4/21/11 MSOP Meeting Minutes

Present: Bonnie Wold, Ralph Schmidt, Cindy Jungers, Gary Grimm, Molly Kennedy, Ann Sullivan (Recorder), John Knobbe, Jeremy Tubbs, Scott Grefe, Matt Stenger, Chuck Carlson

Vacation Audit
A recent vacation audit showed 8-10 people with substantially more vacation approved than accruable. There were 5 people the previous audit. Expectations will be addressed with these people and continued abuse may result in discipline.

Scheduling away from Home Unit
Management stated that this is being looked at and solutions are being sought. The union pointed out several examples of people being pulled from their home unit including one staff from P1N that was scheduled ALL shifts outside of this unit. One option management mentioned is to move people from surplus areas. If staff has a solution to this problem they are urged to let management know. Management is aware of the A-team staffing shortage on and are planning to get people trained. Bonnie will look into how often A-team training is offered.
There was also discussion about staff that has resigned and is still listed on the schedule- AFSCME will have one specific staff contact HR.
Gary will also follow up on the scheduling of intermittent staff and ensure they are being scheduled contractually.

Employees Scheduled to Bid Unit – Follow Up
See management items above.

Ability to See All Areas of Security Counselor Schedule
Schedule Anywhere is being used in MSH and enables staff to see all unit schedules. The union suggested this as an option for MSOP. Gary stated that IT is currently looking at what is out there for options as they have lost support for the current program. Scott Grefe believes that Schedule Anywhere was intended to be used SOS wide and will look into this further.

Fourth Vacation Spot Available on Calendar
Gary stated that this spot will continue to be evaluated and assessed but for now has been extended through the summer months.
There was discussion about vacation requests going back to 6 months out and the possibility of a St. Peter only MoU if Moose Lake is not interested. Cindy stated the need to have both sites on the same page and that this needs to be an issue negotiated in bargaining.

CPS Follow Up – Purchase Card, Subpoenas to Court
Molly and Gary had a discussion about the purchase card and the confusion and discrepancies have been cleared up. The use of the card is approved and known by staff ahead of time. Staff should plan appropriately.

Uniform Allowance for New Staff and Across-Program Bids
Removed from agenda.

Bid Award Process
Cindy said that she understands that the current process is not working and urged staff to let her know when issues arise as she is not always aware. The union asked that the process be changed to; first calling home number (leaving a message) directly followed by calling work and then sending an email. This would then start the 24 hour process.

Paperwork Involved in Bidding Across Programs and Physical Assessments for Staff Bidding to MSOP
Cindy stated that licensing requires the physical assessment paperwork- staff must do this legwork as part of accepting a bid if the paperwork is not on file. The online background information also needs to be completed and only takes about 5 minutes. Employees will be given enough time to get this paperwork completed including time off on vacation etc.

MSH Restructuring
Heads up that MSH will be denying bids that result in layoff status due to restructuring. Everyone can bid on open positions however they may or may not get the bid depending on contract language.

Letters for Employees When Investigation Complete & No Discipline
Written follow up is contractually required. Cindy stated that she has spoken to supervisors about a specific incident and they had dates when staff where told about the completion of an investigation but not in writing. Cindy stated that this information should be coming from HR in order to help tracking and closing files. Email notification is acceptable and Chuck will be copied.

Mutual Shift Exchanges
Staff was told in watch reports that OD’s will no longer be able to approve mutuals and that only the scheduler will be able to approve. Gary stated that this is because people are requesting to mutual with people that is not capable and qualified. This is NOT acceptable. The union asked that these people be dealt with on an individual basis instead of the whole program paying for certain employees who are abusing this. The schedule is posted 28 days in advance and staff should try to do mutuals as soon as possible. However, what is staff supposed to do when emergencies come up? Gary understands that this will happen and look into this further.

Work out of Class Clarification
The policy states there is a 1 year time limit in the contract. Temporary unclassified can be approved 1-3 years and can be converted to permanent with no interview process. Work out of class is still the same job class for 6 months to 1 year and cannot be permanently converted.