing and she will work with Jaime Fromm on this.
4. Changing Out of Uniform for Campus Escorts
a. This issue came up when a staff member had to change into street clothes when going to Bartlett with a P1S patient. Nancy said this is not the case. Staff does not have to change clothes for on campus activities.
5. Projected Vacation for .8 Employees
a. All employees have the right to ask for vacation 1 year out. There are currently 3 spots available 1 year out. The current process for .8 asking for 2 weeks off is that they are marked for 14 days instead of the actual 8 days they will be gone in those 2 weeks. This results in 6 days of vacation being denied to someone else. Tim Lokensgard said that it would be difficult to pick these 6 days because they do not know their staffing needs 1 year in advance.
b. There was some discussion about a guideline for this scheduling issue. It was decided that Human resources is going to look into this and see how it is being done in Moose Lake and other places. Human resources along with management will get back to the union.
6. Cross Training A-Team & Having to Get Chemical Irritant
a. The main area concerned about this is 1st watch. Management stressed that this has NOT been decided. Staff members that have concerns about this should contact Scott Melby on a one to one basis.
b. There was also some discussion about the entire 1st watch being trained on the A-team. There has been staff that failed competency in the past. Should they now be expected to work in this area? It was decided that cross training would re-decide if these people are capable and qualified. They can try to re-pass training.
7. Staffing Numbers & Coverages
a. There have been occasions when staff is expected to both cover a unit and be A-team. With the many responsibilities that A-team is expected to perform (stairwells, perimeters, room checks, etc.) there is some concern about being expected to do both. Gary Grimm agreed that there have been occasions where this has happened. Sometimes overtime is generated but other times it is not feasible. Staffing numbers are down and sick calls are up which makes resources unavailable. In these situations the A-team member would have to be accessible; not in the middle of a room check for example. Management is trying to do this in the safest way possible.
b. The numbers for control centers were also asked about. Concern was mentioned about having only 1 staff in Pexton Control during the day, during the week. Management said this should be fine to cover breaks and that cross trained people would need to be noted so that OD’s are aware of their location so they can get them there in case of ICS or other emergencies.

Two step 3 grievances were presented