4/14/11 Local 404 General Membership Meeting Minutes

Present: Mary Scovill, Lynn Whipple, Anne Mehltretter, Charles Johnson, Scott Grefe, Ann Sullivan (Recorder), Wade Kester, John Knobbe, Douglas H. Kemper, Kevin Graves, Molly Kennedy, Chuck Carlson, John Collins, Adam Castle, Shawn Kennedy, Paul Schwichtenberg, Pam Enter, Shannon Pech, Janet Trimbo, Chad Cabanilla, Brian Wells, Mike Sutherland, Jill Gorman, Jeremy Tubbs, Annie Thelen, Sam Arneson, Britta Higginbotham, Matt Stenger, Eric Ridout

Greet Membership
1.Secretaries Report: Mar 2011 meeting minutes- Additions or Corrections? Motion to accept subject to review by John Knobbe, second by Jill Gorman then carried.
Correspondence Review (See File)
a) Workplace Bullying Train the Trainers on Thursday June 9th from 9am-4pm in Winona- $20 registration and Workplace Bullying Training on May 25th from 1pm-3:30pm in Mankato-$5 registration. Motion made by John Knobbe to pay full day per diem for the Winona training and ½ day per diem for the Mankato training along with usual expenses and registration for those interested in attending. Second by Molly Kennedy then carried.
b) SEPC April 29th Spring Conference- 12 people currently on registration list. Motion by John Knobbe to close registration list- second by John Collins then carried.
c) Steward Training- July 12th and 13th- See Molly Kennedy if interested.
d) Appeal to arbitration
e) President’s Meeting – John & Chuck – on Friday May 6th beginning at 10am at Council 5
f) Per Cap and PEOPLE Report- only 6.72% of our 737 members contribute to PEOPLE
g) Wes Quick Minnesota Ride for Kids-E-board recommendation to donate $100 and vote carried.
2.Presidents Report:
A. FD M&C - Minutes will be posted- Any questions, please see Chuck Carlson or John Knobbe
B. CBHH Meeting - Minutes will be posted- Any questions, please see Chuck Carlson or Kevin Graves
C. Forensic Division Joint Labor Management April 7th
There was much discussion about the CPR program and the use of metal vs. velcro handcuffs and restraints. The dangers of this and how this decision came about were also discussed.
D. MSOP Meet & Confer
3. Old Business:
1. SEPC delegates and election- see correspondence review
2. Minnesota Union Women's Leadership Retreat - Britta Higginbotham, Molly Kennedy, Ann Sullivan, Connie Anderson.
3. 9thLobby Week May 16-20- Members are urged to go! Please contact Chuck or John Collins if interested in going.

4.New Business
1. Bullying Training- see correspondence review
2. May Steward Training- Motion by Molly Kennedy to send 5 to May training and pay per diem and usual expenses. Second by Anne Mehltretter then carried.
5.Items from the membership- none
Social Committee -nothing to report
Officers Reports:
VP-John Knobbe: “Since the last meeting we’ve had an MSOP M&C, a M&C @ St. Peter CBHH, I attended a gathering @ the Capital where I was denied access to hearing about our Health Care & Pension. We send 46 members to DOTH. The Neg. Assembly met about going away from accelerated bargaining, and I sat an investigation & a loudermill. I’ve also met with TC twice and presented a 1st, 2nd & 3rd step grievance about OT. We continue to track legislation & will be spending a 2nd week lobbying starting the 16th of May. We’ve also had to correct several improper inverses. Please keep us informed of possible contract violations.
In Solidarity,
W. John Knobbe
I have also been attending the committee meetings for the Centennial of MSH. Security hospital originally opened May 11th 1911. This will be recognized the week of June 20th 2011.”

VP- Molly Kennedy: “The months of March and April I attended Day on the Hill which was an excellent turnout with 46 people in attendance. I also attended the We are One march at the Capital & heard great speakers and witnessed excellent solidarity. We have 5 people attending Steward Training on May 4th and 5th from various areas of campus; MSH, MSOP and the Nursing Home. Chuck and I have taught two new groups MSOP & MSH on an orientation on the union. I am happy to report that every AFSCME eligible member signed a full share member card. In MSOP we have a labor management April 21st. Some of the items being discussed are having a permanent 4th vacation spot available, having the ability to see all unit schedules on the scheduler, and follow up on the CPS purchase card & policy on having to testify in court. Please see union404.com for the meeting minutes.
In Solidarity,
Molly Kennedy
VP Steward Coordinator”

Treasurer-Connie Anderson: March treasurers report - accepted subject to audit motion by John Knobbe second by Eric Ridout then carried.
CS MSH/Transition: John Collins: “The Rumor Mill is in full force out there right now. I just want to encourage everyone to be very mindful of that especially any alleged comments about our Union that are floating around. We have nothing to feel guilty of and should be very proud of the work our members HAVE done over the last two years. Admittedly being generous in my estimation, we have had about 70 of our 700+ members who have sacrificed their time and participated in union-building and solidarity building efforts that have strengthened the dignity, respect, security, and safety we have and feel in our jobs. And yes...we do have a way to go yet. That is 1/10th of our membership we are talking about. Many of these members are married, married with kids, married with kids and also going to school. Yet they have found a way to carve out niches of their time to work to strengthen our Union and have seen that effort as an investment in their careers and futures and happiness rather than a sacrifice. Whether people saw it as a sacrifice or an investment how much more could our Union accomplish if say 2/10ths of our members made that extra effort? How about 3/10ths? 4/10ths? This is not intended as a scolding or shaming but a clarion call to our members as we prepare to fight the very real and very challenging anti-union movement that is affecting so many people across the country at this time. Please take the time to examine how you too can carve out a niche of your time and volunteer to participate in any of the wide-variety of ways available. Remember too how much you can accomplish on your own in your own homes by just getting on your computer if you have one and writing your legislators to thank them when it is deserving and informing them of your opposition to them if they are on the anti-union bandwagon. You can also write letters to the editor to counter anti-union attacks. Please contact your union officers and stewards if you want to know how you can help out. Thank you.”
CS-AMH/CARE: Kevin Graves:
“CBHH Rochester:
Plans to combine the two CBHH’s M&C’s every other month.
Combined M&C for next month.
CBHH St. Peter:
Meet and Confer last month. Continuing to have issues with not enough backups in place to prevent AFSCME staff from being inversed twice in a pay period.
Plans to combine the two CBHH’s M&C’s every other month.
Meet and Confer scheduled April 21st
Kevin Graves
Chief Steward”

CS- NOCs/CRP: Jeremy Tubbs: “CPR- Staff is watching the ability to mutual especially between days and NOCS.
MSH NOCS- I have received no issues on MSH Nights despite emails to staff. If there are issues that you would like to discuss please email or call MSOP control. Thanks!
MSOP Nights- The only issue that has been brought forward is the days off and NOCS changing without proper notice.
I attended negotiations assembly this month. I also attended Day on the Hill along with many other 404 people. Thank you for being a part of this event.
Thank you,
Jeremy Tubbs”

CS – Facilities and Forensic Nursing Home: Jill Gorman: “Workers Memorial Day Thursday April 28th- Mn/DOT is hosting this as they have in the past. This will include a memorial for Mike Struck who was recently killed on the job on Highway 169 at 7 mile Creek. Elliot Seide, Mark Dayton, & the Mn/DOT Commissioner will be attending. A meal will be provided. I am asking at this time that we donate to the Mike Struck Fund- Jill motioned to donate $100. Second by Molly Kennedy then carried.
CS – MSOP: Matt Stenger: “In MSOP they are currently scheduling people outside of their bided work area. Our local feels they are violating the bidding rights of people in MSOP by doing this. Currently people are being scheduled out of their work area 40, 60, 80, and 100 percent of the time. Gary Grimm has tried calming “program needs” but this doesn’t meet the qualifications of program needs since its isolated people and consistent on every schedule for the past month and half of tracking.”
EB-Anne Mehltretter: Nothing new to report.
EB-Charles Johnson: “Attended Day on the Hill and met with legislators. Lost a NOCS overtime grievance at step one. I have one Campus Security grievance at step one pending; I have yet to present with the group supervisor.
EB- Eric Ridout: I sat 3 investigations including 1 for nursing and also one coaching session.
Good and Welfare: Jeffrey Spann, Katie Trimbo, Janielle Ringeissen, Jesse Miller, and Tom Eustice
CLU delegate report- nothing new to report.
Council 5 Field Representative Scott Grefe- Thank you to the 1500 Council 5 members that attended Day on the Hill- this was the biggest DOTH ever.
Negotiations Assembly- there will be no accelerated bargaining; we will bargain in good faith for a contract that is acceptable to members, administration, and legislature. Our current contract will remain in place if this process goes past June 30th.
Dates for a face to face meeting with our employer will be announced.
Governor Mark Dayton will be speaking at SEPC!
Several opportunities to donate your time including “Adopt a night at AFCSME C5” - Contact Chuck Carlson if interested. People are also urged to contact their state legislators and ask their help in supporting Gov. Dayton in TAXING THE RICH!
We need to fight back! Donate your time and make a difference!!
*The top 400 wealth owners have as much as the 155 million poorest.*

Message to Members: “We need to fight back! Donate your time and make a difference!”

Door Prize Winners- Pam Enter, Doug Kempen, Pickle

Progressive Drawing- $125- June 2011

Meeting adjourned at 5:53pm