4/20/17 MSH Meeting Minutes

Present: James Hemshrot, Adam Castle, Tim Headlee, Crystal Kreklow, Matt Stenger, Kurt Crosby, Scott Melby, Ali Kuhlman, Michelle Chalin, Carol Olsen, Colleen Ryan,

Reflection/Celebration-Scott-big effort with TSS training going through, unit trainings going well. Staff feel it is meaningful, instructors can feel the engagement. Skills fairs going well.  Tim-we are feeling the same things. Kurt-Trainings for TSS; Everyone is receptive and doing a good job. Everyone feels it is helpful. Carol-ICS drills, staff are feeling really good and confident. Thank you. Kudos to physical plant right now with all of the projects. They are so committed and take pride in doing good work.

Kurt-kudos to Kevin Mueller for making staff feel good about what happened. Important that staff recognize he stood up for them and having their back.

Standing Agenda Items

New Business:

AFSCME: Old Business

  1. Staff Orientation and Training-Tim-breaking down walls there with competencies. Staff should be coming through to sign. Carol-we will open up overtime between both programs. We will get a meeting scheduled to work with AFSCME offering to the program first then to MSH and vice versa. We need to get together. Tim-agreed because of continuity of care.

  2. Forensic Lead Leveling-Scott-we have a list and would like to change how we talk about the lead process. We have a good list and don’t have to open it up soon.

  3. New Construction-Scott-We are taking it week by week. First move will be 800 moving to Tamarak and will do this after physical plant makes some changes.  Tables need to be bolted and other things related.  Plant is very busy right now. 2 to 3 weeks tentatively. Take as it comes. Note that it will be different when we go back, this is on purpose because it has been made to be more safe.  We need to work with it before changes are made please. Carol-plan to take down wall between 800 and the other unit to get movement through there. They have been scanning the ground for any metal during construction. Hope to open that next week. Kurt-wardrobes look nice. Wood on side of beds? Scott-not planning on moving those. They are sturdy. Carol-use security caulking to secure even more to the wall as well.

New Business:


  1. Construction Update on MSH move and Working Title-plan will be when we move 800 we will cross over to working titles.  Start having people fill out piece of paper to place what they want on their nametag so we can have these when we open the units. Matt-campus security and control having their own separate may become a financial burden. Carol-this is not a huge expense and we are not real good at replacing badges. Some cost but not concerned. Tim-we would like to add that security piece that allows community to have some ownership in what we do.  This comforts the community and lets us own what we do with the community. When I talk about our new title, the security piece is more recognized and gains support.  What we do for public safety helps us with funding. It may appear we are taking away from security. We want to show the community that this is your investment. Please take this into consideration. Patients, staff and the public. Specialist says it is all an internal piece and excludes the external when asking for support.  I know how you feel about this but I felt a lot better saying security counselor. Specialist says I am there for them.

  2. Program Descriptions (AFSCME had recommendations)-carol-will go back to number one with this. Carol-whatever you have for feedback for us.

  3. PT staff to FT positions-carol-we still have HSSS at part time. We don’t have hardly any GMWs that are .8. James-the concern is in transition. Carol-we looked at the cost and it is significant. Look at budget for 2018 to make a decision. Asked scheduling office and Witty said there is very little. Schedule has been .8. James-well I am hearing different from transition. I will get the names. Carol-I don’t know for a fact but get me some names.  These are available shifts. Are they being forced or scheduled? I will monitor. If we are paying full time anyway it is not an extra cost.


  1. OSHA training-kurt-2 classes are being held off to see what works with scheduling. We will continue to offer and make them cost effective. Good feedback that the class is good. Encourage anyone to go to it. Not just AFSCME. There is not an over-abundance of calls recently. Kurt-I would like to stress the process before you make phone calls. When there are calls that can go to the boss first, do that.  We understand there is a process before just calling OSHA. Tell your boss first. Tim-this goes hand in hand with calling the media. Give management at least 48 hours.

  2. Outside Hospital Coverage-Tim-There is confusion around the process of what is there part and what is our part. Bathroom breaks etc.  What does it look like as far as restraints, aesthesia etc.  Scott-we do an overall review. We have a policy. The guy with the appendix? One staff? We started with 2 staff and the patient was compliant and we did use 1 staff. We worked with mayo that if we have to use the bathroom they will cover for us. If there is a question, call the OD. James-we have called the ISJ security and they refuse. Can carol reach out to talk to their director? Same with HCMC. I didn’t feel comfortable leaving the client and they refused to help. Carol-Let us know so we can call immediately. TC has a good relationship with them. We need to know if this is happening.

  3. ICS response Transition A-Team: Tim-has this been taken care of? Tom Roessler gave us the info. They did scenarios to get comfortable and has gone well. Just looking for radios. 1 minute response time is good. Scott-some are being activated without drill being announced. We needed staff to see how it really works. Under 1 minute is a result of staff thinking it was an actual incident. Carol-MSH has ICS down pat and it is all part of learning.

  4. Days off/Bids timeframe: Matt-When people are allowed to switch days off- negotiations said we would allow every 2 months but contract is different. Bidding to days off is not being done based on seniority. We are asking that during negotiations we keep that in mind that days off is based on seniority. Tim-we can work parallel so you guys can stay ahead of it and correct it. Matt-Cates deals with this because the units are split and the bid units are split. When you rescind vacation day you are only given a couple days. We would like this to all happen in one day. So that when people move, vacation is all done at the same time for requests and removing vacation.  Something to think about during negotiations.

  5. SC/SCL work titles and areas-Kurt-We have concerns about response times for nights. What will happen until sups know who is placed where? We need to plan for how many people to staff the units.  We feel there has been a lack of planning. Supervisors didn’t have an answer. Email said we are supposed to go to your supervisors. I did. They just don’t know yet. Day and evening is divided into two units. Shortens length of running to ICS and gives us less people. Nocs has less staffing running from different places taking more time to respond.  Why has there not been more thought with response time. There is such a response for days as opposed to nights. Scott-a lot of thought went into responses. Talked about zoning but we want as many responders as necessary. I will follow up with the overnight supervisors. If they don’t know, they should ask me.  I’m not intending to not give out SNV. I rely on them to tell me how many staff they need. Noting is definite but we will adapt and make changes after the moves.  We will have to make adjustments along with everything else.  Carol-as much as we can plan, we are. There will be things we discover and have to adjust. These are significantly different. Some will be good and some will make staff uncomfortable.  We will staff it up the first few nights. 

  6. Vocations Department: Tim-there are concerns of overseeing clients outside of ratios in vocational. We start with a ratio and then we are finding it different with groups in different areas when moving. How do we get a proper count? Vocational gets confusing because it isn’t staying in the perameters.  We could use more staff with that. Carol-Shawn Smith runs this and said everything is running well according to HR. He hasn’t heard anything. Have staff go to him with issues right away. Scott-With Bartlett patients coming up there is more need for transport. This could be a complicating factor. They have the shop to supervise and they also need to escort at the same time.

  7. SC/SCL probation periods: James-There are concerns of restarting the process. One person was due to come off but was hurt by a patient and is on light duty. He was told it is extended due to him being on light duty. Scott-Its only because we were not able to review the staff doing security counselor duties, is what it relates to. Alli-Normallly we would have gone to AFSCME first but we may not have done this here because it doesn’t happen often. We need to evaluate staff in their positions. We can meet with Nancy about this.

  8. MSH unit 900 safety and security-Scott-safety talked about 900 which is where most reports are from. Discussed staff is getting wore out and how to support them. I will do what I can. Staff are awaiting anxiously. It’s a difficult mission on that unit. It is exhausting. Carol-For licensing, we have to submit reviews of this. There are 52 staff covering this unit. We need to find consistency. Tim-We get that it is complicated and just need to bring this to you. Scott-continuing to use different interventions. These 1 on 1s are stressful. Good to raise concern and I will try to do anything to make it better. Tim-I would like to bring up this bonus. Recognize a team going outside the box. Not individually but possibility as a team? Carol-not opposed but sometimes we hear from other units against it. What would the members say?  James-even pizzas was a nice idea. Scott-it  options. Carol-we are re- say? would like to bing.is complicated, it is hard to show our appreciation due to some staff not being there and things that need to be fixed. We can explore options. Carol-we are re-establishing our wellness and engagement committee. To recognize units and staff going through a difficult time and/or doing a good job.  These are not only up to management but your peers as well.


Add Ons:

James-There are rumors that a light duty MSH transport is getting OT. We want to make sure light duty staff don’t get OT over and over. That this isn’t how it works. Scott-I haven’t heard that. James-15 minutes here and there. Carol-in process of his job? James-yeah, he’s not getting back till 315 or things like that. Scott-if its work in progress….James-it was just brought up. Something to look into it. Kurt-is this an ongoing job? Scott-we would not create a job for it. We would use utility and other staff first. We wouldn’t post a position for it. Carol-security services. Increased coverage of campus. How do we do this? Looking at all of these things. This is not going to be permanent. It may roll into utility or Security Services. Matt-possibly creating a rover position? Going the route of using SS and another. Scott-haven’t heard anything. James-new SS position was posted and filled. Carol-I know nothing of this rover position. Carol-We will follow up.


Communication: Tim-people raising red flags around losing numbers of FTE’s. Are we keeping up? Carol-we are not, not filling positions. Scott-There are 15 counselor vacancies. WE still have a high rate of people who don’t count and this creates pain.  We are trying to hire as best we can. Carol-also there are a lot of people scheduled to interview who don’t show up. We should capture what this is about. Employment rating is low right now. Scott-we started sending out what programs are and what the work is. Sometimes people said they weren’t interested in doing our kind of work. Nights etc. We are working with Ryan to group reasons together. If it is something we can do differently. But we are saying what the work is.

Meeting Adjourned at 1:35PM