4/14/11 MSH Meeting Minutes

Present: Scott Grefe, Charles Johnson, Ann Sullivan (Recorder), John Knobbe, John Collins, Chuck Carlson, Molly Kennedy, Nancy Draves, Jasmine Bohnert, Larry TeBrake, Colleen Ryan, Michelle Chalin, Tom Christensen

Old Business:
1. Safety
• Current injury numbers- no injuries so far this month, 1 staff injury in March.
• CRP Injury/Incident rate- 0 staff injuries
2. SOFS Budget numbers / plans /OT tracking
• There was a small spike in overtime due to quarantine status and hospitalization. Intermittents and advance overtime are being used as much as possible.
• Management is still waiting for funding to hire nursing home staffing.
3. Vacation / Holidays Unit based Process
• Management is still working on getting all of this information updated in Schedule Anywhere. The union mentioned that vacation information for Overnight staff is still not in Schedule Anywhere- TC will look into this.
• TC stated that the 2 shift of vacation currently granted per day will need to be looked at in order to avoid excessive overtime and inversing this summer. He is taking a look at these numbers.
• Update on the proposed MoU to change vacation request back to 6 months; MSOP is not on board with this which would create issues when transferring between programs. Larry asked Nancy to contact Moose Lake HR (Melissa Gresczyk) and try to put something together. Having a MoU for the St. Peter campus only is an option.
• April 27, 2011 will be the implementation of staff using Schedule Anywhere for time off requests. An e-mail will be sent out regarding a CBT.
• TC will be having Operations Directors talk to part-time staff to see who wants to be scheduled back as management hopes to be able to do this soon.
4. Space utilization issues and CRP
• All changes hinge upon the Forensic Nursing Home funding approval. No changes will be made until all links are in place in case approval does not happen. Changes have been made on B1S and this unit is ready to go.
5. Nursing Home hiring
• June 13th is the proposed start date awaiting funding approval this week.
6. Bidding process Checklist/Bid awards
• Nancy brought up proposed changes to Central Office but has not received an answer. Chuck has been keeping track of no contact emails and is wondering if anyone is actually being contacted? The union feels this is not a good system and proposed that the 1st call to home, 2nd call to work and email all be done at the same time.
• Larry and Nancy will work with Jim Yates to come up with a better system. Scott Grefe will also re-enforce at the Statewide Labor Management meeting.
7. Use of e-mail for vacation requests vs. continued use of 101s.
• See Old Business agenda item #3.
New Business:
1. Posting of positions during transition of units
• Larry and TC will be meeting with Operations Directors to go over staffing numbers/minimums. Positions will not be offered to MSOP staff if this results in a layoff (per contract language on P.30)
2. Naming of Unit Supervisors
• With the added responsibilities that the Operations Directors Treatment Team Supervisors) now have there will be no supervisors managing 2 units. The SNS and YAAP treatment lead positions are also changing- when this is resolved the decision will be made regarding how many positions will be posted.
3. Investigation Results
• Thanks to TC for his prompt response and kudos to staff for the recent life-saving ICS response
4. Inversing Rules
• The union asked management to go over inversing rules with supervisors as there have been some issues recently.
Management Issues:
1. Grills-
• Gas and charcoal grills should no longer be used- only electric grills are allowed. Units should contact the warehouse and have them picked up.
2. Process for obtaining a Union Steward-
• The union asked that management contact Chuck Carlson, John Knobbe, Molly Kennedy or John Collins and they will line up a steward. This process has generally been going fine except for a few specific situations. There was discussion about setting up a shared mailbox for use in setting up and contacting stewards. TC and Chuck will discuss.

Third Step Grievances- 2 presented
Meeting adjourned 1:45pm