4/18/13 MSH Meeting Minutes

AFSCME Attending: Molly Kennedy, John Knobbe, Chuck Carlson, Christi Nelson, Andrew Jones, and Connie Anderson
Management Attending: Tudy Fowler, Tom Kolstad, Carol Olson, Jenn Frew, and Melissa Gresczyk (by video)
Guest: Susan Thibedeau-Coilan

Guest Presentation: Susan Thibedeau-Coilan presented an information session about injury rates, how they are calculated, what is looked at, and who to contact for additional information. Each attendee was given a copy of the presentation for their reference.

Follow-Up Items:

1) Outside Medical Facility Coverage  The new procedure is being used and on the SOFS homepage, there is a notation that it cannot be offered until the day of the shift. Also, will this be used in the same way at CRP and FNH? HR will check on the SOFS homepage information and Carol will follow up with CRP and FNH on use in those programs

2) WC RTW committee update

Management has contacted each bargaining unit to determine a volunteer list for their members to participate. MMA has not responded with a member at this point, a reminder will be sent out. A meeting will be scheduled either way in June.

3) SOFS Org Chart Update

The latest draft was just completed and there are a couple items Carol needs to follow up on. Once it is complete – it will be posted on the SOFS SharePoint Site.

4) Lead Leveling Process

A meeting is scheduled with HR and AFSCME Leadership to discuss ideas for improving the process.

5) Parking Fee Procedure

The policy has been written and was approved by Lori Z. It was presented to the SOS Policy Committee and was approved. This will require pre-planning and supervisor authorization. A suggestion was made to add a spot on the checklist that the LPN completes for each med trip.

6) Schedule Anywhere – time off receipts

The information was given to the company, however to date it is just sitting there. In a meeting with Anne Barry – SOFS was given permission to explore alternate scheduling software and the items we took to SA will be taking into account when the process begins.

Management Items: 1) MSH Scheduling Rollout – Utility Pool Rita pulled together a group to discuss what we want the Utility Pool/Response Team to look like and how we want it to function. We are hearing 2 different ideas from staff about the direction of the team. A SNAP survey will be sent to SC, SCL, and TTS’s to gather feedback from all who respond.

2) Carol’s Communication

Carol’s communication this week will include policies and information about employee’s use of the internet and that we will be monitoring employee’s use on state time and state computers. TTS’s and the EOD’s as they make rounds will be asking staff about purpose if they find employees on the internet. We all need to follow the DHS Policy about use of electronics and we need to ensure compliance.

AFSCME Items: 1) FMLA Employees have asked if there is a specific person they should be giving medical information to in HR. There is no specific person in HR to give that to, any HR staff is a confidential employee and can have that information. Employee’s should not give medical documentation for FMLA to their supervisor.

2) Bereavement Leave

A LPN who was going to a cousin’s funeral was told it was ok to take off but if it ended in OT, that they would have to go without pay and not be able to use their vacation. Management stated that these instances are looked into on a case by case basis and that employee’s should contact HR if they have questions. There was also one at MSOP – the union was unaware of the specifics of what the employee said to HR – that issue was resolved.

Submitted by: Jenn Frew